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How to Ship Goods from China to Greece

Transporting your goods safely from China to Greece is a piece of cake for Jikeship. Our expert team excels in providing world-class shipping solutions for various types of cargo.

shipping to greece

For your shipments to Greece, there are multiple options available: air freight, sea freight, or rail transport.

Next, you'll discover the step-by-step process of shipping goods from China to Greece:

  1. Cooperate with a reputable supplier/manufacturer.
  2. Find a freight forwarder.
  3. Package your parcels securely and send goods to your freight forwarder.
  4. Prepare necessary documentation.
  5. Settle payment.
  6. Arrange for the clearance and delivery of your goods.

With Jikeship, your international shipping experience is made simple and efficient. Choose us for seamless shipping to Greece.

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Air Freight to Greece

You can consider air freight service when:

  • You're more concerned about speed and security than cost.
  • You have time-sensitive shipments.
  • The goods you transport are perishable.
  • You transport high-value or luxury items.

No matter which of the above situations you are in, air freight offers a fast and reliable solution when it comes to shipping to Greece.

However, it's essential to note that air freight can be costlier. Air cargo capacity is limited and may not be ideal for large or bulky items. Additionally, certain products may be classified as sensitive or hazardous due to airline restrictions, and whether they can be shipped is still a question.

For a comprehensive understanding of whether air freight is the optimal shipping method for your goods to Greece, feel free to contact our team. We're here to provide more information and offer tailored quotes based on your shipping details. Trust us for efficient air freight services to Greece.

Major Airports in Greece

  • Athens International Airport (ATH): Serving as Greece's largest and busiest airport, Athens International Airport plays a central role in shipping activities. It offers extensive cargo handling facilities and efficient connectivity.

  • Heraklion International Airport (HER): Located on the island of Crete, Heraklion Airport is a vital gateway for cargo shipments, catering to the unique logistical needs of the region.

  • Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG): Located in northern Greece, Thessaloniki Airport is the country's third-largest airport and a crucial transportation hub connecting Greece with international destinations.

If you are interested in the optimal routes for shipping goods from China to Greek ports, feel free to reach out to our experienced team. We specialize in providing customized shipping services to meet your specific requirements.

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Sea Freight to Greece

shipping to greece

Sea freight has emerged as the preferred method for shipping to Greece due to its cost-effectiveness and substantial cargo capacity. It accommodates a variety of goods, including oversized and heavyweight items, making it a cost-effective choice for transporting large quantities of goods.

However, sea freight entails longer transit times, making it less ideal for time-sensitive shipments. If you opt for sea freight to Greece, it is crucial to conduct inventory checks and plan purchase orders in advance to mitigate the risk of stockouts.

Sea freight to Greece offers two main options: Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL).

FCL (Full Container Load) LCL (Less Than Container Load)
A container is exclusively loaded with goods for a single customer and shipped to Greece. This option is generally more cost-effective for customers with larger quantities of cargo, reducing the risk of damage or loss. FCL containers come in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes, accommodating varying cargo volumes. LCL involves consolidating goods from different shippers into a single container bound for the same destination. It is suitable for customers with smaller cargo volumes, offering cost savings compared to booking an entire container. However, due to additional processes like consolidation, deconsolidation, storage, and paperwork, LCL shipments may experience longer transit times.

In addition to FCL and LCL, we also provide specialized container shipping options, including flat-rack containers, open-top containers, and refrigerated containers for cold-chain transportation. Our services cover a comprehensive range of Chinese and Greek ports, ensuring a seamless shipping experience from origin to destination. For more information and personalized assistance with shipping to Greece, feel free to contact our experienced team at Jikeship.

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How Long Does Shipping from PRC to Greece Take?

Certainly, you want your goods delivered as quickly as possible — and JIKE promises the fastest delivery times:

  • Air Freight: Approximately 3-8 days.
  • Rail Freight: Estimated to take 15-25 days.
  • Sea Freight: Roughly 20-35 days.

Actual transit times may vary, depending on the selected seaport/airport, services and routes chosen, weather conditions, and even seasonal changes in the shipping market. Remember, regardless of your location in Greece, we ensure that your goods are delivered from China right to your doorstep.

How Much Does Shipping to Greece Cost?

Determining the exact shipping cost from China to Greece can be challenging due to fluctuations in transportation rates. Freight prices vary frequently, and differences from week to week can be significant. One thing is certain: the faster you want your shipment, the higher the cost. But worry not; at JIKE Logistics, we prioritize our customers and aim to provide the best services at reasonable prices, ensuring your budget stays secure.

For our standard "Shipping from China" service, we offer four different prices based on your package weight (for reference only):

Sea Freight
  • Approximately $2,000 - $3,000 per 20-foot container for FCL (Full Container Load).

  • Approximately $20 - $25 per cubic meter for LCL (Less than Container Load).

Air Freight
  • Airfreight costs approximately $4 to $6 per kilogram.

  • Door-to-door air shipping might add an additional $3 per kilogram.

Tip: JIKE logistics recommends checking the tariff thresholds set by European regulations before shipping your goods or consulting our JIKE experts (preferably the latter for convenience) to avoid potential additional costs.

You can trust JIKE Logistics' professional team to provide you with the most competitive prices.

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Freight Agent Services from China to Greece

Every industry has its experts. Hiring an experienced freight agent to handle your shipping from China to Greece allows you more time and energy to focus on your core business.

With the assistance of our professional freight agent team, your goods will smoothly proceed according to plan, avoiding delays or potential additional costs and making your freight management easier than ever.

shipping to greece

JIKE Logistics is one of the leading Chinese freight agents serving Greece.

Why Choose JIKE Logistics for Shipping to Greece

You can trust us completely; transportation and logistics are our specialties. Our team possesses knowledge and extensive experience to ensure the most accurate answers and optimal transportation solutions tailored to your needs. JIKE Logistics is your best freight agent for China-Greece shipping needs.

Our Advantages:

  • Quick Response, High Efficiency

  • Seamless Communication with Clients

  • Professional, Meticulous, Accurate

  • Countless Years of Logistics Experience

  • Cost Savings for Clients

  • Shortest Delivery Times

  • Customized Transportation Solutions

Our Services:

Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable team provides expert guidance on the best shipping methods and routes from China to Greece.

Comprehensive Transport Solutions: Our freight agent services cover a wide range of transport solutions, including sea freight, air freight, and multimodal transportation. We can meet all your needs.

Documentation and Customs Clearance: We assist you in ensuring the effective handling of all necessary paperwork, minimizing delays, and ensuring safe arrival at the destination.

Cost-Effective Options: We aim to provide cost-effective transportation solutions without compromising service quality.

Transparent Tracking and Communication: From start to finish, we offer comprehensive support at every step of the transportation process, keeping you informed of your cargo's status at each stage.

Increased Security: For additional security, we provide cargo insurance services to ensure your goods are protected from potential risks during transportation.

JIKE Logistics helps clients establish connections between China and Greece, aiming to simplify your supply chain and make shipping from China to Greece easier and more straightforward. If you're interested in shipping from China to Greece, choose JIKE Logistics as your freight agent, and rest assured that your cargo is in the hands of our professional team.

Contact us for transportation solutions and quotes for China-Greece shipping.
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