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The west coast of Ireland serves as a vital gateway to the world of trade. This coastline connects seamlessly with the global business network, and its ports are crucial. This article aims to delve into the core position of Irish west coast ports in the international freight transportation and freight forwarding sectors.

The west coast of Ireland boasts a series of major ports, each strategically positioned to integrate directly into the international trade network. These ports leverage geographical advantages and play indispensable roles in the global cargo transportation network, providing effective transport channels for international trade.

Irish West Coast Ports

Irish west coast ports play a critical role in international transportation, facilitating close connections between Ireland and the European continent and other global ports. The ports' multimodal transportation, specialized services, and sustainable development strategies make them integral to international shipping.

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Port of Galway

mapThe Port of Galway is one of the Irish west coast ports. Situated on the west coast of Ireland, strategically facing the Atlantic, it provides a convenient gateway to connect with the European continent.

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  • Port Facilities: The port boasts advanced facilities with efficient container and cargo handling capabilities, offering superior infrastructure for international transportation.

  • Scale: With a large-scale infrastructure, the port accommodates large cargo ships and has dedicated areas for smaller vessels.

  • International Trade: As a crucial trade hub for Ireland, the Port of Galway handles a significant volume of international trade, including bulk cargo, refrigerated goods, and petroleum products.

irish west coast port

Shannon Foynes Port

mapShannon Foynes Port is one of the Irish west coast ports located in the western part of Ireland, adjacent to the Shannon River, serving as a key node connecting the Atlantic route and the European inland waterway network.

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  • Facilities: The port encompasses the Shannon River, Foynes River, and River Inne, featuring modern docks and advanced cargo handling systems.

  • Scale: With a vast scale, the port can handle various types of cargo simultaneously, including containers, liquid bulk, and large project cargo.

  • Multimodal Transportation: Shannon Foynes Port offers efficient and convenient options for international transportation through multimodal options, including road, water, and rail.

  • Cargo Handling: The port processes diverse cargo, including bulk, liquid bulk, and large project cargo, providing flexibility to the global supply chain.

irish west coast port

Foynes Port

mapFoynes Port is one of the Irish west coast ports on the Shannon River, part of the Shannon Foynes Port system, directly facing the Atlantic.

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  • Facilities: The port is renowned for its specialized services, particularly in liquid bulk cargo, and is equipped with advanced storage and transportation equipment.

  • Scale: Despite its relatively smaller scale, Foynes Port is favored for its specialization, providing efficient handling for certain types of cargo.

  • Specialization: Foynes Port excels in handling liquid bulk cargo, offering efficient and secure services for international shipping.

China-Ireland Trade Relations

Trade relations between China and Ireland are growing increasingly close, particularly in international trade involving Irish west coast ports. Ireland exports food, pharmaceuticals, and technology products to China, while China sells electronic products, machinery, and other goods to Ireland. This complex international transportation network involving Irish west coast ports includes maritime, air, and land transportation, providing crucial logistical support for trade.

The continuous growth of trade cooperation also drives more collaboration and investment in logistics and transportation infrastructure. Despite facing challenges in this cooperation, such as trade imbalances and market access issues, the China-Ireland trade relationship presents significant economic opportunities for Irish west coast ports. To ensure the smooth flow of trade and transportation, both parties need to work together to address potential issues and promote a more robust and sustainable collaboration.

How Long Does Sea Freight from China to the West Coast of Ireland Take? What is the Fastest Possible Duration?

Firstly, it's essential to understand that the sea freight time from China to Irish west coast ports depends on various factors, including the departure date, shipping time, arrival time, etc. Each of these stages has the potential to impact the overall transportation time.

1. Departure Date Shipping companies typically wait for the scheduled departure date after receiving the seller's goods. Shipments are often scheduled in segments, such as 3/4. If the containers are released at the port before Wednesday, the ship might depart the following Thursday. Therefore, it is advisable to provide all required customs documentation before the deadline to avoid customs clearance and cargo transportation delays.

2. Sea Transit Time Generally, sea transit time from China to the West Costs of Ireland is stable by route, averaging 30-40 days. However, adverse weather conditions can affect transportation time. The sea freight time may be shorter if you use a faster vessel.

3. Arrival Time at Port After sea transit, the goods will reach the respective port on the west coast of Ireland (major ports include the Port of Galway, Shannon Foynes Port, and Foynes Port). The arrival time at the port varies. If there is cooperation with local entities and personnel, customs clearance and arrival at the port can be completed in 1-2 days, allowing for swift handling and distribution.

However, if an agent handles customs clearance, it may lead to slower clearance and impact overall transportation efficiency. Additionally, unexpected factors like inspections (customs inspection, container inspection, designated location inspection) can vary in duration, making it challenging to predict the maximum time required.

4. Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery for sea freight typically involves either truck transportation or courier services. Courier services offer faster delivery, usually within 1-2 days, while truck delivery is cost-effective but slower.

In summary, the door-to-door sea freight time from China to Irish west coast ports is approximately 35-45 days. If there is a prolonged delay in receiving the goods or the agent's sign-off, it's crucial to contact the shipping agent promptly.

Although sea freight to Ireland has the lowest cost but has the longest lead time, factors such as the nature of the goods should be considered when choosing a transportation method to optimize cost-effectiveness. Please consult our online customer service for more information on sea freight costs and details regarding Irish west coast ports.

Transit Time & Prices (December, 2023)

China - Ireland FCL Price DDP Price
(to-door service included taxes and duties)
LCL (Volume Quote) Transit Time
Premium Sea Freight $650/20ft; $1300/40ft $2.5/kg $50/cube 30 ~ 45 days
Pickup Areas China
Guangdong, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Macau, etc.
Delivery Areas Ireland
Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Shannon, etc.
Note 1. The above China-Ireland international sea freight quotes and transit times are for reference only. For accurate quotes, please refer to the actual quotation provided by JIKE Logistics customer service.
2. The prices and times for China-Ireland international sea freight are subject to seasonal changes or slight fluctuations in cargo specifications. Please refer to official announcements from JIKE Logistics for specific details!
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Import Tariff System in Ireland

As an EU member, Ireland practices free trade, duty-free, and quota-free trade among member states. The member states also have a common external tariff for imports from third countries.

Customs duties in Ireland are moderate on average. Most industrial finished goods have tariff rates ranging from 5-17%, with higher rates for certain food items. Tariff rates for raw materials are mostly duty-free or subject to reduced duties. Import duties in Ireland are paid in the local currency. The conversion rate for foreign amounts is calculated based on the takeaway rate when goods enter for domestic consumption. Ireland implements a 21% value-added tax (VAT) on many items. Clothing, leather goods, yarn, and raw materials for the clothing manufacturing industry are taxed at 10%. Exporters must pay attention to the tariff numbers published in the form attached to the customs seal on shipped goods. These tax policies directly relate to import and export operations at Irish west coast ports.

For professional sea freight services from China to Ireland, choose JIKE Logistics, which specializes in full-container-load (FCL) and less-than-container-load (LCL) sea freight services. Through negotiations with multiple shipping companies, JIKE Logistics ensures competitive and reasonable prices for sea freight from China to Ireland. Our extensive network includes branches and agents worldwide, preventing irregular charges at the destination port.

Irish Import and Export Management

1. Document Requirements:

  • Commercial Invoice Exporters shipping goods from China to the west coast of Ireland must provide at least two copies of the commercial invoice to Irish importers. Invoices must include origin, payment currency, price terms, freight, packaging, and insurance. The document must be confirmed as a genuine original or copy by the issuer. Any charges not included in the invoice should be clearly stated. Certain products, like textiles, must specify their intended use, supported currency, percentage of use, weight per square yard, and manufacturing method.

  • Certificate of Origin When requested by the importer or if specified in the letter of credit, exporters should provide a Certificate of Origin. A certificate of origin may occasionally be provided according to the Community regulations. The certificate should include product type, gross and net weight, marks and numbers, packaging, quantity, and detailed names and addresses of the exporter and consignee.

  • Packing List A packing list is required when the commercial invoice needs to adequately describe the contents of each package of goods shipped from China to Ireland.

  • Bill of Lading There is no unified requirement for the number of bills of lading to be provided for each batch of goods arriving. The content of the bill of lading should include the shipper's and consignee's names, addresses, destination port, description of goods, freight, and other charges. The shipowner must sign the entire set of lading bills confirming that the goods have been loaded and stating the loading date. The content of the bill of lading should match the invoice and marks.

2. Importer Inspection:

In Irish health and plant quarantine regulations, special certificates are required to import animals, plants, vegetables, cut flowers, etc. Due to the complexity of inspection regulations, exporters should contact the importer in advance or consult the relevant Irish government department for information on the required certificates.

3. Goods Entry Regulations:

Goods must be declared upon arrival in Ireland within 14 days. Goods destined for the domestic market, transit, storage in bonded warehouses, or supply to the Shannon Free Trade Zone can all be imported. Customs has the authority to sell goods that cannot enter within the specified period; perishable goods can also be sold after three months in storage. Importers must submit specified documents to customs for goods entry, including the value of the goods and the original commercial invoice or a valid copy provided by the supplier. If the value of the goods is not more than £250 or the goods are generally non-taxable, a customs declaration form may not be required.

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