Types Of Customs Clearance In International Express


International express and domestic express is not the same place is that international express must face the customs department between the countries of the world, so it is inevitable that the formation of tariffs and international express customs clearance-related issues, then many people will be more anxious, this time you can find an authorized customs clearance company to reduce unnecessary trouble. That in the international express customs clearance are usually what aspects of What are the types of international express customs clearance. Here to share with you.

In international logistics, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT (door-to-door service) are the types of services that most foreign trade people often come into contact with. One of the problems they often encounter is customs clearance. Here are the main types of customs clearance.

types of customs clearance

The five main types of customs clearance

1.In general, each courier company clears customs on behalf of the consignee

Some courier companies that provide door-to-door services are acting on behalf of the recipient for customs clearance, so those courier companies will first make a uniform declaration of the goods, and then when they ship the goods, they will approach the customer to collect customs clearance fees. This is the first type of customs clearance in international express.

2.Courier company clearance, the recipient to assist in customs clearance

Customer assistance in customs clearance has a problem, usually the recipient to confirm some information about the goods, such as the value, ID number, the goods need authorization documents and the recipient's address information is unknown, there is this problem is relatively simple, usually only a phone call, email, which sometimes leads to delays, usually there are no other problems. This is the second type of customs clearance in international express.

3.The consignee clears customs on his own

This situation is relatively rare, used in countries where customs clearance is more difficult. For example, some customers specify a courier company when sending goods may be because of the low cost of local customs clearance or good service, home delivery, non-violent loading and unloading, etc. This is the third type of customs clearance in international express.

4.Customs clearance agent clearance

For example, the recipient does not have the ability to do their own customs clearance, they will spend money to find some customs clearance agencies to help clear the goods, at this time only need to confirm with the recipient whether to receive the goods can be. This is the fourth type of customs clearance in international express.

5.Goods cannot be cleared, returned or confiscated by customs

This situation usually happens when the customs consider that the goods are involved in infringement or forged licenses, or when the local government explicitly prohibits the import of goods. Some freight forwarders clearly state before delivery that they do not accept any sensitive goods, such as counterfeit brands, liquids, powders, pharmaceuticals, precious metals, active plants and other sensitive goods. Some companies are able to arrange, but the price is slightly higher, the specific operation will not be detailed, the so-called existence is reasonable, the reason is largely so. This is the fifth type of customs clearance in international express.

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