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How to shipping to Portugal

JIKE will help you choose the best shipping route, and in addition to the best service, we can also offer competitive prices from China to Portugal. to help you shipping to Portugal.

China's investment and project contracting in Portugal have grown rapidly in the past decade or so, and their status in foreign economic and trade cooperation between the two countries has gradually risen. Trade cooperation between the two countries is small in scale, but the prospects for development are still being developed and there is great potential for growth. If you are interested in Portugal and you are looking for a reliable freight forwarder to open up your Portuguese market and make a perfect Portugal transport, then you are in the right place!

Portugal Customs Clearance Guide

I know that you are an experienced businessman and that you are not sloppy with your goods, and that choosing the right shipping method is a tedious process.

You have to make a well-thought-out choice to transport your goods from China shipping to Portugal.

We are here to make this process as smooth as possible for you.

Part 1.Customs system in Portugal

  • Portuguese trade policy

①In Portugal, the main ministries responsible for the economy are the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

②Portugal adheres to the principle of free trade and, as a member of the European Community, its trade regulations are governed by a uniform EU policy with a single customs territory, uniform customs regulations and a uniform tariff trade policy for import and export trade with third countries outside the EU. However, due to the impact of emerging countries on the industries of EU countries in recent years, Portugal's trade protectionist tendencies have shifted and in various cases such as anti-dumping and countervailing services initiated by the EU, the EU is generally supported to take protective measures

③Steel, textiles, clothing and other goods are monitored by the EU as a whole, requiring import statistics and comprehensive summaries.

④Weapons, chemicals, endangered species, defence materials and services, nuclear energy materials, technical equipment for fuel production and processing, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and products of dual-use and strategic significance for civilian and military use.

  • Portuguese taxes and fees at a glance


The standard VAT rate in Portugal is 23%, and certain goods such as newspapers enjoy a preferential VAT rate of 6%. VAT = VAT rate x (CIF price + import customs


Portugal has two thresholds for import duties and taxes; the other is that the value of imported goods (FOB) does not exceed €150 is exempt from customs duties; the other is that the value of imported goods (FOB) does not exceed €22.


Excise duty: A tax on certain goods, such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Additional Customs Fees: Fees levied for the inspection, inspection and testing that imported goods must perform when passing through customs.

  • Tax policy on imported goods in Portugal

Portugal implements the eu's unified customs and tariff policies, and imported goods are subject to import duties and value-added tax

Individuals or business entities engaged in the importation of goods (from countries outside the EU) in Portugal are subject to import duties. All import taxes are calculated on the value of the shipment,cif prices (CIF) in Portugal, where the tariff rate is basically between 0% and 17%. Laptops, cell phones, digital cameras

Certain goods subject to additional taxes are levied according to the country of origin, such as Portugal's anti-dumping duties of 48.5% on bicycles made in China

Portuguese VAT is divided into three types according to the product category: standard 23%, ordinary 13% and preferential 6%.

Portugal has set a threshold for taxes and fees on imported products, and the value of imported goods (FOB) does not exceed 150 euros, which is exempt from customs duties. Imported goods (f.o.b.) with a value not exceeding €22 and exempt from VAT.

Part 2.Ocean Freight From China to shipping Portugal

Portugal's western and southern parts are bordered by the Atlantic coast, so shipping is also relatively developed; Shipping to Portugal is more popular for many people. Portugal also has more advantages in shipping, such as lower costs and more stable flights; However, because the time limit for shipping is relatively long, everyone must also make transportation arrangements in advance

  • Portugal's main port

Port of Lisbon: Located on the west coast of Portugal at the mouth of the Tejo River, on the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean, it is the largest Portuguese shipping port and is also known as the world's largest cork export port.

Port of Porto: Located at the mouth of the Douro River, north-west of Porto, about 5 km west of the Atlantic Ocean. The area around the port is well connected by rail, road and air.

Sines Port :Sines is a port on the southwest coast of Portugal, with port services such as fueling, motorboats, medical treatment, traction, sewage, fresh water, supply and repatriation

All of the above ports are inland points of Europe and all require transit to nearby ports, there is no direct sea access. To pass through the transit port transshipment, the voyage is about 33 days.

  • Precautions for shipping

a) Less Container Load (LCL)

1、Sea freight consolidation price is cost-effective

Sea freight LCL because it is assembled with other goods, billing only contains a - a basic cost, so in the transport price is very cost-effective, LCL domestic costs only the shipping place to the port warehouse trailer fees and customs clearance fees, but LCL goods if the designated freight forwarder, in addition to trailer fees and customs clearance fees, there will be a variety of cost details, this is the difference between the designated freight forwarder and non-designated goods.

2、Sea freight consolidation can meet the needs of small volume customers

In the daily foreign trade export, not all purchasers of goods are enough to fill a container, so for small quantities of goods customers, sea freight LCL can meet their needs.

3、Sea freight consolidation is simple and convenient

Once the LCL cargo has a warehouse receipt, you can arrange to enter the warehouse and then prepare the customs clearance information.

4、The arrangement of sea freight LCL has a long time limitation

If the goods can not be filled up with the whole container, then you need to wait for other cargo companies to transport to the same destination port, this waiting time has uncertainty, easy to a certain degree of delay.

b) Full Container Load (FCL)

1、Convenient operation of the whole container by sea

Because the whole container is a company's goods, customs clearance operation is convenient, as long as there is no problem with the basic quickly released, customs clearance efficiency is high.

2、Maritime formal loading and unloading of goods convenient

Because the whole container of goods are a company, so the goods arrive at the destination, the consignee can directly pick up the goods, very convenient.

3、The price of the whole container is more expensive

The transportation cost of the whole container of sea freight needs to include the basic freight, port surcharge and fuel surcharge these three items.

4, the whole container of sea freight loading to be reasonable

Because the whole container, all the goods need in the loading process, in order to ensure that a full container, need in the design of a certain loading scheme, to ensure that all the goods can be filled with a full container.

  • The difference between the cost of LCL and FCL

1、Marine whole container and marine LCL definition is not the same

Sea freight whole container: whole container is a container with only one owner or manufacturer of goods, can be filled with one or more whole container of the larger batch of goods is the whole container of goods.

Marine LCL: LCL is a container with more than one owner of the goods, can not fill a full container of small quantities of goods is LCL goods.

2, the whole container and sea freight LCL service object is not the same

Sea freight container: a container, an exporter, a consignee, a destination port, while meeting the "four one" conditions.

Sea freight LCL: a container, the exporter, consignee and port of destination of at least one of the three is in two or more.

3, sea freight whole container and sea freight LCL operation process is not the same

Sea freight whole container: by the consignor is responsible for boxing, counting, filling out shipping documents, and by the customs seal. A full container of goods unpacked by the lender for a share, can also be entrusted to the carrier in the freight station unpacking, but the carrier is not responsible for the loss of goods in the box, goods, unless the owner has evidence to prove that it is indeed the responsibility of the carrier, the carrier is responsible for compensation.

Sea freight consolidation: freight forwarding company received after the consolidation of goods, according to the nature and destination of classification, the same destination, the same nature of the goods into the same container for transport.

Part 3.Air Freight From China shipping to Portugal

Sometimes you will desperately want your goods.

Although trucking is much faster than shipping, you can't say it isn't, it also takes longer.We cannot talk about ocean shipping because shipping is slow and urgency is crucial.

The best option is air freight!Air freight is undoubtedly the safer and fastest way to get from shipping to Portugal from China.

First stop: Air freight

Shipping type: LCL shipping

Time required for shipment: 10-15 days

Export Customs Clearance: The factory is usually the declarant.

VAT & EORI: Our business partners can provide VAT and EORI.

Destination: Address of the consignee in Portugal or BA warehouse, etc.

  • Important airport in Portugal

Some of the main airports in mainland Portugal are Lisbon, Porto and Faro, located in the coastal area, all of which are international airports. A new airport is also planned for Lisbon. Portugal is served by two main international airlines, TAP Air Portugal and SATA.

Part 4.Rail freight service from China to Portugal

  • China-Europe Express (Yiwu ~Madrid)

As the starting point of the China-European Liner, the first line of the China-European Liner (Yiwu - Madrid) departs from Yiwu West Station to Madrid, Spain, through the Alashankou Port in Xinjiang, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France and Spain, with a total distance of 13,052 kilometers and a running time of about 21 days.

The China-Europe Class Train (Yiwu-Madrid) with 41 trains and 82 standard containers for export, with a total length of more than 550 meters, was the first train at 11:00 a.m. on November 18, 2014, the longest train, the most cities and countries, and the most foreign railways in the history of China. With this train, the goal of international railway cargo transportation from Shenzhen to Portugal can be fully achieved.

Part 5.About the express service from China shipping to Portugal

1, international tax line general goods can go, but the best food or choose EMS advantages: cheap freight unit price + tax disadvantage: speed is not very fast

2, DHL / UPS / FEDEX / TNT advantages: fast + freight unit price more expensive disadvantages: sent to Portugal if the number of items more, the basic tax.

3, China Post series (EMS + SAL + parcel): especially food if the value of the goods is not very cheap, especially food recommended to take EMS. SAL + parcel: not recommended, although cheap, but turtle speed, in addition, in case of lost pieces, to get compensation is more difficult. If it takes several months to receive it, one's patience will be greatly tested. It is especially not recommended for those who are anxious to go through such a channel.

Timeliness of delivery to Portugal

International Express: 3-5 working days

International packets: 15-20 working days

EMS: 5-7 working days

Restricted and contraband in Portugal

For your China to Portugal shipping, you need to know what can and cannot be sent.

Making sure you are aware of this prevents any future shocks. Please consult our website, if you are not sure, please contact our agents.

It's better to be safe than to regret.

When it comes to prohibited items, you need to consider the rules of the transport company and the laws of the country through which the goods will pass, especially the departure and arrival ports.

Remember, if you have questions about whether your package is safe or legal to ship, be sure to consult one of our professionals.

Some of the prohibited goods are:

● Liquids, powders and pastes (liquid cosmetics, toothpaste, capsule drugs,... )

● Batteries and electronic products with batteries (mobile phones, computers, etc.)

● Magnetic items (loudspeakers, products with strong magnetic fields, etc.)

● Weapons (hand weapons, imitations, and ammunition)

● Certain categories of products (adult products, drones, e-cigarettes, etc.)

● Dangerous goods (compressed gas products, aggressive, toxic gases, flammable materials)

● Documents (currency or forged documents)

● Perishable products (food, plants, all live animals except well-packaged bees, silkworms and leeches)

Part 6.FAQ with shipping from China to Portugal

Q: How long does it take to ship my cargo from China to Portugal?
A:Even though most companies do not give you an exact date for the arrival of your cargo, they do provide an approximate date.In most cases these dates are reliable.But yet again it depends on the method of shipment and the frequency of the shipping company to your destination.
Q:My supplier has no right to export. Can you help me export the goods?
A: Yes, we can. We can buy the export license, do the customs declarationand ship the goods out to you.
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