What Is The Difference Between Logistics And Fast Courier Service


What Is The difference Between Logistics And Fast Courier Service

Many customers want to combine the goods of several factories in one shipment in international transport so that they can save costs and handle time. Currently, most customer will deliver the goods from several factories to the forwarder's warehouse, then the freight forwarder will process following work. In consolidation process, from factories to the warehouse of the freight forwarder, China domestic transport will be applied. Gernerally, Chinese will regard logistics service and courier service as different content. So, what is the difference between the logistics service and the courier service that the Chinese people often talk about in China's domestic transport? I hope this article will give you the answer.

Logistics Services

fast courier service

The entire logistics service process should be a value-added process, where the value of the carrier is increased through logistics services, or to help reduce the expenses of the customer's business so as to obtain an overall increase in value, after entering the industry after their own understanding of logistics services, summarized the following basic overview.

Logistics services need to provide services that maintain the state of the goods.


A.Maintaining the goods in their basic state.

Temperature status: temperature controlled, frozen and refrigerated for ambient storage Dryness and humidity: wind and rain protection, moisture and dryness prevention Ownership: anti-theft and anti-loss Logistics services need to be provided to change the state of logistics

B.Movement of location

Horizontal: mainline transport & regional distribution Vertical: loading, unloading, shelving, upstairs

C.Value-added services do not change the substance of the goods: adding or changing the packaging, playing wooden frames, wooden boxes, sorting and reorganizing, packing according to the single box, installing changes in the substance of the goods: cutting, demagnetizing, printing price tags according to information, adding sales overpacks, laminating, etc. Logistics services need to provide services that show the logistics status

D.Information processing services logistics services in a very important piece, is built on top of the information system services, by docking with the customer system, send EDI to achieve the exchange of information with the company's own system. In order to achieve the monitoring and management of goods, simple forecasts can be made after a certain amount of data has been accumulated (so-called big data).

Fast courier service

fast courier service

In the beginning of the market has not been subdivided before the courier company, logistics companies will undertake all types of transport services, courier business is not a comprehensive logistics company did not do, but because the courier company is more focused and more professional, the corresponding subdivision of the business specializing in storage.

Some logistics services versus courier services

  • The object of service is different

Fast courier services are mainly for the need to express a variety of documents and documents of companies, units and other organizations and individuals who need to express private goods (including online shopping). For example, you buy things online from local shopping sites, are sent to you by courier (some local operation of the courier company), rather than the general logistics company.

Logistics services are mainly for factories, commercial enterprises and other units, for example, a factory has 10 tons of goods need to be shipped from Shenzhen to a certain port port export, you need to find a professional logistics company (is our type of logistics company, etc.), rather than the general courier company. There are also some personal items sent to logistics especially when the quantity is large but not much compared to express.

  • Speed and time efficiency is different

From the speed and timeliness, logistics in general is not as good as courier, but not much slower than courier, especially the logistics line transport of the whole carload of goods. Courier is generally the same city in the morning sent afternoon to, different cities overnight to or 2-4 days to. If the logistics is fast, it is similar to the express, slow, it takes four or five days or even a week to get to, especially the LTL logistics. Express are door-to-door, door-to-door pickup, directly dispatched to the hands of the recipient; logistics can also be door-to-door pickup, delivery to the hands of the recipient, but there are logistics need to send the consignor to the designated logistics network or the consignee himself to the logistics network pickup.

  • The size of the transport object is different

Courier companies mainly transport documents, personal items and small batches of goods under 50 kg. For example, a variety of documents, invoices, bills, household items and small quantities of books, specialties, fruit, snacks and other small items.

Logistics companies mainly transport large items and large quantities of goods. For example, large quantities of furniture, home appliances, electronic products, raw materials, large quantities of spare parts, medium and large machinery, large equipment, etc.

  • Prices and costs vary

The unit price of courier is higher, only suitable for transporting documents and small, small amount of goods.

If the volume of goods is large, you must find a logistics company, the larger the volume of goods, the more cost-effective to find a logistics company. If it happens to be enough for a full truck, even better. In general, full truckload logistics is more economical than less-than-truckload logistics, especially in terms of unit costs.


The above is an explanation of the difference between logistics and fast courier services. I can't say it's absolutely comprehensive, but I just hope it gives you a better understanding of the fact that logistics and courier are two different concepts in China, and it will help you communicate better with your customers shipping, whether they are beginners or experts.

The answer contains many personal private goods, but basically also in line with the basic knowledge of the industry practitioners, I hope it can help, if you have more insights, please contact us, our experts are happy to discuss with you.

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