Considerations For Safe Transportation Of Bulky Goods


Bulky goods transportation

Bulky goods transportation refers to the transportation of various oversized and overweight equipment and bulk cargo. The commodity types cover the transportation of large equipment such as ball mills, injection molding machines, pressure vessels, autoclaves, refrigeration equipment, excavator, loader, yacht, rollers, boilers, hydraulic tanks and various reactors, as well as the transportation of various out of gauge equipment and construction machinery.

Bulky goods transportation objects have the characteristics of being super long, super large, super high and overweight. Special lifting tools are required to connect and transfer to the destination.

The biggest characteristic of bulky goods transportation is that the preliminary work of transportation is complex and the transportation process has high requirements for space and technology. Our company has a professional team to provide more professional services for large-scale cargo transportation.

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What are the methods to ensure the safety of bulky goods transportation?

The transportation modes adopted by different goods in the circulation process are different. For example, for the transportation of dangerous goods, there are special vehicles for transporting dangerous goods. Similarly, only specific types of vehicles can be used for bulky goods transportation. According to relevant regulations, the time of bulky goods transportation is not random.

To ensure safety, it must be carried out during the day. In addition to time restrictions and regulations, drivers should also strictly control the transportation speed and drive at different speeds. As a logistics company, the inspection of various contents before the departure of the vehicle is essential.

In addition to the inspection of the performance of the vehicle, the condition of the goods should be determined again. Ensure that the consigned items are complete, record the quantity of consigned items, do not miss loading, and ensure that the items have been fixed and stable.

As the vehicles for heavy cargo transportation at night cannot drive, you must choose a spacious and flat place to park. And to ensure the safety of goods, special personnel must be assigned to guard. Bulky goods transport vehicles refer to transport vehicles that transport large items that cannot be disassembled, with a total height of more than 4.5m and a total length of more than 22m.

What logistics is cheaper to send bulky goods to foreign countries?

What logistics is cheaper to send bulky goods to foreign countries? Since there are small partners who have mailed international express delivery, it may be more to mail some small goods, and the logistics channels that can mail small goods are more numerous, and it is also more convenient.

However, for the mailing of bulky goods partners may be a little overwhelmed, and do not know what logistics is better to send bulky goods, today we will understand that Jike logistics company sends large pieces of cheaper logistics channels

  • Postal service

Postal parcels are the logistics channels of postal companies for mailing large heavy goods with large volumes.

Postal parcels have physical channels for Chinese parcels, Dutch parcels, and Dutch parcels-E. It can reach many countries and regions around the world, among which the Dutch parcel and the Dutch parcel-E are logistics channels for the European route. Postal background channel customs clearance is relatively efficient, the customs clearance rate is high, the channel does not count the volume of weight, suitable for mailing goods with a large volume than the real. No remote surcharges.

For example, the Dutch large bag channel can undertake built-in batteries, general goods and other items, arriving in many European countries, low freight, and cost-effective logistics channels. No remote surcharges, a wide range of delivery

  • UPS International Express

The main advantage of UPS International Express is that the price of ups above 100KG is relatively good.

If the small partners are mailing more than 100KG of bulky goods, they can choose this channel. Moreover, the timeliness of UPS International Express is relatively fast, the peak season is not queued, the timeliness is stable, and it is suitable for high requirements for timeliness. The logistics service is good and the compensation mechanism is perfect. Products such as built-in batteries and matching batteries can be mailed.

For example, in Hong Kong UPS red single -6000, the channel can be online on the same day, the Internet access time is fast, the overall timeliness is relatively fast, 2-5 days can reach the destination country. The channel can mail built-in batteries, and the bulky goods sent to Europe and the United States have price advantages.

  • FedEx International Express

The main advantage of FEDEX International Express is in the 21-99KG segment, and the price of this weight segment FEDEX is relatively advantageous.

The channel has fast timeliness, no queues in the peak season, and stable timeliness. Strong clearance ability. There are many kinds of items that can be mailed, such as imitation brands, built-in batteries, supporting batteries, pure batteries and other items.

For example, Hong Kong FedEx IE, and Hong Kong FedEx IE. Both channels are large-scale channels, with overall aging of 5-10 days, and can receive items such as built-in batteries and matching batteries. 104KG from Europe, America and Southeast Asia price preferred.

  • TNT International Express

The main advantage of TNT International Express is also more than 100KG bulky goods, the price is cheaper than UPS, but the timeliness will be slightly slower than UPS, which takes about a week.

This channel has a comparative advantage in taking the European road and is the preferred logistics channel for heavy goods in Europe.

For example, mainland TNT, Hong Kong TNT special offer, Hong Kong TNT channel are all large-scale cargo flow channels, and Hong Kong TNT special offer, Hong Kong TNT in the European road direction has a price advantage, is the preferred channel for European road direction.

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