We combine domestic and international movement to drive the extra value for your business.

With nearly ten years of International Express Service experience, Jikeship provides services in more than 220 countries and territories around the world, such as by DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc. Our dedicated team of top experts will make it happen wherever you need to ship your goods. At Jikeship, we have established an extensive shipping network to ensure that we can meet the shipping needs of various International Express Services. We will handle all your parcels safely, promptly, and economically from China to every corner of the world.

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What is International Express Shipping?

International Express Shipping, also known as international courier service, refers to shipping packages directly from the supplier's warehouse to the designated destination. If you want to ship documents or small/medium size of packages from China to your door, then International Express Shipping might be a top option for you.

Express delivery is the fastest way of transport, with goods delivered to the door in a short time, which is ideal for businesses that need their goods urgently.

The world has four express delivery giants: DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT.

JIKEship is the agent of these four express companies, so we have competitive shipping discounts from them. Shipping with us will save more costs!

DHL Express Shipping

DHL is a leading express service company based in Germany, with its headquarters in Bonn, Germany. It has been ranked as the largest courier company in the world. It has also been operating in China for thirty years. Hongkong DHL is one of China's biggest transit centers for shipping battery-related products.

UPS Worldwide Express Freight

UPS is also one of the leading international courier service providers. It began operations in China in 2001, and in 2005 it partnered with China Express to provide uninterrupted express services to China. In China, the company is headquartered in Shanghai. It also has regional offices in Guangzhou and Beijing.

Federal Express Courier

FedEx Express is a US-based leading courier service company based in the United States. It has offices all over the world. It is a reliable option for shipping goods from China in express mode. FedEx started its first service in China in 1984. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has 82 branches in China. More than 220 freight flights depart from China every week.

TNT Express Delivery

TNT is a global company operating in over 200 countries worldwide. TNT Express now become a subsidiary of FedEx. Whether you want to send pallets, documents, or any parcel, the company will ensure that the delivery is on time. It is immensely popular in Europe.

Express company will take responsibility for clearing your goods through customs at the port of origin and destination. Once the goods arrive at the port of destination, they will be responsible for arranging door delivery to your client’s chosen place.

Benefits of using the international express delivery

There are many benefits to using express delivery.

  • Save time (fast shipping and rapid customs clearance)
  • Less paperwork (only Commercial invoice is indispensable)
  • Less communication (dealing with just a single express company/freight forwarder)
  • Super convenient (Door-to-door shipping ways)
  • Less worry (Real-time Stellar tracking services with estimated delivery date)
  • Access to global destinations(Global service

  • From what has been mentioned above, we can easily conclude that international express delivery has rapidity and efficiency. It is permitted to fit the logistics needs of companies and individuals fast and easily.

    To most clients, the most disadvantage of express shipping is expensive.

    International Express Service V.S. Air Freight – What to choose?

    International Express Service

    International Express Service, also known as "International courier service", represents a "door-to-door" service where the courier company will pick up your goods at a designed pick-up address (usually it is the address of your supplier or your consolidator, in the country of origin) and deliver your goods at the delivery address (e.g., at your residence /customer's address/warehouse).

    Generally speaking, as part of these deliveries, the courier company handles all the different steps necessary to get the goods from point of start to point of end, such as handling, transport/freight, customs clearance at origin and final destination, notification of payment of fees and duties, as well as all the administrative formalities required.

    As for shipping time, it only takes around 3-8 working days.

    Classic Air Freight

    Air freight is about pure transportation itself. It is a so-called airport-to-airport service. That is to say, in contrast with express door-to-door service, it does not include additional services like pick-up and delivery, customs clearance, etc.

    Since air freight concerns only shipments from airport to airport, which needs extra care and process to finish the whole shipping.

    Transit time might take 1-7 days to transfer from the departure airport to the destination airport(A direct flight takes 1 day, but a transfer flight might take around 3-7 days, or even longer). So, from the pick-up address to the goods’ arrival at your door, it might take around 3-15 business days.

    What to choose

    Generally, for small cargo, such as below 150kgs, such as we suggest you choose International Express Service; for bigger, we suggest you choose air freight, although it is from airport to airport, we can also make it a “door-to-door” service, that is we arrange all the process.

    But it is not a Golden Rule, Freight forwarder will choose you suitable way and shipping solution based on cargo data, shipping urgency, and shipping cost.

    Document needed in International Express Service

    Commercial Invoice (CI)

    When purchasing goods in China for importation, the seller will give clients a commercial invoice, to show that client has purchased a certain type and amount of goods from him/her. It details the agreement between the seller and the buyer, including the terms involved in the sale and purchase of the goods.

    In express service, the invoice is a paramount document. In most situations, it is the solely needed document when clients want to ship from China.

    There are some key elements should be listed in the invoice:

    1.Shipper and Consignee information (Names, Addresses, Zip codes, and detailed addresses are required)
    2.Product name with HS CODE, Material, and Purpose/Usage
    3.Unit price, Quantities, and total price

    International Express Service

    Commercial Invoice FYI

    Cost of International Express Service from China

    Shipping cost is a crucial factor to consider when opting for international express shipping from China.

    There are some basic parameters to check the express costs from China, and with the below information, freight forwarders will be able to quote to you.

    Inquiry elements

    1.Product name and types

    It is important to know the product description because some products are limited to shipping, such as liquid, powder, batteries, brand products, etc. And for these special products, a special express channel is needed.

    2.Gross weight

    As for the over-weight product, an extra over-weight fee might be needed.

    3.Size and Volume

    As for the over-length product, an extra over-length fee might be needed. And it will help us to calculate chargeable weight if size/volume is available.

    4.Delivery address

    Some addresses are remote addresses, if so, extra remote-address costs will occur.

    In terms of unit price in shipping, it depends on the chargeable weight level. The heavier, the cheaper per kilo.

    However, from what I have mentioned above, it is obvious that there might be extra costs for some specific situations. However, it is difficult to explain the costs here, because every express company has its standard and fluctuating costs. If you want to know more, please contact JIKEship experts, we will be glad to help!

    With the above information, JIKEship can offer you a quotation for your reference!

    Guide to calculating chargeable/billable weight in International Express Service

    To start with, we need to know three kinds of weight mentioned in International Express Shipping

  • Gross Weight/Actual Weight: It is the actual weight of the packages on the scales
  • Volume Weight/Dimensional weight: Divide the package in a cubic dimension (cm) by 5000, then it is the chargeable weight.
  • International Express Service
  • Chargeable Weight/Billable Weight: Gross Weight V.S. the Volume Weight.
    Chargeable weight will be the greater one between above-mentioned the dimensional weight and actual weight.

  • E.g., Now we have a box in the size of 60 CM *50CM *40CM, gross weight 20KGS
    Then, we will know that:
    Gross Weight/Actual Weight=20KGS
    Volume Weight/Dimensional weight=60*50*40/5000=24KGS
    G.W.20KGS<V.W24KGS, So, Chargeable Weight will be Volume Weight 24kgs

    * JIKEship also has Digital Table to calculate Chargeable Weight for numerous packages. You just need to fill in the size and gross weight of the packages, then the total chargeable weight will be available.

    Process/ Steps involved in express shipping from China(Step by Step Guide)

    International express shipping is very easy, we write it elaborately to release your worry.

    1)Ask us for a quote with Inquiry Elements then we will get back to you. (Quotations can be updated to suit your shipping requirements/cargo situation)
    2)Fill out the Commercial Invoice after you accept our quotation
    3)Arrange pick-up from the factory. Or you can ask suppliers to send goods to our inland warehouse as required.
    4)Goods arrival. We will inform you of cargo information with arrival photos
    5)Repack/ repair the cargo if needed
    6)We deliver your goods to the courier center you chose (Such as DHL, FedEx, etc.)
    7)The debit note will send to you after the chargeable weight is available and you confirm all information
    8)You finish payment to release the goods from couriers
    9)We manage everything else behind the scenes until the goods are safely delivered to your door


    Which Express Courier Company is the best?

    It’s hard to tell. They both have their advantages and limitation. That’s why they exist.

    Most of the time, DHL has the most stable service, but it is expensive.

    The best way needs to check case by case.

    We should know:

  • Different courier company has different limitation for cargo size, weight, and product type;
  • Different courier company has their advantages in different weight sections;
  • Different courier company has different clearance ability in different countries, etc.

  • But JIKEship has accumulated rich experience, we can tell you the best courier service in seconds after we know your cargo details and your needs.

    How to get courier quotes from China?

    WAY A: You can directly consult the Express official website for a quotation, but it might be expensive and difficult for you.

    WAY B: To save your time and energy, you can find an agent like Jikeship to quote for you. Has no idea what information is needed for a quotation? Click for help!

    How does it work (International Express Shipping at JIKEship)?

    International Express Service

    Don’t be worried, we will take care of every step. It will be a hassle-free shipment for you!

    What goods are limited in shipping in International Express Service?

    1. The limited goods include: fakes/copies, liquids, powders, foodstuffs, fresh goods, medicines, corrosive goods, flammable and explosive items, weapons, etc.
    Weapons and other prohibited goods.

    2. Some countries that do not accept batteries: courier companies will have a list of countries/cities that do not accept battery (lithium battery) shipments, and it is not a fixed list. You can consult JIKEship for more information.

    Why choose JIKEship as your Express agent?

    Our Network

    We have partnered with some of the best-specialized express carriers in addition to the four great companies mentioned above, such as EMS, Aramex, DPD, and Post services.

    We have built an amazing network of couriers to ensure that your packages arrive on time at the best price to any destination in the world. What's more, we are constantly updating our network to negotiate the best prices for you.

    *Let JIKEship do the hard work for you. Favor us a chance to make your shipping experience as easy, cost-saving, and stress-free as possible.

    Keep real-time tracking

    With us, you never have to wonder where your shipment is in transit, or what happened to your package. We will always let you know exactly what has happened to your shipment and its latest location.

    If for some reason there is an unexpected delay, we will notify you in time and you can rest assured that we are working hard to resolve the problem and get your shipment back to its destination in the shortest possible time

    I Cooperating with us, you will never feel like you are in the dark. services are transparent, honest, and highly communicative.

    Customized logistics solution

    We also work for drop shippers, E-commences, or other related business clients. No matter your transportation needs, we have solutions to resolve them. We are adept at tailoring solutions to fit your budget, and transit time, and meet the entire list of important requirements for safe and seamless shipping.

    To choose JIKEship as your Express shipping company, there are three Guarantees for you: Fast Service, Safe Delivery, and, 24/7 Support.

    You'll benefit from every innovation, whether it's a simple combination expansion of our international express shipping, air freight, and ocean freight, or an evolution in warehousing. Also, you will benefit from our accumulative experience in complex global supply chains. We are familiar with different levels of companies, from small start-ups to top companies, we know your needs, and we will exceed your needs.

    We make sure you will feel our passion to support your business. Optimizing your logistics operations for speed is our pursuit. Please consult solutions for International Express Services with JIKEship, to ensure that every shipment reaches its destination in the shortest possible time. JIKEship is 24/7 at your service!

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