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goods transport services

JIKEship's 3PL service provides customers with secure space, competitive pricing and goods transport services that meet various transit time requirements.


shipping to jamaica

Shipping your international packages from China to Jamaica with Jikeship, meeting your international shipping needs, and ensuring timely global delivery.


international shipping to the uk,uk transport

If you have cargo for international shipping to the UK, you can choose JIKEship. jikeship's UK transport services combine the latest logistics technology.


iceland international airport,shipping to iceland

Shipping to Iceland is made easy with a variety of international carriers and freight forwarders. Reliable shipping services connect Iceland to the world.


ports in norway,norway international airport,shipping to norway

Shipping to Norway, JIKEship for all your international shipping needs. Including international airport services, port services in Norway.


austria international airport,shipping to austria

Shipping to Austria, Austrian airports offer international flights. Contact JIKEship to get multiple shipping quotes and choose the best shipper.


ports in denmark,denmark international airport

Shipping to Denmark for your shipping needs with guaranteed worldwide delivery. Our services include Denmark airport services and Denmark port services.


ports in ireland,shipping to ireland

Shipping to Ireland can be complicated due to customs regulations and border controls.Ensure documentation compliance to avoid delays and additional costs.


shipping to saudi arabia,ports in saudi arabia,saudi arabia international airport

Jike Logistics can ship to Saudi Arabia, whether it is to a port in Saudi Arabia or an international airport in Saudi Arabia, we can handle it for you.


China freight forwarder
JIKEship, a China-based global company, is trusted by clients for its professionalism, experience and quality service.

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