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Shipping to Liechtenstein from China

With a wealth of logistical advantages, we offer the most professional freight services for shipping to Liechtenstein, solving all your problems, from answering the airport in Liechtenstein to the customs clearance policy in Liechtenstein. Therefore, if you are shipping from China to Liechtenstein, JIKE is your most trustworthy partner.

Liechtenstein is industrially developed, industry is the backbone of the national economy, and more than 95% of industrial products are exported. The low >tax policy and the Bank Secrecy Act have promoted the development of the financial industry, but at the same time made the list a "tax haven".

Liechtenstein Customs Clearance Guide

You may be just as worried as anyone else about what you need to choose to transport your cargo.

And if so, then don't worry!

Because here are the most targeted science popularizers and the best team to provide the perfect solution to help you solve your concerns.

Part 1.Customs system in Liechtenstein

  • What information is required for customs clearance in Liechtenstein?

Filing your documents is essential to smooth the shipping process and is a necessity for all importers.

It makes sense for you to cooperate with us in the customs declaration process, you still need to provide the following documents to the Chinese and Danish authorities:

①3 compliant commercial invoices;

②A trade contract;

③Shipping to Liechtenstein’s documents;

④Customs declaration for export goods;

⑤Inspection certificates, goods lists, certificates of analysis;

⑥Chemical products, footwear, textiles, garments and products that have been judged to be dumped must have a certificate of origin issued by the Spanish government;

⑦Live animals, livestock products, feed, seeds, plants and plant products must have a sanitary quarantine certificate and be certified consularly.

Complete customs clearance information can ensure that the goods can complete customs clearance better and faster.

  • How long does it take to clear customs in Liechtenstein?

Usually it can be done in 5 days if it is fast, and it can be completed in 12 days at the latest. If the goods are still cleared after 12 days, it may be because your goods have been detained and you need to communicate with the freight forwarder about how to deal with it. Therefore, it is important for everyone to find a freight forwarding company with strong customs clearance capabilities here.

Part 2.Is it better to transport Liechtenstein exclusively by sea or by air?

Sea freight exclusively.

As Liechtenstein is a landlocked country, there is no port. The sea freight lines offered in China are mainly transported to ports in other countries and then transported by truck to Liechtenstein for delivery.

Airports in Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is a relatively small country and has no airport of its own. The nearest airport is Zurich Airport in Switzerland, so domestic air freight lines mainly use Zurich Airport for transit and then transport to the territory of Liechtenstein, which is also relatively fast in terms of time.

How long does it take to get to Liechtenstein? Sea freight: around 30-35 days

Air transport: 6-8 days

(The above transit times are for reference only and are subject to the transit times provided by the company)

Tips:The difference between LCL and FCL for ocean freight

We export almost all bulk cargoes by sea because bulk cargoes are exported and sea freight is the cheapest compared to other modes of transport. Sea freight is divided into bulk and full containers.

1.LCL means that the carrier (or agent) accepts a consignment from the consignor for less than a full container receipt, which will be classified according to the nature and destination of the goods. The goods going to the same destination are grouped together in a certain number and assembled into boxes. It is called LCL because a box contains goods assembled by different consignors. the cost of an LCL port is only freight + miscellaneous customs declaration. Costs are usually calculated by volume and weight.

2.A full container is a relative term for LCL, which refers to a whole container, i.e. a person hiring one or more containers to transport their own goods individually. The cost of an entire container is not only the freight and customs clearance charges in Hong Kong, but also THC, station and other charges. The whole container is a container, the most basic is 20GP 40GP 40HQ, there are also some special cabinets such as 45HQ, flat panel cabinets, open top cabinets.

3.LCL means that your goods share a container with others and the costs are shared equally. The advantage of this method is that it is cheaper and suitable for less cargo. The disadvantage is that it takes longer and is more troublesome to clear customs. As long as there is a problem with the documents of one cargo in the container, the export customs will not release the goods.

Full containers are suitable for immigrants with more items. The advantages are high security and fast time. Generally, the smallest container is a 20ft container with a capacity of 25-26 cubic metres, so you can choose a full container or a sectional container depending on the volume of your items.

How do I choose a company for Liechtenstein?

Services such as door-to-door collection, customs clearance and final delivery are the basic services offered by dedicated companies; some companies offer services such as packaging, tax declaration and re-dispatch of returned goods. You should check with the dedicated company to see if they have the services you need.

When choosing a dedicated company, the main considerations are the company's qualifications, strength, transport time and cost, and what value-added services are provided. Then choose a suitable transport method according to the nature of the product.

Part 4.About the express service from China shipping to Liechtenstein

International couriers to Liechtenstein recommend logistics methods

DHL International Express - fast, guaranteed on time, no Eori number required.

Fedex International Express - cheaper than DHL, significant off-season price advantage and faster.

The odds of various ems being detained in Liechtenstein are very high (including China Post, Singapore Post, Hongkong Post), it is recommended to take postal surface mail and express delivery.

China Post EMS shipped to Liechtenstein volumetric weight limit

Parcels sent to Liechtenstein using China Post EMS must not weigh more than 30kg, the dimensions of any side of the parcel must not exceed 1.5 meters, and the maximum horizontal circumference other than the length and length shall not exceed 3 meters.

Timeliness of delivery to Liechtenstein

International Express: 3-5 working days

International packets: 15-20 working days

EMS: 5-7 working days

*China Post EMS and Hong Kong Post EMS are faster, Singapore Post EMS has a longer delivery time of about 20 working days

*Please refer to the exact time according to the actual situation, weather and customs and other factors will extend or shorten the time accordingly.

Restricted and contraband in Liechtenstein

There are strict policies and restrictions on certain types of goods from Liechtenstein, which it does not allow.

Some goods are not allowed to enter the country without an import license issued by the Government. For example:

● Ammunition and weapons

● Protected species of flora and fauna

● Drugs and narcotics

● pet

● Counterfeit goods and items

● Specific food and animal products

● Drugs

● Cultural products such as antiques and works of art

Part 5.FAQ with shipping from China to Liechtenstein

Q: How long does it take to ship my cargo from China shipping to Liechtenstein?
A:Even though most companies do not give you an exact date for the arrival of your cargo, they do provide an approximate date.In most cases these dates are reliable.But yet again it depends on the method of shipment and the frequency of the shipping company to your destination.
Q:My supplier has no right to export. Can you help me export the goods?
A: Yes, we can. We can buy the export license, do the customs declarationand ship the goods out to you.
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