Cross-Border Truck Service

We combine domestic and international movement to drive the extra value for your business.


Cross border trucking is a method that can save you more money on larger shipments, has more flexibility in what you can ship, and is only a little slower than air freight. If you use both air and truck crossing border, its supply is independent of international travel, and it also prevents you from putting all your supply chain eggs in one basket.

What Makes Our Truck Transit Service Different?

Shipping between countries adds complexity and can push your time and budget to a breaking point - so you need a logistics provider with the service, expertise and technology to do it easily.

Our local, multilingual experts understand cross-border economic and freight flows, as well as the geographic, regulatory and regional cycles that come into play when your goods are moved across regions and continents. A deep knowledge base, combined with our global service suite, flexible portfolio of shipping methods and carrier network, provides the foundation for reliable service that optimizes your supply chain now and in the future.

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cross border trucking
Warehouse Delivery
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You can be confident that when you use Jikeship's flexible end-to-end service, once your cargo is loaded onto the truck, it will be taken care of by the best drivers in the business. Jikeship's strength lies in its people, and we believe providing great benefits to our drivers is critical to their success and what makes us a leader in truck crossing border. Contact us for a quote.

Since different types of shipments have different needs, it's best to work with an international shipping and freight forwarding partner who can flexibly meet your changing shipping needs.

Jikeship's cross border trucking services are one step ahead of others. Outstanding customer support, and an extensive fleet network specializing in auto parts shipping and just-in-time (JIT) freight services, they are proficient and fully capable of handling the additional hurdles and paperwork required to send and receive shipments across borders.

cross border trucking
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JIKEship, a China-based global company, is trusted by clients for its professionalism, experience and quality service.

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