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How to shipping to Ireland

JIKE has extensive logistics resources for shipping to anywhere in Ireland, up to Irish airports and down to ports in Ireland. We provide you with only the most professional shipping solution services.

Ireland is located in Western Europe and has a rapidly developing economy, known as the "European Tiger" by various countries; it is a member of several organizations, including the European Union, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. In recent years, bilateral trade between China and Ireland has been in full swing. In terms of products, exports from China to Ireland are mainly furniture/toys/miscellaneous goods, textiles and raw materials.

Ireland Customs Clearance Guide

Your business must be booming, so much so that you are looking for the most suitable transport solution.

You must try to import from China to Ireland.

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Part 1.Customs system in Ireland

  • What taxes are paid on goods entering Ireland

Usually goods into Ireland need to pay VAT (value added tax) and Duty (tariff) each country has its own value-added tax, Ireland is 23%, that is to say, each goods must pay 23% vat, Duty is a customs duty, the amount of tariff will be based on the HS code of the goods (customs code to determine) Customs code can be found on the official customs website. To add, some items are also subject to anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties, etc., such as electric bicycles.

  • About INFOTM*

Customs declaration of a rigorous document, each item needs to be accurately described, submitted to customs and description of the goods of each ticket Incoterms, Incoterms, also known as terms of trade, is particularly important in international trade and often referred to the term.It is a sheet of sale that is used to accurately interpret and divide the obligations of the buyer and seller.Common trade terms are EXW, FOB, CIF, DDP and so on.

  • What documents/certificates are required to ship food

The import of food products into Ireland is usually subject to customs inspection or documentary checks, if nothing else. At this time, it is necessary to prepare not only the invoice packing list, but also to send the goods to the inspection agency before export, to inspect and identify the quality, health, safety, etc. of the food, and to obtain the product inspection report. At the same time, it is also necessary to provide a certificate of origin, a table of ingredients, an animal and plant quarantine certificate, etc.

  • Documents and information required for customs clearance

The necessary documents for customs clearance of general goods are bills of lading, invoices, and packing lists. Additional information required includes EORI numbers, terms of trade, shipping amounts, and much more. For more information, please contact us.

  • Ireland Customs Clearance Time

I believe many people have this question, how long does it usually take to clear a parcel through customs? Parcel clearance usually takes about 3-5 days. After the parcel arrives at customs, the customs declaration list of the item needs to be approved, as well as the identity verification of the personal belongings clearance. Finally, the package can be released for delivery after confirming that it is correct. Normally, customs staff will not stay too long on a single parcel because the number of parcels to be handled is just too much. So normally, the real customs clearance time in the customs process is still relatively short.

Part 2.Ocean Freight From China shipping to Ireland

ports in ireland,shipping to ireland

  • Sea Freight Cost from China to Ireland

● Shipping goods from China to Ireland will attract significant costs and keep prices high.

● Shipping costs are closely related to the Incoterms you choose.

● Here is a list of things you must consider when shipping to Ireland from China.

● As an importer, you must know that you will receive the following invoices:

● Transporting goods to the port of loading (included in fob price)

● Export clearance (as shown in FOB)

● Sea freight charges (included in CIF)

● Terminal handling fees and port fees (included in the DAT)

● Customs clearance fees

● Duties and import duties (including EU VAT)

● Transport goods from the destination port to your preferred warehouse

● Shipping Fraud

You will receive a full invoice for the factors listed above, which summarizes the total cost of shipping by sea.

Please note that the total cost will vary accordingly depending on the weight and type of goods.

a) Less Container Load (LCL)

Refers to the loading of less than a full container of small ticket cargo. This kind of cargo, usually by the carrier separately and in the container freight station or inland freight station concentration, and then more than two tickets of goods assembled In a box, the same box to the destination freight station or inland station unpacked and shipped separately. For this type of cargo, even if the carrier bears the burden of the unpacking operation, the cost of unpacking is still borne by the shipper. The carrier's responsibility for LCL cargo, basically the same as traditional general cargo transportation.

b) Full Container Load (FCL)

The whole container is naturally treated much better than the collocated boxes. The whole container of cargo is shipped to the destination port by only one consignor, so the whole transportation process is relatively easier than LCL. The whole container of goods, the consignor is responsible for packing, counting, stowing and sealing the freight. The consignee is usually responsible for the unpacking of full container cargoes after they have been transported to the port of destination.

  • The difference between full container cargo and LCL cargo.

In the process of container cargo circulation, the form for the handover of goods is divided into whole container goods and LCL goods. The whole container cargo refers to the consignor's own box, and is responsible for filling out the packing list, field receipts, and by the Customs and Excise Department to add the seal of the goods. Customary understanding of a consignor, a consignee. LCL cargo refers to the container freight station is responsible for packing, responsible for filling out the packing list, and by the customs seal of the goods. Customary understanding for several consignors, several consignees.

  • What is the LCL freight included

Sea freight LCL cost by the ship to be able to charge a higher freight rate, the freight table often noted M / W or R / T, that the shipping company will be on the weight of the goods tons or volume tons of the two choose the higher freight rate calculation.

1.Sea freight LCL costs generally include: pickup fee, purchase order customs clearance (customs clearance) fee, ocean freight, LCL fee, document fee, destination port charges, customs clearance fee, delivery fee.

2.The general arrival fees are: pickup fee, purchase order clearance (customs clearance) fee, ocean freight fee, LCL fee, document fee.

3.A party of goods on how much money each party of the sea freight charges, the United States shipping LCL and then add some fixed costs such as: document fees, LCL fees, pick-up fees, customs clearance fees. Provide the specific from where to where to the freight forwarder, the freight forwarder will give you a quote.

  • What costs are included in the whole container of sea freight

The cost of international shipping container consists of three parts: basic freight + shipping company surcharge + special surcharge

1、Shipping fee.

Sea freight = unit basic freight * whole container number


a. Port surcharge = unit port surcharge * number of containers

  • The port in Ireland

We provide port-to-port and door-to-door services through sea freight services from China to Dublin, Bantry, Galway and Cork Ports. An economical approach suitable for medium to large cargo.

Port of Loading Port of Arrive Transmit Time
Shanghai Dublin 34
Shenzhen Dublin 30
Guangzhou Dublin 30
Ningbo Dublin 34
Qingdao Dublin 40
Tianjin Dublin 44
Xiamen Dublin 30
Dalina Dublin 42

Part 3.Air Freight From China shipping to Ireland

ports in ireland,shipping to ireland

  • Major Airports in Ireland

Ireland has 19 airports, dub is Dublin Airport Dublin Airport, located in Dublin. Dublin Airport (three character code: dub, icao: eidw) is a civilian airport located 10 km north of Dublin city center, the capital of Ireland, and is operated by the Irish Government and operated and managed by the Dublin Airport Authority (daa) to provide air services to the city of Dublin. It is Ireland's busiest airport and the country's main international gateway, with Ireland's most trafficked airport, Belfast International Airport.

Dublin Airport serves more than 30 airlines on domestic, regional and international scheduled passenger and cargo routes and is a hub for Aer Lingus, WestJet, British Monarch, Ryanair, Thomson Airways and Air Arun Ireland.

  • How long does it take for China to airlift to Ireland

Air freight from China to Ireland for bulk cargo up to 4-6 days, is the fastest among other modes of transport (train, land, sea), if it is a charter flight, China direct flight to Ireland only takes about 18 hours.

  • The price of air freight from China to Ireland

Air freight prices are the most expensive, and prices change every week and fluctuate greatly. It is recommended to contact us 1-2 weeks before shipment for consultation. Air freight is usually billed by billable weight. There are two weights in the air freight business, chargable weight and gross weight. For heavy goods, the billable weight is equal to the actual weight, that is, the gross amount of the goods; For light-soaked goods, the billable weight of the goods is calculated as 1 cubic meter equal to 167 kilograms. Less than one kilogram, the tail number is rounded.

Jike's tips
When transporting, it is recommended to pack the goods into cardboards to prevent loss and damage. If the cargo volume is large, you can charter an air card board, and the price will be relatively favorable. In general, air freight cannot be carried out independently and must be assisted by land, train or truck transportation to meet customer needs.

Part 4.Express service from china shipping to Ireland

  • China to Ireland courier services

DHL - more suitable for sending small parcels that need to be delivered immediately. The time limit is 3-5 days.

FedEx (Federal Express) is a very good reputation of the courier company, you can track online, but the price of sending different items are different. The time limit is 3-6 days.

UPS is the world's largest express carrier and parcel delivery company, UPS advantageous areas are sent to the Asia-Pacific, the United States and Western Europe, if China sent to Ireland is generally three working days that (the fastest next day).

TNT is a Dutch courier company, good service, fast, also support door-to-door pickup and other services. tnt price is more expensive, and then the restrictions on sending items are more, so, more suitable for those more expensive and need fast customs clearance items.

Hong Kong EMS: 4-7 working days. It can send food, health care products, cosmetics, etc., with strong customs clearance ability.

  • China Post EMS volumetric weight limit for shipments to Ireland

Parcels sent to Ireland using China Post EMS must not weigh more than 30kg, the dimensions of either side of the parcel must not exceed 1.5 meters, and the maximum horizontal circumference other than the length and length shall not exceed 3 meters in total.

  • Timeliness of delivery to Ireland

International Express: 3-5 working days

International packets: 15-20 working days

EMS: 5-7 working days

*The above time is the delivery time under normal circumstances, and the delivery time is affected by factors such as weather and customs.

Restrictions and contraband in Ireland

The rules include limitations and prohibitions on certain types of goods that are not worthy.

You should note that Ireland is a free country to do business, but you have to respect their rules and regulations.

● Domestic dogs and cats

● Dangerous or Illegal drugs

● Obscene or Indecent goods

● Particular foodstuffs such as milk, meat, fish and products thereof.

● Products from species that are in danger of extinction.

● Items of International Heritage that have protection.

● Medicine

● Weapons, firearms, explosives or fireworks

● Dead or live animals such as birds, fish or plants

Part 5.FAQ with shipping from China to Ireland

Q: How long does it take to ship my cargo from China to Ireland?
A:Even though most companies do not give you an exact date for the arrival of your cargo, they do provide an approximate date.In most cases these dates are reliable.But yet again it depends on the method of shipment and the frequency of the shipping company to your destination.
Q:My supplier has no right to export. Can you help me export the goods?
A: Yes, we can. We can buy the export license, do the customs declarationand ship the goods out to you.
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