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If you are looking for high-quality inland centralized transport services to meet your transport needs in China, Jike is the right choice for you. We are an experienced, flexible and customer-oriented freight forwarding company that is truly committed to meeting your expectations and budget, whether you need air freight ocean rail or cod cash on delivery, we can meet your requirements and be a trusted and efficient logistics partner.

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Cod Cash On Delivery Service

To ensure quality service to the buyer, courier and seller, all conditions must be met. Below is a list of actions that each freight forwarder must complete.

  • A customer or buyer makes payment to ensure delivery and meets contract requirements. As explained in the contract, the buyer must provide correct delivery information, be available at the time and place agreed between the buyer and the courier, and ensure that he has the cash to pay according to the mode specified by the courier, online store or these two parties and pay the full amount including VAT and any additional charges, if any.

  • Courier. This freight forwarder is fundamental in the delivery process and payment to the seller. In essence, couriers are responsible for carrying out a considerable part of the cod cash on delivery service, meeting the needs of both customers and sellers. The carrier must deliver the package at the agreed time and place with good service. Also, payment must be made before the package is shipped. The carrier must also follow the procedures set by the customer.

  • The seller must provide customers with an easy and efficient way to provide high-quality products or services with prompt delivery. Sellers must also take into account the conditions agreed with the customer and the courier.

Benefits of cod cash on delivery

  • Lower cart abandonment rate, increasing sales and profitability
  • It is safer for online shoppers who are concerned about the security of their financial information
  • It increases reputation and customer loyalty and retention

Disadvantages of cod cash on delivery

  • Sellers can refuse the package once it has reached its destination. This means that the online store will lose the sale, and if the store wants to return the package, it will pay, in addition to the shipping costs to the destination, the costs to return it to the warehouse.
  • Couriers usually establish a maximum amount for cod cash on delivery shipping. This amount depends on the courier company you choose.

Is cod cash on delivery safe?

The payment and shipping method of cod cash on delivery is secure, but there are risks involved in any transaction.

The buyer or seller has the advantage of not paying for a product before the package arrives. However, this does not mean that the goods are not defective or that there are no errors in the order. If this happens, an exchange, return or refund will solve the problem.

The seller risks sending the products without receiving payment. This is a serious problem because if the buyer does not fulfill his part of the contract, the buyer bears all the costs and the costs of delivery and return.

Nevertheless, cod cash on delivery shipments is safe, as long as there's a commitment by all parties to comply with the terms and conditions of the transaction.

LTL and FTL:

LTL: fast aging products for automobile transportation, full network coverage, full visual, safe delivery, 8 value-added services to meet the needs of all types of customers


  • safety, cargo information, whole process monitoring
  • On time, the World on Time
  • Nationwide coverage, more than 27,986 outlets covering more than 94% of the country‚Äôs townships
  • Value-added services, free choice of collection, cod cash on delivery, signed return and other value-added services

FTL: provide door to door chartered car efficient transportation services


  • Obsolete protection, including loading and unloading, a direct special train, obsolete protection
  • 24 hours delivery, phone, 24 hours support loading and unloading
  • Vehicle resources are sufficient and the type of vehicle is rich
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