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JIKEship offers a diverse range of services tailored to your needs, whether air or sea freight. Our team is committed to providing you with the best and most cost-effective transportation solutions from China to the UAE.

This article provides comprehensive information to ensure a smooth process for your goods from China to the UAE. Let’s delve into key aspects of shipping to UAE, including transportation methods, customs and taxes, timeframes, and more, to ensure the efficient arrival of your goods.

Shipping to UAE

Understanding UAE Import Regulations and Laws

A deep understanding of the country's import regulations and laws is crucial in ensuring a smooth delivery of goods to the UAE. Only by clarifying these requirements can the legality and smooth clearance of goods be guaranteed. The following documents are required for shipping to UAE:

  • Commercial Invoice: An official invoice detailing information such as goods, quantity, and value.
  • Packing List: Listing specific items and quantities in each package, ensuring alignment with the commercial invoice.
  • Bill of Lading: Document proving the origin of the goods, usually a bill of lading or air waybill.
  • Import License: Additional import licenses may be required for certain goods.
  • Health and Safety Certificates: Certain goods like food or pharmaceuticals may require relevant health and safety certificates.
  • Certificate of Origin: Special goods may require additional certificates and documents to prove compliance with UAE regulations. These documents are usually issued by relevant departments in the exporting country. For example, a certificate of origin may be required for goods eligible for special tariff preferences.

Ensuring compliance with these documents and standards is crucial. Failure to meet these requirements may result in goods being detained, fined, or face other severe consequences. Importers must exercise caution when preparing and submitting documents.

Goods Classification and Special Permits: Ensuring Smooth Shipping to UAE

1. UAE Goods Classification System

Before considering shipping goods to the UAE, understanding the country's goods classification system is crucial. The UAE's classification system follows international standards, categorizing goods based on their nature and services.

  • HS Code System: Each product has an HS code. The UAE adopts the internationally recognized Harmonized System (HS) code system, ensuring uniform global classification of goods. This provides clear standards for the transportation process and expedites customs procedures.
  • Customs Value: Goods classification directly affects tariff calculations, based on the customs value of the goods. Understanding the customs value in the UAE helps ensure accurate tariff and tax calculations.

2. Restricted Goods

Some goods, such as military equipment, pharmaceuticals, or specific chemicals, may be classified as restricted goods. Understanding these restrictions and obtaining relevant permits are key to ensuring unimpeded transportation of goods.

Ensuring a detailed understanding of the permit requirements for special goods before shipping to UAE is essential to avoid unnecessary delays and issues. Communicating with professional logistics partners and relevant local authorities to obtain accurate information is crucial in ensuring the compliant transportation of goods.
For more information, you can find on the AUE official website:


Figuring out the UAE's import policies and tax rates may be difficult for you,which is why freight forwarders exist in the industry. Jike, as a freight forwarder specializing in shipping from China to UAE, can help you organize and prepare the documents you need, help you avoid risks, provide advice, and optimize your shipping options to save on transport costs. Contact Jike for help!

Customs Duties and Taxes - Shipping to UAE

Overview of UAE Taxes and Fees

Whether an individual or a commercial entity is engaged in the importation of goods into the UAE, they are subject to import duties and taxes. All import duties and taxes are calculated on the basis of the value of the goods, i.e. the CIF. The United Arab Emirates does not impose any other additional duties, taxes or fees on imported goods.

Customs Duties
Different tax rates are applied based on goods classification. On 1 January 2003, the UAE formally implemented the provisions of the Customs Union of the GCC countries. According to the Union's regulations, a uniform customs duty of 5 percent is levied on 1,236 items, in addition to 53 duty-free items. Special tariffs are applied to certain goods, such as cigarettes, tobacco products and various alcoholic beverages. No import duties are levied on samples of goods; foodstuffs, raw materials and related equipment required for local industrial production, medicines, newspapers, books, magazines, ships and commercial aircraft are exempted from customs duties.
Value-Added Tax (VAT)
On 1 January 2018, the UAE introduced VAT at a rate of 5%, which also applies to imported goods. The tax rate is zero for sectors such as education, healthcare, oil and gas, transport and real estate.
Specific Goods Tax
Additional special taxes may apply to certain goods.
Starting Point
There is no starting point for import duties and taxes in the UAE and duties are levied regardless of the value of imported goods.

If you don’t know how to calculate the tax from China to UAE, Jike has a UAE sea freight line and an air freight line, which can quote you door-to-door prices, including customs clearance and tax. You don’t need to worry about customs clearance and any fees after shipment; we take care of it for you. Contact Jike for a Quote!

Choosing the Right Mode of Transportation

shipping to uae.png

When shipping goods to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), choosing the appropriate mode of transportation is crucial. Below is a discussion of the two main modes of transportation, sea freight and air freight, along with a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages.

Sea Freight shipping to the UAE

Advantages Disadvantages
Cost-Effective: Sea freight is generally more affordable for goods over 2cbm, suitable for bulk goods or situations where fast delivery is not a priority.

High Capacity: Ships can carry a large volume of goods, making them suitable for large-scale transportation.

Environmentally Friendly: Compared to air freight, sea freight has lower carbon emissions, aligning more with sustainability requirements.
Time Sensitivity: Sea freight takes longer, making it unsuitable for goods with urgent delivery requirements.
Contact Jike for competitive shipping services from China to the UAE.

Air Freight shipping to the UAE

Advantages Disadvantages
Rapid Delivery: Air freight is the fastest mode of transportation, suitable for urgent situations and high-value goods.

Global Coverage: This can reach almost any international airport, providing a wide service range.

Precise Tracking: Air freight typically offers real-time cargo tracking services, facilitating easy monitoring of cargo location.
High Costs: Air freight is more expensive, making it unsuitable for cost-sensitive or bulk goods.

Limited Capacity: Air freight is subject to the capacity limitations of cargo planes, suitable for relatively small shipments.
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Comparison and Selection

  • If rapid delivery is required, air freight may be the better choice.
  • If cost is the primary concern, sea freight may be more economically viable.
  • Large and lightweight goods may be more suitable for sea freight. Small and heavy goods may be better suited for air freight.
  • Fragile, perishable, or hazardous goods may require specific transportation modes.

Shipping to the UAE from China.png

What is the cost of FCL ocean shipping from China to the UAE?

Major Ports in the UAE

  • Port of Jebel Ali
  • Port of Ras Al Khaimah
  • Port of Khor Fakkan
  • Port of Abu Dhabi
  • Port of Al Ain
  • Port of Hamriyah
  • Port of Ajman
  • Port of Bida'a
  • Port of Nakheel
  • Port of Fujairah
  • Port of Sharjah
  • Port of Umm Al Quwain
Port of China/Country 20 ft Container 40 ft Container
Shipping from Guangzhou Port to UAE $1150 $2050
Shipping from Hong Kong Port to UAE $1150 $2050
Shipping from Shenzhen Port to UAE $1150 $2050
Shipping from Shanghai Port to UAE $1100 $2000
Shipping from Ningbo Port to UAE $1100 $2000
Shipping from Qingdao Port to UAE $1150 $2100
Shipping from Tianjin Port to UAE $1150 $2100
Shipping from Dalian Port to UAE $1390 $2500
Shipping from Xiamen Port to UAE $1200 $2080
Shipping from Yingkou Port to UAE $1300 $2300

As sea freight prices from China to UAE are highly affected by fluctuations in market demand, we are unable to provide fixed prices. Take 2 minutes to fill out our form, and you will receive a personalized full container quote from our logistics expert within 1 hour.

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What is the cost of LCL ocean shipping from China to the UAE?

The average LCL shipping cost from China to the UAE is USD 50/CBM. As sea freight prices from China to UAE are highly affected by fluctuations in market demand, we are unable to provide fixed prices. Take 2 minutes to fill out our form, and you will receive a personalized LCL quote from our logistics expert within 1 hour.

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What is the cost of air freight from China to the UAE?

Chargeable weight level Air freight costs
0–45kg $5–$7
46–100kg $4–$6
101–300kg $4–$5
301–500kg $3–$4

As air freight prices from China to UAE are highly affected by fluctuations in market demand, we are unable to provide fixed prices. Take 2 minutes to fill out our form, and you will receive a personalized full container quote from our logistics expert within 1 hour.

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What is the current shipping time from China to the United Arab Emirates?

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What is the most economical shipping method from China to the United Arab Emirates?

Considering only the volume of cargo: if the cargo is less than 2cbm, air freight is usually the cheapest; if the cargo is very light (less than 45kgs) and the volume is not too big, we suggest you ship via the international courier such as DHL, FEDEX; if the cargo is more than 2cbm, then the sea freight should be the cheapest.

Tips: Jike has agent discount prices from DHL/UPS/FedEx. Contact us to ship your goods from China to the UAE via Courier Service.

Regardless of your shipping method, the most cost-effective option for shipping from China to the UAE is through reputable Chinese freight agents like JIKEship. In addition to offering the best rate guarantees for all shipping methods, JIKE can also pass on bulk shipping rates. Get your shipping estimate from China now!

Get your shipping estimate from China now!

Packaging and Labeling Suggestions - Shipping to UAE

shipping to UAE

UAE Packaging Regulations

  • Moisture and Weather Resistance: Packaging must have properties to resist moisture and withstand high temperatures to adapt to the UAE's climate conditions.
  • Compliance with International Standards: Packaging materials need to comply with international transport standards to ensure goods are not damaged during transportation.
  • Visible Labels: Labels should indicate relevant information about the goods, use Arabic or English, and ensure legible fonts.


  • Customized Packaging Solutions: Consider custom packaging based on the nature of the goods and mode of transportation to provide additional protection, such as shock-absorbing materials.
  • Internal Padding: Use sufficient internal padding, especially for fragile items, to mitigate potential damage from vibration and bumps.
  • Regular Inspection of Packaging: Check the integrity of packaging before shipment to ensure no damages or weaknesses.
  • Compliance Labels: Ensure packaging has the required compliance labels per UAE regulations, including necessary permits and certification documents.

Following these suggestions and adhering to UAE packaging regulations can effectively reduce the risk of goods being damaged during transportation, ensuring their safe arrival at the destination.

JIKEship: your trusted UAE freight agent shipping from China to the UAE

shipping to UAE

Company Introduction JIKEship, established in 2014, is a freight agency operating in the UAE and China, gaining prominence in the logistics industry with over a decade of rich experience.

Company Mission JIKEship is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable freight services, meeting diverse global logistics needs. The company aims to create maximum value for its clients with a customer-centric approach.

Service Range

  • Ocean Freight Service: JIKEship provides global ocean freight services, including LCL and FCL shipping and specialized hazardous goods transportation services.
  • Air Freight Service: Through collaboration with renowned airlines, the company offers fast and reliable air freight services, catering to various urgent transportation needs.
  • Door-to-door Service: JIKEship has established a robust network in the UAE, offering DDU/DDP/DAP services and comprehensive domestic transportation services for clients.
  • ...

Professional Team JIKEship boasts an experienced and highly skilled team with excellent logistics management skills and a profound understanding of the industry. Whether it’s complex customs procedures or global cargo tracking, our team can provide comprehensive support to clients.

If you have any requirements or inquiries regarding freight to the UAE, please contact the JIKEship team anytime. We look forward to providing you with outstanding logistics solutions, ensuring the safe and timely arrival of your goods.

Customer Reviews on shipping from China to the UAE

shipping from China to the UAE shipping from China to the UAE shipping from China to the UAE

FAQs - Shipping to UAE

Is compensation provided for any loss that occurs?
Yes, we insure your goods. In any accidents, we will compensate for the goods according to our contract, with a maximum not exceeding the total value.
Do you support Alibaba deliveries?
We support Alibaba's delivery services. We provide professional logistics and freight services to ensure the smooth delivery of your goods to the destination in Alibaba transactions.
What is the fastest way to check shipping rates?
The quickest way to inquire about shipping rates is to contact our website's WhatsApp customer service.
Whatsapp - Online Customer Service
Do you have an office in the UAE?
Yes, our company has an office in the UAE. Our locally established office aims to provide more localized services to meet the freight and logistics needs of clients in the UAE.
Can I track the status of the parcels I send?
Certainly! We will provide real-time updates on the latest status of parcels shipped from China to the UAE.
What are the commonly used ports in the UAE during transportation from China?
When shipping from China to the UAE, the commonly used ports in the UAE include the Port of Dubai, Port of Abu Dhabi, and Port of Jebel Ali.
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