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If this is the case, handling international shipments can be a complex process.

It involves not only coordinating the actual shipment but also acquiring the goods through Chinese and Dominica customs while ensuring that your company complies with all regulations and does not violate any restrictions.

It requires background knowledge, experience, and the ability to keep up with changes in the industry.

JIKEship has you covered. We will guide you through the successful import and export of your goods in China - Dominica.

international freight services,shipping To Dominica

Step 1: Check Dominica Shipping Customs Regulations

It is safe to assume that you may encounter problems when your shipment arrives at the Dominica border.

Make sure you understand the current regulations and restrictions on exporting from China to Dominica. You do need an expert to help you with customs brokerage documentation, clarify case-by-case needs, and provide critical visibility into the trade process to avoid costly delays. This is where you need to know what documents to have ready to get your goods through customs.

Import customs tariff

Taxes and duties for imported goods (agricultural and non-agricultural) are calculated on the “ad-valorem price,” i.e., CIF (Cost+Insurance+Freight) price in U.S. dollars multiplied by the unified foreign exchange rate.

All duties and taxes are collected in Dominican pesos. There are usually two taxes on imports, except for exemptions provided by law. These taxes are as follows.

1)Tariff (Arancel, in Spanish)

This is the basic import tax, which can be as low as 0% and as high as 99%. The Dominican Republic assesses an ITBIS (equivalent to VAT) of 18% on most goods and services.

A reduced VAT rate of 16% is assessed on certain food products such as dairy products, coffee, animal and vegetable edible fats, sugar, cocoa and chocolate.

VAT is applied on CIF value plus all taxes and duty.

Generally exempted from VAT:

  • Agricultural products
  • Vegetables
  • Certain types of food
  • Rice
  • Tomato sauce
  • Fresh, frozen, dried and canned fruits and vegetables (originating from farming and ranching sector)
  • Bread
  • Milk (incl. dried, evaporated, condensed, powdered and pasteurized milk)
  • Flour in general
  • Processed cereals
  • Ground coffee
  • Natural water
  • Livestock
  • Fuel
  • Educational materials
  • Medical drugs

2)Luxury or Excise Tax

This is an excise tax for luxury imports or “non-essential” goods that ranges between 15% to 60%. The tax is calculated on the CIF price. Luxury goods include vehicles, perfumes, alcoholic beverages, jewelry, and tobacco.

What documents do I need for shipping to Dominica?

The basic import document for Dominica is the customs declaration for customs clearance.

This document must be accompanied by a commercial invoice (in Spanish), a bill of lading, a packing list, and a certificate of origin. In addition, there are documents proving the guarantee of the payment of additional duties for undervalued goods, as well as documents proving compliance with Dominica's product safety and performance regulations (see Trade Standards section).

1)The commercial invoice must list the value of the goods, the HS tariff classification of the goods, and the country of origin of the goods.
2)The packing list must list the quantity and type of each item, the HS tariff classification of the goods, and the gross and net weight of the goods.
3)The bill of lading must list the name and address of the shipper and consignee, the port of loading and unloading, the description and quantity of the goods, and the date of shipment.
4)The certificate of origin must be issued by the chamber of commerce of the exporting country and must list the HS tariff classification of the goods, the country of origin of the goods, and the date of export.

Temporary imports

Imported goods can be entered duty-free for 90 days for exhibition, demonstration, or temporary work purposes, provided that a duty deposit is paid and the goods are tracked and re-exported.

Prohibited & Restricted Items

Every country has its own list of items that are prohibited. Dominica is no exception and we list below some of the key items that are prohibited.

Prohibited imports include:

  • Diseased or unhealthy plants, plant products, seeds, animals, or animal products
  • Used clothing and electrical appliances
  • Motor vehicles over five years old
  • All products which may be harmful to human, animal, or plant health

Step 2: Choose a shipping method

Our international freight services from China to Dominica

With our experience in freight forwarding from China to Dominica, we not only have expertise on the best freight routes and modes of transportation but also provide us with key relationships with carriers. This allows us to offer the cheapest mode of transportation from China to Dominica and to ensure space availability when transporting cargo.

1)Sea Freight & Container shipping to Dominica

If you are looking for the cheapest international freight services from China to Dominica, sea freight is the best solution.

Every year, more than 90% of the world's cargo is transported by sea, mainly thanks to its affordable transportation costs. Compared to other forms of shipping services, sea freight is superior, especially when transporting bulk cargoes or large-size cargoes over long distances.

Another advantage of sea freight is that it accepts almost all types of cargo.

The estimated transit time of containers from China to Dominica is between 25 and 35 days. The number of days will vary depending on the required service route and sailing schedule.

When using sea freight, importers have two options available to them, FCL or LCL.

In terms of size, there are three types of cube containers: 20ft, 40ft and 40ft high.

20ft 40ft
international freight services,shipping To Dominica international freight services,shipping To Dominica

FCL Ocean Freight

FCL, or a full load of containers, means that your shipment fills a whole crate, either 20 feet or 40 feet wide. If you’re transporting at a large volume, shipping FCL will save you both time and money.

Another advantage of a Full container load is that your items are stored separately from other importers. It’s also faster than LCL shipping because there is no need to consolidate or deconsolidate your items from others.

However, FCL charges are made at a flat rate, regardless of whether your container is full or not.

LCL Ocean Freight

LCL (Less than a Container Load) is the service used if you do not have enough cargo to fill a full ocean freight container for shipping to Dominica.

By sharing space with other consumers who also ship to the same destination in Dominica, you will be able to store money while still having clarity and control over your shipments from China to Dominica.

This also means that your delivery may take longer due to the packing and unpacking process.

How to choose FCL vs LCL ocean freight?

Your choice of FCL or LCL will depend on the volume you are shipping. You can choose FCL or LCL as you needed. But you should follow one basic rule.

  • If your cargo size is 1~8cbm, choose LCL
  • If 8~15cbm, choose FCL or LCL based on the practical situation
  • If over 15cbm, choose FCL without any hesitation

2) Air Freight From China To Dominica

Air freight process for shipping to Dominica

The air transport industry has evolved regularly over the past decades and is recognized in international freight services as a professional and fast way of carrying products. The process of freight forwarder needs a lot of necessary steps taken by the freight forwarder and air transport.

Among them, there are 4 important steps in the transportation process. No air freight from China to Dominica is done without these 4 and if they do, you probably choose the wrong company. Therefore, make sure you read these 4 before handing your cargo over to others.

  • 1)Gathering the Shipment

It is necessary to assemble the goods for the customer and adjust the packing materials and packing list. The materials in the package must be arrays. Once the goods are assembled, we can move on to the next step.

  • 2)Truck part

After the packing step, your cargoes will be shipped to the truck section to transfer to the airport. Don't worry, your freight forwarder will choose the best truck for air freight to Dominica and do their best to transport your cargo safely. Just remember to get your shipping insurance.

  • 3)Shipping Documents

This part is so essential and important. Documents are prepared for you by the freight forwarder, these documents contain information about the shipment, payments, transit time, and other things that you should always keep. Remember that these documents serve as evidence for you. If there is a problem with the shipment, you can follow up on the documents received and inspect your shipment. Therefore, be sure to ask for documents after the shipment is delivered to the freight forwarder.

  • 4)Delivery of cargoes

Your shipments will be flown into the air and once they reach the destination airport, they will enter a special warehouse. After some steps and checks, the customer can pick up the goods from the warehouse.

Air freight transit times

Air freight is very fast compared to sea freight. Generally, it takes between three to five days for cargo to be delivered from China to Dominica.

Depending on the chosen mode of transportation and the final destination of the cargo within Dominica, it takes 4 to 7 days for the cargo to reach the port and between 6 to 13 days for door-to-door service.

It should be noted that season, location, and cargo dimensions play an important role in transit time. Obviously, not only the transit time of transportation but also the price of transportation for several events such as Chinese New Year and Golden Week increases significantly.

Shipping costs from China to Dominica

The weight charged for air freight is also calculated by actual weight or volume, similar to express delivery. But air freight has its own formula to calculate its volumetric weight,

which is: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/6000.

Airfreight can be a cost-effective option for cargo weighing less than 100 kgs, and with a volume that does not exceed 1.5 to 2 cubic meters – or, when you simply need the products to be delivered fast. The main benefit of air freight is exactly that.

3)Express delivery from China to Dominica

This is the fastest option for shipping to Dominica. With express shipping, your goods can reach their destination within 3-5 working days.

A variety of well-known carriers provide these services, such as UPS, TNT, FedEx, and EMS. They all have an excellent reputation for reliability, so you can rest assured knowing that your items are arriving at their destination quickly.

Labeling/Marking Requirements

international freight services,shipping To Dominica

1)Shipment packaging and marking requirements

  • Export packages must be strong enough to withstand weather conditions, theft, and rough handling of the cargo during transport.
  • If there are multiple shipping units in the consignment, each package should have a unique number
  • Each package should be marked with: contents and quantity, name and address of the consignee, country of origin, port of loading, port of discharge, net weight, gross weight, cubic measurement, markings, and numbers.
  • Dangerous goods require the use of U.N. Performance Oriented Packaging (UN POP).

2)Product packaging/labeling requirements

There are two standards for labeling: NORDOM 53 (also known as RTD 53) for retail food packaging and NORDOM 407 for pharmaceuticals.

Before products are sent to supermarkets, all consumer ready-to-eat food imports are required to have a Spanish label in the country of origin, with the following information:

  • Food Product Name
  • List of ingredients
  • Net and discharge weight using the metric system (grams, kilograms, etc.)
  • Dominican industrial and sanitary registration number or its equivalent
  • Instructions for use
  • Name and address of manufacturer and/or distributor

In addition to NORDOM 53 and 407, Article 112 of the General Health Law (42-01) states that the following products must be marked in Spanish: cosmetics, medical devices, tobacco products, agricultural chemicals, dairy products, and other substances that may pose a risk to human health.

Special registration and licensing import rules govern food and other pharmaceutical products that are not packaged for retail sale.

If there are any questions, please contact us and we will be able to assess the feasibility of your proposed shipment.

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