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ports in Indonesia,dumai port

JIKEship is a reliable freight handling company with an office in Dumai Port, Indonesia. To meet the needs of the industry. Get a free quote now!


JIKEship's offices

JIKEship's office is a dynamic and creative space. It provides a comfortable and productive working environment for employees.


Boeing plane

There are many theories about where the Boeing 707 got its name. But how exactly are Boeing planes named? Let's solve the mystery today.


logistics and supply chain, logistics service provider

As an excellent logistics supply chain service provider, JIKEship plays the leading role in the exhibition and improves China's global competitiveness.


The Belt and Road

In 2013, the Chinese government implemented the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a global infrastructure strategy also referred to as One Belt One Road.


ports in switzerland,switzerland international airport

Meet your international shipping needs Ship to Switzerland. Our services include Switzerland International Airport Services, Switzerland Port Services.


airport in liechtenstein,shipping to Liechtenstein

Best Shipping to Liechtenstein. Flights are available at Liechtenstein airport. Contact Jikeship for multiple shipping quotes and choose the best shipper.


andorra airport,shipping to andorra

Shipping to Andorra in southwestern Europe, requires proper documentation and customs clearance. Choose a reliable carrier for hassle-free delivery.


ports in monaco,monaco shipping

Clear guidelines for importing from China by sea or air. JIKE has extensive experience handling Monaco shipping and we will guide you through each method.


China freight forwarder
JIKEship, a China-based global company, is trusted by clients for its professionalism, experience and quality service.

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