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China has had trade cooperation with Iceland for many years and the volume of trade has increased over time in recent years, indirectly indicating that trade between the two countries is flourishing. As an island nation, the two main modes of transport from China to Iceland are by air and by sea, with Iceland's international airport and Iceland's international port correspondingly. Now Icelandic shipping is more used in a more way, because Iceland's goods are also mainly shipped by sea, plus Iceland has 60+ ports, and shipping is relatively developed.

Iceland Customs Clearance Guide

Are you struggling with shipping to Iceland? This article has advice on shipping and the problems you may encounter when shipping to Iceland, which we hope will make your journey easier. (This article only contains general information, please contact us if you are unable to solve your problems)

Part 1.Customs system in Iceland

  • An overview of Icelandic taxes and fees


Import duties and taxes square measure ruled by import duties and taxes, no matter whether or not an individual or business entity is engaged within the importation of products in Iceland. Import duties square measure calculated solely on the worth of the products, i.e. CIF. In addition, imports are subject to sales tax, alcohol tax and tobacco tax, and some goods are subject to excise duty.

【Customs Duties】

The tariff rate in Iceland ranges from 0% to 76%, with an average rate of 10%. Certain products are taxed through its unit of calculation

【Sales Tax】

The standard VAT rate on imported goods in Iceland is 24%, which is the sum of the CIF price and customs duties. Food and books are subject to a preferential VAT rate of 11%.


There is no threshold for Icelandic tariffs. The absence of a threshold does not mean that no tax is payable, so the value of the imported goods has no bearing on the payment of tax; all must pay a certain amount of import duty and other taxes.


Excise Duty: Ad valorem and adm taxes levied on certain products Vehicle excise tax: Ad valorem tax on automobiles General excise and special excise tax: Ad valorem tax on fuel Alcohol tax: ad val tax on alcoholic beverages. Tobacco tax: A special tax on tobacco merchandise.

  • Tariff threshold in Iceland

Iceland Express Customs Clearance Requirements

Customs clearance requirements and restrictions for imports from Iceland

Iceland import document requirements

(1) Commercial invoice (2 copies);

(2) Proof of the circulation of goods;

(3) Sanitary quarantine certificate. For live plants, plant specimens, onions, tomatoes, flower seeds, potatoes and contemporary vegetables.

Q: Are certificates of origin destined for Iceland eligible for duty reductions?
A: Since July 1, 2014, the China-Iceland Free Trade Agreement has officially entered into force, and the inspection and quarantine department reminds enterprises to apply for the issuance of preferential certificates of origin and enjoy tax incentives immediately. According to the tariff concession plan of the agreement, China and Iceland will jointly implement zero tariffs on nearly 96% of the tariff lines. Iceland imposes zero tariffs on all industrial goods, aquatic products and most agricultural products imported from China, which account for 99.7% of China's total exports to Iceland
  • How long does it take to clear customs in Iceland

If you go to Iceland by sea, you usually go to Reykjavik

Popular routes include Shenzhen to Reykjavik, Port Okee transit and more. However, it also depends on a specific port of call, which can increase or decrease transit time by a few days.

The sea voyage from Shenzhen to Reykjavik is about 32 days

Part 2.Ocean Freight From China shipping to Iceland

  • Iceland's main sea port

Iceland's main ports are Reykjavik, Strëymvik, Nesk Istań, Akureyri and so on.

The transport of goods in Iceland is mainly carried out by sea. Iceland's coastline is 4,970 km long, and there are 62 large and small port terminals along the coast, of which 15 can berth cargo ships and cruise ships. Roundabout shipping is a traditional mode of transportation in Iceland, but due to the inconvenience of transportation time and cargo turnover, in addition to large-scale equipment using roundabout shipping, it is mostly changed to land and air transportation.

  • Which route does Iceland belong to?

Iceland is a lonely island that, although located in Europe, does not border any European country and is geographically independent of the continent. Iceland is the westernmost country in Europe, so it is part of the European route.

Sea freight to Iceland is generally to Reykjavik, many shipping companies have to go, generally is the Oki port transit. Shenzhen to Reykjavik sea voyage about 32 days.

AKRANES Akranes - ICELAND Iceland IS - European line

AKUREYRI Akureyri--ICELAND Iceland IS--European line

HAFNARFJORD Habnafjord - ICELAND Iceland IS - Europe route

HUSAVIK Husavik - ICELAND Iceland IS - European route

ISAFJORD Isafjord--ICELAND Iceland IS--European line

KEFLAVIK Keflavik - ICELAND Iceland IS - European Line

NESKAUPSTADUR Nesque Istadze - ICELAND Iceland IS - European route

PATREKSFJORD Patrek Fjord - ICELAND Iceland IS - European route

REYKJAVIK Reykjavik - ICELAND Iceland IS - European route

SEYDISFJORD Sezisfjord - ICELAND Iceland IS - European route

SIGLUFJORD Siegfried--ICELAND Iceland IS--European line

SKAGASTROND Skagastren - ICELAND Iceland IS - European Line

STRAUMSVIK Streuimvik - ICELAND Iceland IS - European Line

VESTMANN ISLANDS Vestermana Island--ICELAND Iceland IS--European Line

  • End-of-trip delivery

There are two types of final delivery by sea: by truck and by courier. For express delivery, the time frame is faster, 1-2 days; for trucking, the cost is lower, but the time frame is also slower.

So all in all, the shipping time to Iceland by sea is about 20-40 days. If you haven't received a signature from the freight forwarder for a long time, then you should contact the freight forwarder in time to do so (that's us). Although sea freight to Iceland is the least expensive, the time limit is the longest of the transport methods.

Part 3.Air Freight From China shipping to Iceland

  • Iceland international airport

There are many international airports in Iceland, including Reykjavík International Airport, Keflavík Airport, Reggio Calabria Airport, Cologne Airport and Akureyri Airport.

Reykjavik International Airport

The former Akureyri Airport received its first flight on 3 September 1919 with an Avro-504 propeller aircraft, and in October 1940, during the Second World War, the airport was moved from Akureyri to Reykjavík, where the British Army built an airfield with a grass surface in a small town on the southern coast of the Reykjavík Peninsula.

On 6 July 1946 the British handed over the airport to the Icelandic government to operate and since then it has been taken over by the Icelandic Civil Aviation Authority (now Flugstoðir).

Keflavík Airport

A civil airport, operated and managed by Isavia Ltd, providing air services mainly to the city of Reykjavík. It is one of the largest airports in Iceland and also serves as the country's main international gateway and is the hub airport for Icelandic aviation.

Reggio Calabria Airport

The airport only offers domestic flights within Iceland, with some small international flights from Iceland to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The airport is the home base for Iceland Air and Icelandic Eagle Airlines.

Cologne Airport

Germany's sixth largest airport and one of the few airports in Germany that is open 24 hours a day, it is also the second largest cargo airport in Germany.

Akureyri Airport

Iceland Express was founded in 2002 and began operations in 2003, with a hub airport at Keflavik and a focus airport at Akureyri.

  • How long does it take for Chinese air freight to Iceland?

Although several airlines have launched routes to Iceland, many cities are direct, although most are now also European. Most connections are in major European cities such as Copenhagen (SAS), Paris (Air France), the Finnish capital (Finnair) or London. Flight times vary according to the destination and time period of the connection.

The time taken to transport to Iceland varies completely depending on the departure point in China. The shortest flight time in the capital city of Beijing, for example, is 13 hours and 5 minutes with a connecting flight to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. From Shanghai the shortest flight time is 14 hours and 40 minutes, also with a connection to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. In Shenzhen, for example, shipping to Iceland requires a transit through Cologne with a time point of approximately seven days.

  • Some notes on air freight to Iceland

If you are arranging a connection for your cargo while the flight is in progress, this must be made to the relevant Icelandic airline as no other airlines are allowed to land in Iceland.

Part 4.Cost of Shipping from China shipping to Iceland

  • Cost of Shipping via Ocean

Why choose shipping? Stable sailing times? Can you carry large amounts of cargo? Perhaps most people are more interested in the fact that it is cheaper than other transport. Sea freight has become the hottest mode of transport by virtue of its low price.

However, when we talk about costs, as an importer you need to understand what these costs constitute. At a glance, you will find some of the factors you are responsible for in terms of transport, and it is a given that certain factors incur corresponding costs during the transport process.

To reduce more unnecessary costs, it is important to learn to reduce transport costs. Some ways to do this are listed below for your information.

① Compare the prices offered by different shipping companies

Get different quotes to compare different prices and you can find more surprises from them. Don't forget their own services when comparing prices, so you don't lose out on the smallest of things.

②Control your packaging materials

In transport costs, goods are charged according to the weight requested, so if you don't want to increase the cost of that mere bit of packaging, then control it as much as possible. Also try not to use packing materials provided by the airline, you don't know what their specifications are.

③ Include shipping costs in your cost of goods

If your business imports for the aim of sale, don't bear the burden of shipping prices. Instead, pass it on to the client you'll be able to save even a lot of and also the shipping prices square measure cheaper.

  • Different impacts on freight generated

The price of shipping from China to iceland depends greatly on the variables like

The type of product: totally different|completely different} product might have different transportation desires. e.g. valuable or perishable merchandise might have to lean specialist packaging and/osecurity.

The size and weight of your parcel: this is often maybe the foremost vital issue once it involves worth.

As you would possibly expect, the larger the parcel, the bigger the worth. but bear in mind that for smaller things it's going to be additional economical to ship by air.

Items beneath 100kg will work cheaper by weight if you’re shipping via air, and on prime of that you’ll be able to add the extra price of a fast delivery.

The suggests that of transport: Air freight is usually reaching to be rather more costly that shipping via ocean freight.

Part 5.About the express service from China to Iceland

  • China Post EMS shipped to Iceland volumetric weight limit

Parcels sent to Iceland mistreatment China Post EMS should not weigh over 30kg, the scale of any facet of the parcel should not exceed one.5 meters, and therefore the most horizontal circumference apart from the length and length shall not exceed three meters.

  • Courier service to Iceland

International Express: DHL International Express, EMS International Express, UPS International Express, TNT International Express, FedEx InternationalExpress

International Mail: China Post Packet, Hongkong Post Packet, Swiss Post Parcel II, Express to Austria Price

Different delivery ways have completely different costs, international categorical delivery ways ar quick however slightly higher, and international mail ways ar cheaper however have a rather longer delivery time. every shipping methodology categorical to Republic of Austria value, please consult on-line client service or send us email, at within 24 hours there'll be specialists to administer you the foremost skilled reply.

  • Express delivery to Iceland

International express delivery: 3-5 working days to deliver

International mail: 7-20 working days to deliver

EMS: 5-7 working days

*China Post EMS and Hongkong Post EMS square measure quicker, and Singapore Post EMS delivery time is longer, regarding twenty operating days

*The delivery time is stricken by factors like weather and customs.

Restricted and contraband in Iceland

● Drugs and dangerous drugs;

● Raw meat, raw smoked ham, raw ham, raw poultry, etc. (cooked meat can only be imported);

● Raw milk, raw eggs;

● Various weapons, bladed daggers, folding blades, sticks, bows, handcuffs, etc.

● Prohibited goods and dangerous goods prohibited by the state and air

Part 6.FAQ with shipping from China to Iceland

Q: How long does it take to ship my cargo from China shipping to Iceland?
A:Even though most companies do not give you an exact date for the arrival of your cargo, they do provide an approximate date.In most cases these dates are reliable.But yet again it depends on the method of shipment and the frequency of the shipping company to your destination.
Q:My supplier has no right to export. Can you help me export the goods?
A: Yes, we can. We can buy the export license, do the customs declarationand ship the goods out to you.
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