China-Europe Railway Operation Update (Week 49)


China-Europe Railway Operation Updates (Week 49)

China Europe railway

In the 49th week (Nov.28 - Dec.4), the overall operation of the China-Europe railway has maintained high efficiency. The average transit time from Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, and other stations to Mala is about 10-12 days, and the fastest record from Xi'an to Budapest is about 16 days. It takes about 15-19 days for trains to depart from Yiwu, Hefei, Ganzhou, Chengdu, and Zhengzhou on average, while the fastest train from Guiyang, Chongqing to Moscow is only 11 days. According to the statistics of JIKEship, the handling at Alashankou is comparatively more efficient than that at Khorgos. With the cold wave coming, the continuous low temperature has affected the transport of the eastbound trains with a 10-day delay compared with the transit time of the previous two months. Referring to the gradually improved transport efficiency of ocean transport, some freight forwarders believe that this will weaken the competitiveness of the railway.

This week, the market for the China-Europe railway on the Russian route was still popular. There are 2-4 charted trains in Xi'an, Chengdu, and other major platforms every day, but the spaces cannot be able to meet the demand for continuous growth. Some trains originally scheduled to be shipped in December were postponed to early January, and the market spot freight rate showed a 6% - 10% increase. In addition, the all-time recorded express trains that are regularly dispatched every week from Xi'an Dry Port have canceled the requirements for booking space on departure and return trips.

The price of leasing containers in Russia has risen periodically, and South China is still short of boxes, especially in Xiamen. In terms of trailers, the freight charges in East China and South China have not changed significantly, while the freight charges in North China are expected to increase by 500-1000 yuan at the end of this month. As the New Year approaches, some truck drivers are expected to return to their hometowns at the end of December and early January, which will cause a shortage of drivers and weaken the capacity of the fleet.

Russia will also usher in the New Year holiday from December 31 to January 8. It is understood that many freight forwarders are stepping up their efforts to collect goods to make up for the "empty window period" that the January holiday may bring.

China-Laos Railway's first all-railway fruit cold chain train arrives in China

On December 1, a cold-chain train full of bananas from Laos´╝î longans, and durians from Thailand slowly drove out of the China-Laos Friendship Tunnel and stopped steadily at the border inspection area. This inbound fruit cold chain train departed from Vientiane South Station, the capital of Laos, on November 30. It is the first all-rail cold chain train customized for fruits on China-Laos Railway and it will go directly to Mohan Station for imported fruit quarantine inspection after passing the border.

China Europe railway

The China-Europe railway runs steadily, and the routes passing through Alashankou and Khorgos keep breaking records

By the end of December 2022, the number of routes passing through Alashankou in Xinjiang this year has increased to 29, totaling 94. While the number of regular trains passing through Khorgos has reached 75, including 19 new trains this year.

As the two important fulcrums of the western corridor of the China-Europe railway, the two ports continued to improve the handling capacity and worked closely with local customs, and rail departments to effectively ensure efficient customs clearance. At present, the routes of China-Europe regular trains through Alashankou and Khorgos are mainly"YuXinOu", "ZhengXinOu", "Chang'an", "RongOu" and"YiXinOu", which can reach 19 countries such as Germany, Poland, and Belgium. The export volume of foreign trade continues to increase with reputation continuing to rise in the market. The goods exported include hundreds of categories such as electronic products, clothing, shoes and hats, food, chemical products, etc.

China Europe railway

Construction begins on the Alashankou railway project

A railway project linking Alashankou in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region began construction this week, further improving the autonomous region's railway network and facilitating f China-Europe Railway Service.

It starts from Jinghe county and ends at the Alashankou, a geographical landform on the border with Kazakhstan and one of the most important ports for the cross-border China-Europe railway, according to China State Railway Group. The 70-kilometer line is designed to have a speed of 120km/h and is projected to be finished in 2024. The project will renovate and expand four stations including Jinghe, Bole East, and Alashankou. It will also build a new yard for cargo inspection and renovate the yard for reloading containers at the Alashankou Station.

China Europe railway

The 20000th China-Europe railway on the Eastern Corridor departs

As of November 29, the number of China-Europe railways passing through Manzhouli and Suifenhe railway ports on the Eastern Passage has exceeded 20000 in total, and the number of goods transported has exceeded 1.85 million TEUs.

In recent years, the number of China-EU freight trains has increased year by year, the categories of goods transported have been enriched, and the value of goods has doubled as well. At present, 13 countries such as Russia, Poland, Germany, and Belgium can be reached through the Eastern Passage, and the inbound trains mainly reach 60 cities such as Harbin Shenyang, Xi'an, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Changsha, and Chengdu. The number of traffic lines increased from 1 at the beginning of 2013 to 22 up to now. The annual traffic volume of the Eastern Passage accounts for 30% of the total volume in China and has grown for nine years consecutively.

China Europe railway

Keqiao first China-Europe railway left from Khorgos Railway Port

On November 28, Keqiao first China-Europe railway left from Khorgos Railway Port and bound for Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, where the train started, is the location of China Textile City, the largest professional cloth market in Asia, and is known as the "International Textile Capital". In recent years, Keqiao District has had an annual export trade volume of more than 100 billion yuan, of which nearly 60% come from countries and regions along the "Belt and Road". The launch of this freight has created a new channel for international trade and logistics for the export of local textiles, and has a profound impact on the local integration into the "Belt and Road".

China Europe railway

Inner Mongolia's first "Railway Rapid Customs Clearance" mode freight train runs smoothly

On November 21, under the supervision of Chifeng Customs, which is affiliated with Manzhouli Customs, the first China-Europe railway in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to adopt the"Railway Rapid Customs Clearance" mode was successfully launched from Chifeng Station. It will leave through Manzhouli Port and be bound for Moscow, Russia. This train is fully loaded with natural gas engines, washing machines, dryers, and other goods, a total of 50 containers with a value of 21.8 million yuan. A manager of an import and export trading company in Inner Mongolia said: "After the new model is launched, the block train can save about20 hours of customs clearance time, shorten the overall transportation time by about 3 days, and save more than 200 yuan in costs per container".

China Europe railway

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