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shipping problems

Taking steps to avoid these common shipping problems can keep you on the right track and keep your customers happy.


Train from China to Europe

JIKEship weekly offers you operation news and shipping services for the train from China to Europe, enabling you to save time, money, and troubles.


how to calculate shipping costs

How to calculate shipping costs for small businesses? Rely on JIKEship for your freight, so you can focus on your business. Start saving on shipping costs.


Trade between China and Russia

Trade between China and Russia has shown amazing dynamism despite the difficulties. But logistics obstacle still needs to be removed to take a next level.


Train China to Europe

As the New Year begins, Train China to Europe started to run smoothly. JIKEship is proud to offer you the latest news on Train China to Europe every week.


logistics trends

In 2023, logistics will face old and new challenges. Amidst the difficulties, we offer some of the logistics trends that will shape the major ones in 2023. 


shipping to san marino

JIKEship has the advantage of shipping to San Marino, bringing you high-quality services. No matter how to transport, we can provide the best solution.


fast courier service

Do you understand the difference between logistics services and fast courier services in China?


China Europe Freight Train

JIKEship keeps you posted on any railway news between Asia and Europe! We weekly post operation of China Europe Freight Train.


China freight forwarder
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