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Incoterms In Logistics

Entering global trade means that your responsibilities involve importing and exporting goods - which requires an understanding of Incoterms in logistics.


shipping problems

Taking steps to avoid these common shipping problems can keep you on the right track and keep your customers happy.


how to calculate shipping costs

How to calculate shipping costs for small businesses? Rely on JIKEship for your freight, so you can focus on your business. Start saving on shipping costs.


shipping to san marino

JIKEship has the advantage of shipping to San Marino, bringing you high-quality services. No matter how to transport, we can provide the best solution.


fast courier service

Do you understand the difference between logistics services and fast courier services in China?



FCL and LCL are both used for different purposes. While FCL is for transporting large goods, LCL is for comparatively smaller ones.


rules of origin

Rules of origin determine a product's origin and can determine preferential customs treatment or duties for goods from specific countries.


amazon self shipping

The choice of Amazon self-shipping channel should be judged comprehensively based on product characteristics, timeliness, and logistics budget.


shipping container weight limit

Are you annoyed by the unexplained over-pricing of every shipment? Shipping container weight limits are part of the reason, so find out more.


China freight forwarder
JIKEship, a China-based global company, is trusted by clients for its professionalism, experience and quality service.

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