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Freight rate determines the cost of shipping cargoes from one point to another. The total cost is influenced by the type of cargo, mode of transportation, volume weight of cargo and distance to the destination.

This Guide Will Introduce You All The Knowledge You Need From China To Canada

Shipping to Canada: Get the cheapest and the best way to ship.

When shipping to Canada, you can choose any of four modes:

LCL, FCL, Air or Express.

Sea freight from China to Canada

Ocean freight is the most popular shipping method when speed is not a major concern or when the volume of cargo is too large to use air freight.

When using ocean freight, importers have two options, FCL or LCL. Next, we will detail what is involved in each shipping method.

Ocean Freight FCL

FCL describes sea shipping for cargo loads large enough to fill a 20’ or 40’ shipping container.

FCL container size and dimensions

Here are container dimensions for the two standard container sizes, 20′ and 40′:

canadian customs duty rates,shipping to canada

The 20ft container is designed to carry more weight such as minerals, metals, machinery, sugar, paper, cement etc.

And 40 feet container is designed for transporting large amount of cargo instead of heavy cargo, such as furniture, steel pipes, waste paper, cotton, tobacco, etc.

Ocean Freight LCL

LCL, or less than container load shipments, are shipments that are sent in a shared container with other importer’s goods.

These types of shipments are ideal when transporting cargoes between 1 and 15 cubic meters, and LCL shipments are almost always more economical than Airfreight.

Main ports

1)Major Chinese ports that ship to Canada

  • Shanghai – Guangzhou – Ningbo – Xiamen – Qingdao – Shenzhen

2)Major Canadian port

  • Vancouver – Prince Rupert – Halifax – Nanaimo – Toronto – Saint John – Montreal

Transit time

Shipping by sea from China to Canada can take 14-37 days.

To give you a reference, JIKEship has compiled a reference time from major Chinese ports to Canadian ports, hope this will be helpful to you.

Shipping from Shanghai(CNSHA Port) Shipping from Ningbo(CNNGB Port) Shipping from Shenzhen(CNSZX Port)
Shipping to Vancouver 14-16 days 23-34 days 26-37 days
Shipping to Montreal 25-27 days 26-37 days 26-37 days
Shipping to Toronto 25-27 days 26-37 days 26-37 days

Air freight from China to Canada

Airfreight is a good choice for shipments that you need quickly or sensitively, and it is most economical when the shipment is loaded between 300 and 500 kg.

Pros Cons
Air freight is its speed relative to sea freight and its ability to send fragile cargo with a lower likelihood of damage in transit. Air freight is its cost relative to ocean freight, in addition to the added logistics and customs clearance requirements.

Transit time

Shipping by air from China to Canada is fast, with typical transit times ranging from 3-10 days. Please see below for some examples of airfreight times:

  • Guangzhou to Toronto — 6 days
  • Shanghai to Toronto — 5 days
  • Shanghai to Winnipeg — 6 days
  • Shenzhen or Xiamen to Toronto — 8 days
  • Shenzhen to Vancouver — 1 day

The following points to note when shipping by air from China to Canada.

  • If you are confirming an air shipment from China to Canada, you will need to provide your shipment details, shipment weight, and shipment dimensions.

  • Air cargo shipped by air must comply with all regulations from quality control to packaging. This packaging may vary depending on what you are shipping and the type of shipment.

  • For fragile products, make sure the fragile label is attached to the outer packaging. Try not to carry any irrelevant signs other than the address label on the outside of the bag.

Express Shipping to Canada

Express Shipping from China is a door-to-door service available from major global couriers like UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

How long does express shipping to Canada take?

Express shipments from China to Canada can range anywhere from 1-4 days, with the cost increasing the faster you want your shipment delivered.

How much does China Express Shipping to Canada cost?

The average rate for express shipments from China to Canada will depend on the load (size and weight) of your shipment, with shipments over 200 kg receiving the most favorable rates.

What is the best way to ship from China to Canada?

Express shipping is the most common way to ship from China to Canada. It is faster, easier and more economical than air or sea freight. With our logistics services, you will be able to track your shipment throughout the shipping process and plan accordingly.

Customs Clearance in Canada

When your shipment arrives at a Canadian port, it must be cleared through import customs. The process may take 1-2 days after the date of arrival of the goods at the port and will be completed on the same day.

The first step in import clearance is to find out how much duty your shipment will be subject to. The customs broker will issue an "entry form" with all relevant information about the duty rate and a list of duties to be paid for each item. Once this is done, it is sent to the customs officer for review and approval.

Canadian Customs Duty Rates

If you are importing goods into Canada, you will need to pay federal and regional sales taxes on your goods. The Canadian customs duty rates are governed by the Canada Customs Act and enforced by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

A few examples of duty rates for major imported goods:

  • Clothing---16-18%
  • Cookware---0-8%
  • Computers and related equipment---0% and duty free
  • Coffee machines---0-8%
  • Furniture---0-9.5%
  • Textile products (bedding, linen, towels, curtains)---16-18%
  • Auto parts---0-8%

HS Codes and tariffs

  • Customs Duty – 10-digit HS Code

HS Codes (The 10-digit Harmonized Item Description Code or Commodity Code) – This is the most important thing that all importers must know when importing goods.

Here is the composition of an HS Code: canadian customs duty rates,shipping to canada

  • Customs Tax

After you’ve confirmed your HS code, if you want to know what duties and taxes will be charged to your shipment, you can ask our Canada freight forwarder for free.

Customs Contact

canadian customs duty rates,shipping to canada

Official name: General Administration of Customs of China

Official Website: Chinese Customs Website(Please contact us if you need help)

canadian customs duty rates,shipping to canada

Official name: General department of Canada Customs

Official Website: Canada Customs Website(Please contact us if you need help)

What documents do I need to import to Canada?

When shipping to Canada, it is the importer's responsibility to ensure that all applicable customs clearance documents are available.

The importer or its authorized customs broker must submit the following documents to the customs office at the port of entry.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List---including its country of origin and HS code
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Bill of Lading
  • Insurance policy

What is prohibited in Canada?

Before importing certain cargo into Canada, you must determine if they are subject to domestic controls.

Some of these items are restricted or even banned altogether, and it is important to anticipate such shipments to avoid any problems. These include goods such as sugar and cork, which are the subject of quota agreements, as well as weapons, ammunition, nuclear materials and goods of a similar nature.

If you are not sure if your shipment is feasible, please contact our Canada freight Forwarder experts directly.

How to Ship from China to the Canada?

Step 1: Get a Shipping Quote from China

Contact a Freight Forwarder Based in China --- The team at JIKEship is standing by to pass-thru our high-volume rates with a best-price guarantee.

Step 2: Pickup and Delivery

Door-to-door pickup is provided in any city in China, and door-to-door delivery is provided when the destination is reached.

Step 3: Cargo Insurance

Get China Freight Insurance --- Make sure to always protect your investment from catastrophic loss, because it’s more affordable thank you think.

Step 4: Customs Clearance

Make sure your goods have the proper documentation to leave China and enter Canada --- Our Canada freight Forwarder experts handle all the paperwork and customs clearance services for you.

If you are interested in shipping to Canada, please contact us.

No matter what your shipment is, we have the answer. Get custom shipping solutions and quotes from China to Canada.

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