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What is a Global Sourcing Agent?

Global Sourcing Agent is to use global resources to find import trade suppliers and products of good quality and reasonable price around the world. Global procurement generally refers to "official procurement" that does not include corporate actions, such as the procurement of goods, goods and services by the United Nations, various international organizations, governments and other agencies and organizations that use public funds to perform public functions. Procurement ranges from products, equipment and other items, to housing, structures, urban and environmental improvement projects and other services.

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The benefits of choosing a global sourcing agent

Value for money

As long as you work with an experienced and reliable global partner like SOURCI, you will have a greater chance of success: for example, when purchasing parts from overseas suppliers. You will save money compared to buying parts locally. For example, castings, machine parts, pressed parts, welded components, etc. With the opening of the global market, enterprises can now take advantage of lower manufacturing and labor costs. This can help increase your company's profits.

High quality and inexpensive

Global sourcing agent have a dedicated network of expert partners to cover all aspects of quality control. Although we can locate resources globally, we can also find cheap and high-quality products at low cost.

Firm supply and supply channels

Despite the wide range of supplies, long global supply lines, wide range and many links, due to the rise of the concept of supply chain management, buyers and suppliers form a strategic partnership, so that the supply and supply channels are stable with each other.

Why hire an sourcing agent in China?

  • Access to more products, suppliers and manufacturers. China flying agents who have worked for several years in the Chinese market, allow you to gain more guests. Agencies have a long list of credit providers and manufacturers that you can choose from based on your needs. Finding a new partner will no longer be a problem if you want to change your current partner because the transitioning agent is at your fingertips.

  • It saves time, money and effort. Getting a real estate agent isn't a waste of money, but it's a great investment. With an agent, you save time maintaining your business because another process of finding suppliers and potential artists would be handled and you can focus on other aspects of your business. You also don't have to worry about spending more money to find the best price with an agent, such as a developer or manufacturer, as well is within your budget.

  • Instead of doing everything by yourself, all business processes can be streamlined and you just need to focus on everything so that your customers get the best service from your business.

  • Delete the language gap. An expert migration agent in China is fluent in both Chinese and English, both written and spoken. One of the most common problems with getting a device overseas is the language barrier and a shipping agent in China must clear it. They will handle all communications and transactions for you and if you have any questions or clarifications, they can resolve them efficiently.

  • It provides peace of mind. Working with an overseas supplier or manufacturer can be dangerous. If you manage it yourself, there is no time to check whether your requirements are met by the developer. With a running agent, they can oversee the entire production process and ensure that all of your guidelines are followed. They make sure that the products are of good quality and the quantity is right. If there are any problems, they will correct them before sending the goods. If everything is arranged, the agent will only have to make sure that there are no issues during the shipping process.

The pros of hiring a sourcing agent outweigh the cons. The only downside is if you don't review the agent well and end up hiring someone for sure. If your goal is to grow your business, you need to be vigilant and find a reliable riding agent who will help your business succeed.

Ready to get your sourcing agent?

Finding the right sourcing agent in China is hard work but very rewarding if you know what to expect. Partnering with an agent is a big part of improving your business process, so you should hire someone with a lot of experience. If you are looking for an agent in China to open your business, you should consult JIKEship.

JIKEship is a one-stop shop for all your sourcing needs. Our experienced and multilingual team will help you find the most suitable manufacturer and supplier with the best prices. We also offer other services such as freight, quality control, product photography, shipping, supply chain integration and Amazon FBA Prep. We take care of your products while we focus on your business.

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JIKEship, a China-based global company, is trusted by clients for its professionalism, experience and quality service.

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