Top 10 Freight Forwarders in NJ: Criteria, and Recommendations


In today's complex and globalized business environment, freight forwarders in NJ play an indispensable role, becoming a crucial component of the modern supply chain. By offering comprehensive logistics services, these companies assist businesses in managing cargo transportation more efficiently, reducing costs, and enhancing operational efficiency. In the United States, particularly New Jersey (NJ), freight forwarding companies have become even more prominent due to their unique geographical location and thriving business environment.

New Jersey is located on the East Coast of the United States, adjacent to major ports like the Atlantic Port, providing convenient transportation and making it one of the business hubs in the country. This geographical advantage allows freight forwarders in NJ to play a crucial role in connecting goods worldwide.

This article will introduce the top ten freight forwarding companies in the New Jersey region, providing an in-depth understanding of their unique contributions and service advantages in this logistics hub. By introducing these companies, we can better comprehend the indispensable role of the freight forwarding industry in modern business and how they meet the diverse logistics needs of different enterprises.

Criteria and Considerations for Choosing Freight Forwarding Companies

Choosing a freight forwarding company is a complex and critical decision that directly impacts a business's logistics efficiency and operational costs. The following are criteria and factors that may be considered when selecting these ten freight forwarding companies:

1. Professionalism and Certification:

  • Ensure the company holds professional freight forwarding certifications.
  • Check if the company has expertise in specific industry sectors.

2. Service Range and Diversity:

  • Understand the services offered by the company, including sea freight, air freight, and land transportation.
  • Ensure the company can meet the diverse transportation needs of different clients.

3. Customer Reputation and Reference Cases:

  • Investigate customer reviews to understand service quality and reliability.
  • Review the company's case studies to understand its experience handling different projects.

4. Industry Experience and Track Record:

  • Examine the company's history and experience in freight forwarding.
  • Determine if the company has dealt with complex logistics challenges.

5. Technological and Innovative Capabilities:

  • Understand the technology and information systems used by the company to ensure advanced logistics management capabilities.
  • Confirm if the company adopts new technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence.

6. Compliance and Safety Standards:

  • Confirm if the company complies with freight forwarding regulatory standards to reduce transportation risks.
  • Understand the company's policies and measures for cargo safety and security.

7. Flexibility and Customized Services:

  • Assess if the company provides flexible solutions to meet clients' personalized needs.
  • Confirm if the company can respond to special situations, ensuring client flexibility and agility.

8. Cost-effectiveness:

  • Compare the cost structures of different companies to ensure service fees are within a reasonable range.
  • Evaluate the balance between service quality and costs, selecting a company with the best value for money.

Top 10 Freight Forwarders in NJ

Freight Forwarders in NJ MGL - Miami Global Lines

map140 Ethel Road West, Unit S-T, Piscataway, NJ 08854, United States of America

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MGL - Miami Global Line provides personalized, customer-focused solutions that save customers time and effort. Earn money by providing responsive peer-to-peer deliveries to suppliers and buyers. MGL is located in Piscataway, New Jersey, a prominent Freight Forwarder in NJ, and they are skilled in handling all air and ocean shipments to and from any part of the United States and Canada.

Freight Forwarders in NJ Interglobo North America Inc.

map2 Colony Road, 07305 Jersey City (NJ), United States of America

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Interglobo is a long-established, family-owned international freight forwarding and logistics company. The company has established a global network of offices across five continents. They serve a variety of key markets and have grown with their clients, developing expertise in highly customized service offerings.

Interglobo has experienced steady organic expansion to form an integrated group offering a wide range of logistics solutions: airfreight, ocean FCL/LCL transportation, warehousing, trucking and customs brokerage services.

Freight Forwarders in NJ


mapRoom 1301, Tower B, China Merchants Qianhai International Center, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

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Unlike other logistics companies, JIKE LOGISTICS, a leading Freight Forwarder based in China, has unparalleled experience in transporting large volumes of time-sensitive freight from China to NJ. JIKE's corporate office is located in New Jersey, USA, with sites throughout the country.

We utilize our proprietary technology to transport truckload, LTL, expedited and international freight seamlessly. By utilizing our consolidated freight expenditures, we are able to provide our customers with significant cost savings.

A dedicated team of operations professionals coordinates the on-time transportation of our customers' shipments from China to NJ on time and within budget. Our customers love our ability to quickly find capacity and then provide visibility and effective communication (from quote to final delivery).

Freight Forwarders in NJ BMI Brave Motion International Inc.

map50 Park PL, Suite 1539, Newark, NJ, 07102, United States of America

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BMI Logistics is in the international transportation logistics and supply business. BMI Logistics is in the international transportation logistics and supply chain management business and is located in Newark, New Jersey, USA - a central hub for freight forwarders in NJ. Their professional and experienced team provides reliable and fast service internationally and domestically. BMI can cover your shipment from start to finish anywhere in the world. Their team is ready to provide a quality of service that exceeds your expectations in NJ areas.

Freight Forwarders in NJ Bombino Express Worldwide Inc.

map29 Wysocki Place, Hackensack, NJ 07601, United States of America

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Bombino Express Worldwide Inc. is a global express and freight forwarding company committed to providing an exceptional level of service to ensure our customers' success. They offer e-commerce, air freight, ocean freight, warehousing, and door-to-door courier services. With corporate offices in New Jersey, Bombino Express has been catering to domestic, international, and intra-city needs - establishing itself as a key Freight Forwarder in NJ. Whether importing or exporting, they are committed to consistently providing the highest quality service with integrity.

Freight Forwarders in NJ CN Logistics USA Inc.

map271 US Highway 46, Suite F109, City Fairfield, NJ 07004, United States of America

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CN Logistics USA is a fast-growing, leading global freight forwarder and order fulfillment provider specializing in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. Their customers will enjoy a state-of-the-art, web-based warehouse management system to view the real-time status of all aspects of the import process, warehouse receiving, picking and packing, and outbound shipment tracking.

Freight Forwarders in NJ Freightlead LLC

map20 E Halsey Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA

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Freightlead is a technically supported, dynamic and unique freight forwarder. Their staff has experience in containerized freight, project cargo, LCL, FCL and warehousing, air freight, vehicle transportation, intermodal, and customs. They operate their own warehouse in New Jersey, providing full service and visibility - establishing themselves as a key Freight Forwarder in NJ. They provide customized supply chain services and innovative end-to-end solutions throughout the United States.

Freight Forwarders in NJ Impec Global Logistics LLC

map555 Waters Edge,12 N. State Route 17, Suite 308, Paramus, NJ 07652, United States of America

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Impec Global Logistics LLC is an international freight forwarder offering efficient and cost-effective logistics and transportation solutions. They offer a range of services, including ocean freight, air freight, ground transportation services, customs clearance, warehousing, full truckloads, ro-ro services and project cargo.

Freight Forwarders in NJ LOGX LLC

map6 Clove Rd, Little Falls, NJ

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Founded in 2020 and headquartered in New Jersey, LOGX LLC has experienced dynamic company growth in the freight and ocean transportation industry - establishing itself as an emerging Freight Forwarder in NJ. Their management team consists of highly motivated individuals with diverse backgrounds in import/export logistics, global logistics and trade, international business development, and multinational specialties.

Freight Forwarders in NJ RCL Agencies, Inc.

map842 Clifton Avenue, Clifton NJ 07013

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Located in the New York/New Jersey area, RCL employs fifteen dedicated staff members with decades of logistics experience, specializing in full container shipments between the United States. They offer high-quality customer service, including immediate, competitive rates, detailed booking information, and accurate documentation.

Industry Recognition and Compliance Standards - JIKE Logistics

In the freight forwarding industry, Freight Forwarders in NJ, JIKE Logistics, has gained widespread industry recognition and has been honored with multiple awards and certifications for its outstanding performance. The company has been dedicated to providing high-quality logistics services, earning consistent praise from industry professionals and clients alike.

JIKE Logistics has achieved significant milestones in awards, including the "Excellence in Logistics Service Award" from the Logistics Association. These awards and certifications validate the company's efforts in providing excellent services and maintaining high-quality standards.

To ensure safe and compliant transportation, JIKE Logistics strictly adheres to international and domestic freight forwarding compliance standards. The operations team undergoes professional training, ensuring familiarity and adherence to international trade regulations, customs regulations, and other relevant laws. JIKE Logistics has established a comprehensive compliance system to ensure the safe transportation of goods, continually improving its compliance measures through regular internal and external audits.

JIKE Logistics' commitment to the industry's best standards is evident in every aspect of its services, making it a trusted partner for clients. The company's adherence to industry recognition and compliance standards further solidifies its excellent reputation in the freight forwarding field, providing clients with reliable and secure logistics solutions.

Freight Forwarders in NJ

After a thorough comparison of Freight Forwarders in NJ, JIKE Logistics stands out in multiple key areas in shipping from China to NJ, demonstrating significant advantages:

  • Professionalism and Comprehensive Services: JIKE Logistics provides a comprehensive range of services, including ocean freight, air freight, land transportation, warehousing, and customs clearance, meeting diverse client needs.

  • Technological and Innovative Capabilities: The company employs advanced technology and information systems, offering real-time shipment tracking services to ensure clients have constant visibility into the status of their goods.

  • Customer Reputation and Industry Recognition: JIKE Logistics has received multiple industry awards and certifications, with client reviews indicating high acclaim for service quality and reliability.

  • Compliance and Safety Standards: The company adheres to international and domestic freight forwarding compliance standards, holding various relevant certifications to provide clients with safe and compliant transportation services.

  • Flexibility and Customized Services: JIKE Logistics can provide flexible solutions, meeting clients' individualized needs and demonstrating sensitivity to market changes.

Customer Cases and Reviews

Reviewsfreight forwarders in NJ.png Reviewsfreight forwarders in NJ 2.png Reviewsfreight forwarders in NJ 2.png

Customer Case 1

Our company has been searching for reliable freight Forwarders in NJ and China to ship our goods for our increasingly complex international supply chain needs. Fortunately, we chose JIKE as our logistics partner. JIKE impressed us with its outstanding professionalism and efficient services. Whether it's ocean freight or air freight, their excellent operations and meticulous management ensure the timely and secure arrival of our goods. Moreover, JIKE's shipping expert is so nice to work with - she answers all my questions patiently and completely dispels my misgivings. We highly recommend JIKE; they are not just a partner in the supply chain but a crucial support for our successful operations.

Customer Case 2

As a company that values time and precision, our logistics service requirements are exceptionally high. Before partnering with JIKE, we experienced delays and we need more transparency from other freight forwarding companies. However, everything has changed since we established a collaboration with JIKE. Their efficient team ensures our goods can catch the earliest flight at a competitive price, and arrive at their destination on time, and their transparent tracking system allows us to monitor the status of our shipments at any time. If you seek efficient and reliable logistics services, JIKE is a wise choice.

Customer Case 3

As a company engaged in international trade, we are extremely cautious in choosing a Freight Forwarder in China and NJ. We need a company that can comprehensively meet our various transportation needs and adapt flexibly to market changes. JIKE completely meets our expectations. They provide a wide range of services: express services, air freight, sea freight, Sino-US special shipping lines, and even customs clearance and warehousing. Whatever we need, their flexibility and customized services leave us highly satisfied. If you are looking for a reliable, comprehensive, and flexible Freight Forwarder from China and shipping to NJ, I strongly recommend JIKE. a

In summary, the above 10 Freight Forwarders in NJ all have their own strength in the NJ area. If you want to ship goods from China to NJ, JIKE Logistics stands out among the Freight Forwarders in the NJ industry with its comprehensiveness, reliability, and innovation. However, the final choice should depend on your specific needs and priorities. Given JIKE Logistics' overall strength and positive client feedback, we strongly recommend considering them as a potential partner to support your business from China.

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