On Time, Every Time: Strategies for Reliable Shipping to Cambodia


Shipping to Cambodia

Cambodia, as an emerging economy in Southeast Asia, has achieved remarkable development in the field of foreign trade in recent years. The Cambodian Government has encouraged foreign investment and trade activities by formulating favorable trade policies. Reduced tariffs, simplified customs procedures, and the provision of other incentives have made Cambodia an attractive destination for international investment and trade. In today's globalized trade environment, reliable transportation is one of the critical factors for the success of international trade. Especially in trade involving the Cambodian market, on-time delivery is not just a business requirement but a crucial step in building trust and increasing customer satisfaction.

shipping to cambodia

Understanding Cambodia's Transportation Landscape

I. Overview of Cambodia's Ports and Transportation Infrastructure

This section will provide a detailed overview of Cambodia's port network and transportation infrastructure. Cambodia boasts a series of modern port facilities, forming a solid foundation for international trade. Understanding the characteristics and capabilities of these ports is crucial for making informed decisions regarding the choice of suitable transportation methods.

II. Critical Considerations for Transportation Routes and Modes

This section will delve into the primary transportation routes and available modes of shipping to Cambodia. From maritime to aerial transportation, different modes have their own advantages and disadvantages based on the nature of goods and business requirements. Understanding key considerations such as transportation time, costs, and the characteristics of goods will assist businesses in making informed choices in the complex realm of transportation decisions.

Cambodia Customs Clearance

What duties and taxes do I need to pay for my goods?

The Cambodian tariff system is a critical component of the customs regulations. Understanding the tariff rates and classifications for various types of goods is a fundamental requirement in both import and export operations. Cambodia generally utilizes agreed-upon rates based on goods, and businesses need to carefully research the rates applicable to their goods.

All goods should pay an import tax when they enter Cambodia, and the import tariff is mainly composed of four rates: 7%, 15, 35%, and 50%. Such as cigarettes, video games, and diamonds, the rate is 50%; for cloth clothing, the tariff is 35%; for home appliances, other hardware, and generators, the rate is 15%; for children's clothing, sportswear, curtains, bedspreads, toys, tea, paper, cement, aluminum, glass, plastic products, iron and steel tariffs are 7%. Plastic products, iron, and steel are subject to a tariff of 7%. All imported goods are subject to 10% VAT.

Essential Documentation Requirements for Smooth Customs Clearance

Here, we will detail the essential documents required for smooth customs clearance in Cambodia. These documents needed for Cambodia clearance include but are not limited to:

Commercial Invoice: A detailed invoice specifying the nature, quantity, and value of the goods.

Packing List: A list detailing the contents of each package, including weights and dimensions.

Bill of Lading (for sea freight) or Airway Bill (for air freight): Providing details about the shipment, consignee, and carrier.

Certificate of Origin: Documenting the origin of the goods, which can impact applicable tariffs.

Import/Export License: Depending on the nature of goods, specific licenses may be required.

Customs Declaration Form: A form declaring the details of the imported or exported goods.

Can goods imported from China to Cambodia be duty-free?

According to the China-Cambodia Bilateral Agreement and relevant Cambodian regulations, goods imported from China are eligible for tax exemption under certain conditions. Typically, the conditions for tax exemption may include the type of goods, the destination use, and the import procedures in compliance with the relevant Cambodian regulations. Enterprises taking advantage of the tax exemption need to ensure that they comply with all rules, including declaring the goods correctly, providing the necessary documents and certificates, and cooperating with Cambodian Customs. The best practice is to consult with us prior to a specific importation program, and we have specialists in place to ensure that the relevant duty-free conditions and procedures are fully understood and adhered to.

Contact JIKE for more information about customs clearance

Air Freight Shipping to Cambodia

shipping to cambodia

Choosing air freight over sea freight offers significant advantages. The main reason is that your goods will be delivered in a much shorter period of time. Compared to sea freight, which can take a month or more, depending on your chosen destination, air freight can get your products from the factory floor to your office in as little as five days.

Delivery times will vary depending on the class, including economy and express. Choosing the air freight option will be a huge time saver. Surprisingly, 5% of international shipments are delivered by air, showing the importance of air freight as an efficient and fast transportation option.

  1. Main airports: The main international airports for shipping to Cambodia are Phnom Penh International Airport (Phnom Penh, PNH) and Siem Reap Angkor International Airport (Siem Reap, SAI). These two airports not only serve domestic flights but also connect international destinations.

  2. Airlines: Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap Angkor International Airport serve a number of international airlines, including Cambodia's national carrier, Cambodia International Airlines (Cambodia Angkor Air), as well as other internationally recognized carriers.

  3. Flight destinations: Cambodia's air transportation network is connected all over the world, covering Asia, Europe, Australia, and other places. The main cargo import and export routes cover important nodes of international trade.

Classification of air cargo

According to the characteristics of the transported goods, air cargo is divided into two categories: general cargo and special cargo.

General cargo

The category of general cargo includes watches, pharmaceutical products, jewelry, and electronics. Electronic products account for 40% of global air cargo volume, which is due to the fact that they need to be transported with extreme care in order to remain in good condition. Although transportation costs are high, they are worth it when compared to the value these goods provide.

Special Cargo

Special cargoes are not eligible for shipment until they have been evaluated by the relevant authorities. Before proceeding with the loading of a shipment, Air Freight requires a report on the identification and classification of the shipment.

These shipments are subjected to multiple levels of scrutiny until they are approved by the relevant authorities. Other restrictions depend on the regulations of the particular region. Most airlines avoid special cargo such as electronic boards, airbags, mobile power, power supplies, hoverboards, scooters, toys, and lithium batteries.

For more information on the types of cargo we accept by air, please feel free to contact us.

Shipping time and shipping cost shipping from China to Cambodia:

Shipping time to destination:
PNH airport
Shipping costs for 100kgs+ Airlines
Guangzhou Airport (CAN) 1 day USD 1.06-USD 2.75 CZ/ZH/LQ
Shenzhen Airport (SZX) 1 day USD 1.06-USD 2.04 CZ/ZH/LQ
Hong Kong Airport (HKG) 2-6 days USD 2.29-USD 3.69 MH/TG
Shanghai Airport (PVG) 2-4 days USD 2.10-USD 2.82 CZ/ZH/OZ
Chengdu Airport (CTU) 1 day USD 1.01-USD 21.93 KR
Changsha Airport (CSX) 1-3 days USD 1.01-USD 3.03 CA/ZH/LQ/CZ/MF
Hangzhou Airport (HGH) 2-4 days USD 1.34-USD 2.75 CZ/OZ/BR/OZ
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Sea Freight Shipping to Cambodia

shipping to cambodia

Regardless of your chosen mode of transportation, you'll discover that each comes with its own set of positive and negative aspects. Despite its numerous advantages, ocean freight comes with its distinct limitations.

In comparison to air and road transportation, ocean freight services offer a more cost-effective solution. When managing an international trade business, the clear objective is to reduce operating costs, ensuring the ongoing success and profitability of your enterprise.

Cambodia's maritime industry plays a vital role in linking domestic and international trade:

  1. Main Ports: Phnom Penh Port: As the main port of Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh Port is one of the largest river ports in the country and is connected to other countries through the Mekong River. Sihanoukville Port: Located in the south of Cambodia, Sihanoukville Port is the only seaport in the country. It is a major international trade port and a significant loading and unloading point for bulk cargo.

  2. International Shipping: Cambodian sea transportation connects to all over the world, including Asia, Europe, and Australia. Major shipping routes pass through significant ports in Southeast Asia, connecting Cambodia to international trade networks.

  3. Transportation Services: Maritime carriers offer a diverse range of transportation services, including container shipping, breakbulk shipping, and more. This enables businesses of all types and sizes to find a sea transportation solution that suits their needs.

Sea Freight Container Types

When shipping goods from China to other countries, selecting the right container type is crucial. As your trusted ocean freight agent in China, JIKEship offers a diverse range of ocean freight services. Here is an introduction to our most popular ocean freight container types. sea freight from China to cambodia 1. Full Container Load [FCL] Ocean Freight:

JIKEship provides FCL ocean freight services to major ports worldwide. This service involves loading a single shipment into a container, typically 20-45 feet, with an internal capacity of 28-75 cubic meters. FCL is suitable for large-volume shipments and features the following key characteristics:

Containers are chosen, loaded, and sealed by a single customer. No mid-way stops, enhancing delivery speed. Reduced stops result in secure and reliable transportation.

2. Less than Container Load [LCL] Ocean Freight:

JIKEship offers LCL ocean freight services for companies that need to ship small quantities of goods from China to ports worldwide. In this service, multiple batches of goods share a container and are separated upon reaching the destination. LCL is suitable for small-volume shipments and has the following key characteristics:

• More cost-effective compared to FCL services

• Helps rationalize transportation costs.

• You only pay for the actual space your goods occupy, providing flexibility.

With over ten years of experience in transportation, freight, and customs clearance, JIKEship specializes in transporting various goods, including perishables and hazardous materials. Whether you choose FCL or LCL ocean freight services, we can provide customized solutions based on your specific needs.

Transit times and sea freight costs shipping from China to SIHANOUKVILLE PORT(KHSIH) & PHNOM PENH PORT

Port of Departure Port of Destination Carrier Shipping time Shipping costs 20GP/40GP/40HQ
Shenzhen Port SIHANOUKVILLE PORT(KHSIH) TSL 4 days $160/305/305
Shenzhen Port SIHANOUKVILLE PORT(KHSIH) WHL 7 days $170/300/300
Shenzhen Port SIHANOUKVILLE PORT(KHSIH) SITC 4 days $190/365/365
Shenzhen Port PHNOM PENH PORT(KHPNH) MSK 10 days $555/510/510
Shenzhen Port PHNOM PENH PORT(KHPNH) IAL 6 days $155/290/290
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Road freight Shipping to Cambodia

shipping to cambodia

Cambodia, as a Southeast Asian country, has experienced significant improvement and development of its land transportation system over the past few years. Cambodia's road network has been continuously improved, connecting major cities, villages, and commercial centers. The implementation of road construction projects has strengthened the links between regions in the country and increased the efficiency and coverage of goods transportation.

Road transportation

Wide coverage: The road network has been continuously improved in shipping to Cambodia, and its coverage has been gradually expanded. This makes road transportation a critical way to connect cities, villages, and commercial centers.

Flexibility: Road transportation provides flexible options for the distribution of goods. Trucks have the flexibility to adapt to various road conditions to reach remote areas and urban centers.

Relatively short transport times: Road transport can usually deliver goods in a shorter period of time than other modes of land transportation, which makes it suitable for time-sensitive goods.

Railroad transportation

Bulk Cargo Transportation: Railway transportation in shipping to Cambodia is mainly used for long-distance transportation of bulk cargoes. Railroad lines connect major cities and ports, providing a cost-effective option for large volumes of goods.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Railway transportation is more environmentally friendly and sustainable as it has lower carbon emissions compared to road transportation. This makes rail transportation the preferred choice for environmentally conscious companies.

Relatively Low Transportation Costs: Rail transportation is often more economical when transporting large quantities of goods and can offer more competitive prices.

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Why is JIKEship your best partner when you are shipping from China to Cambodia?

shipping to cambodia

Choosing JIKEship means opting for excellent, reliable, and professional logistics services. As a leading international company based in China, we prioritize customer-centric solutions, offering over ten years of logistics expertise. With strong partnerships with major global shipping companies like WHL, TSL, SITC, TSL, and IAL, we ensure efficient, cheaper transparent transportation, providing real-time tracking for our clients.

• 42% of our staff have more than ten years of freight shipping from China to Cambodia. • Efficient customer support at all times • Guide on the shipping process • Make sure that your cargo will arrive in good condition • Payless with for more value • At least 3 days free warehouse

JIKEship goes beyond transportation, aiming to be your trusted value-creating partner in China and Cambodia. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations and becoming your trusted logistics partner.

Contact Jike for competitive shipping services from China to Cambodia

FQAS: Shipping to Cambodia from China

How to deal with customs procedures?
A: Know in advance and make sure you have all the necessary import and export documents to meet the Cambodian Customs requirements. JIKE has worked with a professional Customs broker who can take care of all the hassle for you and help you through the customs process easily.
Do I need specific documents and licenses to ship to Cambodia?
A: Yes, in order to import to Cambodia smoothly, you need to prepare a complete import license and customs documents. Make sure the documents are accurate and complete to avoid customs issues.
How long does it usually take to ship to Cambodia?
A: The shipping time depends on the chosen mode of transportation. Sea freight usually takes 1-2 weeks, while air freight is completed within 2-6 days. If you are struggling to consider the urgency and cost of your shipment, JIKE has special experts to guide you and give you proper advice for your reference.
How do you choose the appropriate mode of transportation?
A: When choosing the mode of transportation, you need to consider the nature of goods, timeliness, and cost. Sea transportation is suitable for large volumes of goods, while air transportation is suitable for urgent goods. Land transportation is also an option within Cambodia.
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