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Shipping to Netherlands from China

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The Kingdom of the Netherlands ("The Netherlands") is a constitutional monarchy attached to Europe and a founding member of the European Union and NATO. China and the Netherlands have maintained close trade exchanges since ancient times. The main export products from China to the Netherlands mainly include mechanical and electrical products, chemical products and mineral products..

Netherlands Customs Guide

know you are a prosperous businessman, so you need to customize the best transportation mode for your goods.

You imported from China shipping to Netherlands, so I want to make the whole journey easy.

Part 1.Netherlands Customs Policy

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  • Netherlands Customs Regulations Customs Clearance Process

Specific documents are required for cargo clearance at Dutch ports.

When the goods arrive at the port, you should present the documents so that they can pass the certification.

After that, the goods must be inspected again before entering the country. For those who have never experienced this process, it may be very tedious and slow.

But don't worry, shipping companies or freight forwarders are usually responsible for helping you.

Along the way, you should also try to learn the whole process to avoid problems in the future.

  • Import duties and taxes in the Netherlands- Import duties and taxes in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a member of the European Union and will comply with the regulations of the European Union.

You pay the same tariffs in the Netherlands as in all other member EU member states.

However, VAT is the responsibility of the particular country from which you wish to import the goods.

Special VAT rates in the Netherlands are as follows:

There is no charge for exports from the Netherlands. Vat on certain necessities is 6%, including food, transportation and medicines.21% is the most common VAT on most goods.

Import value added tax and local goods value added tax is the same, the change is not big.

The government will use CIF and levy VAT on imported goods at the point of entry.

It would also include excise taxes, import duties and other taxes.

The importer must pay a fee at the point of entry before the goods enter the country.

You must also show the required customs clearance documents to the customs for subsequent customs clearance.

The temporarily imported goods will not enter the country for a long time and will not be covered by any form of costs, such as VAT.

  • What information is required for customs clearance in Netherlands?

All persons are required to provide the following information:

①3 compliant commercial invoices;

②A trade contract;

③Shipping documents

④Customs declaration for export goods

⑤Inspection certificates, goods lists, certificates of analysis

⑥ Chemical products, footwear, textiles, clothing and products determined to be dumped must hold the certificate of origin issued by the Dutch government;

⑦ Living animals, livestock products, feeds, seeds, plants and plant products must have health quarantine certificates and be certified by consuls.

Complete customs clearance information can ensure that the goods can complete customs clearance better and faster.

  • How long will it take to clear customs in Netherlands?

Usually it can be done in 5 days if it is fast, and it can be completed in 12 days at the latest. If the goods are still cleared after 12 days, When your goods are still in customs clearance 12 days later, there may be a risk that your goods will be detained. At this time, you need to communicate with the freight forwarder about how to deal with it. Therefore, it is extremely important to find a freight forwarding company with strong customs clearance ability here.

Part 2. Oceanic freight from China shipping to Netherlands

The Netherlands has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world and a high quality of life.

Its geographical location enables it to better enter the big markets of Britain and Germany, which is its biggest advantage.

shipping to netherlands,netherlands customs

  • Shipping to important ports in the Netherlands

The port of Rotterdam is nearly 25 miles long and covers a total area of 30 acres, more than half of which is used for commercial purposes. Around 30,000 vessels dock each year and have unrestricted ports that even the largest vessels can enter. Nearly 55 billion tons of cargo pass through every year.

The Main Route The Port of Amsterdam is the second largest port in the Netherlands (after Rotterdam) and the fifth largest port in Europe, so it is very large

  • How to choose the type of cabinet to transport to Netherlands?

There are many factors you need to consider when shipping to Netherlands.

A standard 40-foot container can accommodate 22 standard pallets and a 20-foot container can accommodate 10 pallets.

If you are transporting a large number of goods and can fill containers, it makes sense to choose FCL (Full Container Loading).

Another benefit of full container loading is that your items are stored separately from the rest of the importers.

On the other hand, consolidation (less-than-containerload) means shipping your goods in containers that share space with other shipments.

If you are happy with this, consolidation shipping (also known as LCL) offers a more economical way to ship small quantities of cargo that are less than half the size of a fully loaded container.

  • Distance from Chinese ports or airports to the Netherlands

If you use sea freight, the distance between departure port and destination port roughly determines the length of time.

China has many ports in different provinces, so the further the port, the longer it will take.

The speed of sea freight you decide to use will also determine how long your goods will stay at sea.

The faster the ship transporting the goods, the sooner the goods arrive at the port of destination.

The shipping company will follow the sea route to the destination port in the Netherlands.

Shipping lines may decide to take a longer route because it delivers cargo at different seaports in different countries.

The direct sea route from China to the Netherlands is more time-consuming than other sea routes

Part 3. Air freight from China shipping to Netherlands

Air freight is the fastest way to get your cargo around the world. Even in this option, you can choose regular or express shipping. As the name suggests, express shipping is faster, but also more expensive.

Through our door-to-door service, this will take 3-5 days.

shipping to netherlands,netherlands customs

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air China, Lufthansa and China Airlines are the main airlines on the China-Dutch route.

China's major airports are in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, while in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Breda, Groningen and Eindhoven are popular airports. Air freight is the fastest way to get your cargo around the world. Even in this option, you can choose regular or express shipping. As the name suggests, express shipping is faster, but also more expensive.

  • The Netherlands' international airport

The Netherlands receives a large number of goods from China through different routes, including air freight.

The main international airports in the Netherlands are as follows.

Eindhoven Airport

Groningen Airport

Breda International Airport

Tege Airport

Texel Airport

Schiphol Airport Terminal 1

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Maastricht Aachen Airport

Vliegveld Midden Zeeland Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Den Helder Airport

Southern Cross International Airport

Lelystad Airport

Avia Amsterdam Airport

Part 4.Rail Routes from China shipping to Netherlands

shipping to netherlands,netherlands customs

The China-Europe express train provides rail transport to the Dutch cities for the "Rong Ou Express" from the Chinese Chengdu Railway Station to Tilburg international rail transport. It is also the only transport train in China that can reach the Netherlands directly from China.

Suppose you want to send goods from Shenzhen, Guangdong to the Netherlands, first you need to send the goods to Chengdu Railway Station, and then load the container here for shipment to the Netherlands, which takes two days in total and can save 80% of the freight cost than international air freight.

Chengdu, Sichuan, China to Tilburg in the Netherlands, the journey is more than 10,000 kilometers, and the transport time required is 18 days.

  • Rail transit time- Rail transit time

Rail transport time from China to the Netherlands takes about 10-15 days

So, for rail transportation his time limit is usually around 30 days to reach the destination, which is no doubt normal. In this regard you need to plan the transport voyage in a reasonable way.

  • Rail transport from Yiwu to Amsterdam- Rail transport from Yiwu to Amsterdam

The development of rail transport has also reached the point where you can transport goods from Yiwu to Amsterdam.

Rail freight will pass through many terminals before arriving in Amsterdam from Yiwu.

The route will pass through Kazakhstan, through Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, USA and finally to the main port of Amsterdam.

The route covers more than ten thousand kilometers as it passes through these countries.

The journey takes approximately 16 days before receiving the goods in Amsterdam.

It is much faster than sea freight, which can take more than a month.

The cargo is operated by "Nana Logistics in Helmond", which wants it to carry a limited category of goods.

The goods you find on the train include alcoholic beverages, children's and baby clothing, luxury textiles and car parts.

This is a container destined for China from Amsterdam.

Part 5.Which transport should I choose to ship from China to the Netherlands?

There are four main transportation options from China to the Netherlands, namely air, sea, land and rail transportation. Among them, the most popular one is the sea transport, because it is the most economical one among the four. However, it is also the slowest option.

The total time for sea freight is about 35-40 days.

If your customer wants to receive the goods faster, you can choose air freight. Air freight only takes about 5-7 days, but it is more expensive than sea freight.

Then there's rail freight. This method is becoming more and more popular due to its unique advantages, as it is faster than sea freight and more economical than air freight. Railroad cargo transportation time is more eclectic, about 22-25 days.

Finally, trucking is the fastest way and the new way of transportation, which takes only 15-20 days.

Part 6.Courier services from China to the Netherlands

shipping to netherlands,netherlands customs

International express delivery often needs to meet the following points:


2.Statute of limitations



5.Ability to deal with problems

6.Ability to clear customs

From China to the Netherlands can use four major express delivery DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, these four major express can go to the Netherlands,

Among them, DHL belongs to the German company, which has an advantage in European customs clearance, and in addition, the Netherlands has an advantage in weight between 0.5-21KG, and the time limit is 3-4 working days. DhL goods over 1.2 meters are overly long and require an extra long fee.

In addition, TNT belongs to the Dutch company, of course, more dominant in the Netherlands local customs clearance, TNT to the Netherlands is mainly more than 21KG price advantage, relative to DHL cheaper, but the timeliness is relatively slow for a few days, normally 7-8 working days. The size of the TNT requires 1 long + 2 wide + 2 high can not be greater than 330cm.

You can choose which courier to take according to your needs for delivery at that time. One thing to note is that the export packaging requirements are necessarily the same:

①Need to be packed in a cardboard box, and flexible packaging is not accepted. If the outer box packaging is a wooden box, it is necessary to type a loose leaf (the loose leaf is convenient for opening and closing the box when the sea supply and the relevant departments inspect).

②A commercial invoice is required for customs clearance with the shipment, and the commercial invoice template is shown below.

③The Netherlands belongs to European countries, if the recipient has a VAT number, it is recommended to provide information at the time of shipment to facilitate local customs clearance.

  • Advantages between several couriers- Advantages between several couriers

DHL; The main advantage is that on small goods below 21KG, the time limit is relatively stable for 3-4 days.

UPS; The main advantage is in the large goods above 100KG. The price of the big goods walking UPS is relatively good for about 5 days.

FEDEX; The main advantage is in the 21-99KG segment, in this weight segment, FEDEX price is more advantageous, the aging will not be too bad for about 5 days.

TNT; The main advantage is also more than 100KG large goods, the price will be cheaper than UPS, but the timeliness is not so problematic, usually about 5 days of aging.

Restricted and contraband in Netherlands

● The Netherlands has strict policies and restrictions for certain types of goods that Are not allowed in China.

● Some goods are also not allowed to enter the country without a government import permit.

● These goods include both environmentally unfavourable and strategic goods, such as:

● Ammunition and weapons

● Protected species of flora and fauna

● Drugs and narcotics

● Whether pets are accepted

● Counterfeit goods and items

● Specific food and animal products

● pharmaceuticals

● Antiques, works of art and other cultural goods

● Boats and other rides

● Motorcycles and cars

Part 7.FAQ with shipping from China to Netherlands

Q: How long does it take to ship my cargo from China shipping to Netherlands?
A:Even though most companies do not give you an exact date for the arrival of your cargo, they do provide an approximate date.In most cases these dates are reliable.But yet again it depends on the method of shipment and the frequency of the shipping company to your destination.
Q:My supplier has no right to export. Can you help me export the goods?
A: Yes, we can. We can buy the export license, do the customs declarationand ship the goods out to you.
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