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Shipping to Solomon islands

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The two countries have a long history of interaction and deep mutual friendship. Cooperation between the two countries in various fields is developing rapidly and interests are highly intertwined. China has become the largest trading partner of Solomon Islands.

Guide to Shipping in Solomon islands

It goes without saying that you have come into the area in search of a problem with transport from China to the Solomon Islands. Then you will learn about the common problems with shipping to the Solomon Islands or air freight to the Solomon Islands and some of the things you should know. By the end of this guide, I trust that this knowledge will help you as much as possible.

Part 1. Solomon Islands Customs Regulations

  • Procedures required for import customs clearance

Customs clearance is a very complex and professional task.

Generally, freight forwarding companies with customs clearance qualifications handle the corresponding customs clearance procedures on behalf of the company. The customs clearance agent is divided into two forms: direct agent and indirect agent. The following introduces the procedures required when the consignee or consignor entrusts an agent to handle import inspection and customs clearance for the importer's reference.

1、Receiving goods: The importer or foreign company notifies the import department by telephone or fax that the goods are about to enter customs, and the operator sends a car to the importer to collect the clearance documents. The principal should provide the freight forwarder with the real situation of the entrusted customs clearance matters.

2、Customs clearance: The customs clearance agent will first review the customs clearance documents after receiving them and hand them over to the customs for clearance after the audit is correct.

3、Tax issuance: After the customs audit is correct, an import tariff tax bill and VAT tax bill will be automatically issued and the customer will pay the tax directly or the freight forwarder will advance the tax on behalf of the customer. Imported transit goods will be taxed according to the exchange rate and tax rate on the date of arrival of the goods at the customs office of the place of shipment.

4、Inspection: After the payment of tax, we will wait for further instructions from the Customs. If the customs needs to inspect the goods, the customs clearance officer and customs officials will jointly inspect the goods, and the goods will be released only after the inspection has passed.

5、Delivery: According to the requirements of the importer, the freight forwarder can send a vehicle to deliver the goods to the designated place.

6、Cost accounting: After the smooth clearance of this ticket and the safe arrival of the goods at the designated place of the importer, the cost accounting will be carried out later.

7、The costs incurred by the freight forwarder for import clearance are as follows: transportation fee, customs clearance fee, tax advance, operation fee, storage fee, etc.

8、When the original export goods are returned to the border, the original consignee or consignor or its agent shall fill in the import goods clearance form, as well as the insurance company's certificate, the carrier's proof of overloading and omission of unloading and other relevant materials. If the original export goods have been issued by the Customs for export tax rebate clearance, the original export tax rebate clearance form or the Certificate of Returned Export Goods for Taxes should be returned, and after the Customs has verified that there is no error, the goods concerned will be inspected and released into the territory.

  • Importers should pay attention to the declaration period of goods

Customs stipulates that imported goods should be declared within l4 days from the date of entry of the means of transport. If the declaration is late, the Customs will impose a daily late declaration charge of 0.05% on the CIF value from the 15th day. If more than 3 months still have not been declared, the Customs will sell the goods, and after deducting various costs, the remaining amount will be paid to the State Treasury.

  • What information is required for customs clearance in Solomon Islands

1, taxes include: customs duties (according to the commercial code to determine) and consumption tax.

2、Declare the unit price, at least 30% of the normal saleable link (foreign customs clearance Shi recommended * low declaration standard, the specific need to make adjustments according to customs requirements).

3、Single box is only accepted to be filled with a single product name (e.g. the same product with different colour, style and model, all need to be packed separately).

4、If the product has gifts, the customs clearance information should be reflected truthfully, and the declared unit price can be reflected as 0.

5、Declare the PCS quantity, must be consistent with the actual packing, strictly to achieve the goods list match. 6, the product and product packaging LOGO, not with infringing patterns, patterns and text.

7, the outer box of the warehouse label, need to reflect the number of boxes.

8、In case of inspection, there are three types of inspection: X-ray, open container sampling and bonded warehouse unpacking and unpacking, of which the cost of bonded warehouse inspection is high.

9、The normal time limit for customs clearance is 3 working days, and the time limit for customs clearance in case of inspection is about 7-10 working days.

Part 2.Ocean shipping to Solomon islands from China

ocean freight forwarding,shipping to solomon islands

The country does not trade very closely with Solomon and sea transport to the islands can be made to Honiara. Honiara is the capital and main port of the Solomon Islands, on the north coast of Guadalcanal, west of the Cruz Headland. The port has a deep water jetty and is the commercial port of the Solomon Islands. There are regular sea freighters to Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe.


Port code: SBHON

Port weighting: Major ports

Route name: Pacific Islands

The port of Honiara is equipped with shore cranes, forklifts and trailers, among which forklifts are used for container loading and unloading, and pipelines of 101.6~203.2mm diameter are used for loading and unloading oil, and shipboard equipment is also used for loading and unloading cargo, and mooring floats are used to berth oil tankers of 20,000 dwt.

Shipping from China to Tulagi can be done from the nearby port Honiara (Solomon's largest port), and then barge over, Tulagi is about 43km from Honiara. Shipping companies are NYK, KYOWA, PIL, WANHAI, ANL, sea freight to Honiara, via Auckland transit, sea freight LCL voyage about 60 days, Ningbo to Honiara sea freight full container voyage about 32 days.

  • LCL/FCL shipping from China to Solomon Islands

Sea freight consolidation

Refers to the owner of the consignment of goods less than a full container of small ticket goods, the carrier will sort the goods, the goods to the same destination, Collected to a certain amount and assembled into boxes.

Meet a container, the exporter, the consignee and the destination port as long as one of these three is in two or more export transport cargo.

Ocean freight full containers

The full name is FCL (full container load). It is a full container of goods shipped to the port of destination by only one consignor and is relatively easier than a LCL. A full container is a cargo that is packed, counted, stowed and sealed by the consignor. Unpacking of full container loads is generally handled by the consignee.

  • Differences in billing methods


LCL freight rates are basic freight rates only and are calculated in two ways, by volume and by weight.

(1) Calculated by volume, X1 = basic freight per unit (MTQ) x total volume

(2) Calculated by weight, X2 = basic freight per unit (TNE) x total gross weight

Take the larger of X1 and X2


The freight for a full container is divided into three parts and the total freight = the sum of the three parts of the cost.

(1) Basic freight = basic freight per unit × number of fully loaded containers

(2) Port surcharge = Port surcharge per unit x number of full containers

(3) Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge x number of full containers

Part 3.Air freight from China shipping to Solomon islands

ocean freight forwarding,shipping to solomon islands

  • Major airports in Solomon Islands

Major airports in Solomon Islands (International Airport within Honiara, Solomon Islands)

Airport code in three characters: HIR

Type: International Airport

Main Description: Honiara International Airport is located on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands and is the only international airport in the Solomon Islands, 8 km from the capital city of Honiara. The airport was used as a base during the Guadalcanal campaign in World War II.

Flight Points

Air New Guinea (Port Moresby, Nadi)

Air Pacific (Port Vila, Nadi)

Air Vanuatu (Port Vila)

Solomon Airlines (Arona, Atoifi, Oki, Bellona, Brisbane, Espiritu Santo, Feira, Gatokae, Kizo, Shine, Kagau, Marau Island, Muda, Saiga, Suavarnau)

Virgin Atlantic

Pacific Blue Airways (Brisbane)

  • Documents required for air freight

Air freight is the fastest way of transporting goods of all, but it is also expensive. The advantages of air freight are due to the fact that most of the processes are optimised, so it is in your interest to know some of the necessary things.

Customs clearance documents: Contracts, customs declarations, invoices, packing lists and other documents are required.

Delivery documents: a security checklist with seal, a letter of guarantee and, in the case of dangerous chemicals, a dangerous bag certificate.

Official documents: in the case of dangerous goods, an official identification certificate is also required.

Random documents: the invoice and packing list accompanying the goods.

Sea freight is loaded by container, but how is it loaded by international air freight? Airfreight is actually loaded on container boards, or AKE containers. The price of air freight often has a lot to do with the volume and weight of the goods, as air freight has to go through security machines, which have restrictions on the size and weight of the goods. For those cargoes that are over-width and over-weight, security regulations require that they be left for 24 hours.

Part 4.Express service from China to Solomon Islands

Mailing from China to Solomon Islands: DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX four major international express

Advantage one: high timeliness, the four major international courier companies mainly focus on commercial international express, which requires high timeliness, these four companies are generally in about 5-7 days from the start of shipment to the destination country.

Advantage two: the ability to clear customs is very strong, compared to the smaller dedicated air freight companies, the four major international courier companies have very clear customs advantages.

The only disadvantage: efficient also comes with expensive, often mailing a small parcel of 0.5 kg to the Solomon Islands will cost 30 to 40 more than the United States dollar. This is too expensive and not always affordable for the average person, here we strongly recommend that you find an international freight forwarder to transport (that's us) so that you can usually

Part 5.FAQ with shipping from China to Solomon Islands

Q: How long does it take to ship my cargo from China shipping to Solomon Islands?
A:Typically, most companies provide an approximate date when they don't know the exact date your shipment will arrive. In most cases, these dates are reliable. However, it again depends on the mode of transportation and the efficiency of the shipping company to reach the destination.
Q:My supplier has no right to export. Can you help me export the goods?
A: Yes, we will purchase export licenses and customs clearance on your behalf and then send the goods to you.
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