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Iran, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a Middle Eastern country located in the southwest of Asia. It shares borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan to the north, Turkey and Iraq to the west, and connects to Pakistan and Afghanistan to the east. To the south, it is adjacent to the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, and the Gulf of Oman, while across the sea, it faces Kazakhstan and Russia.

This guide will delve into key information on the international air route from China to Iran, including transport times, procedures, and more. It will also cover Iran's import restrictions, considerations, and the latest export regulations related to shipping to Iran. Additionally, we will provide a detailed analysis of the advantages of air freight services to Iran, the process of export customs clearance, how to reduce transportation costs, and how to maximize timely delivery.

In this comprehensive guide, you will find everything you need to know about shipping to Iran via air freight from China to Iran, helping you smoothly and efficiently transport goods while staying updated on the latest policies and regulations, ensuring the safe and prompt arrival of your Iran air cargo.

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Air Freight to Iran

Air freight is a fast and efficient mode of transportation suitable for goods with time-sensitive requirements. Confirm if your goods are suitable for air freight and familiarize yourself with the services and routes offered by different airlines.

Firstly, we will briefly introduce the main Iran airports.

International Freight Airports in Iran

shipping to Iran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA)


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  • Scale: One of Iran's largest airports and a major international hub. It is the most important airport for shipping from China to Iran.

  • Services: Offers extensive international flights for both cargo and passengers.

  • Facilities: Modern terminals, cargo areas, and terminals with various services and facilities.

shipping to Iran Mashhad International Airport (MHD)

mapMashhad (northeast)

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  • Scale: One of the major airports in the northeast region, offering international flights.

  • Services: Provides international cargo and passenger services, a crucial part of Iran's aviation network.

shipping to Iran Isfahan International Airport (IFN)

mapIsfahan (central)

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  • Scale: Major airport in central Iran with international flight services.

  • Services: Offers international cargo and passenger services with modern facilities.

The three mentioned airports are among Iran's major international airports for both cargo and passenger services. Additionally, Iran has other airports, but they may be smaller, mainly serving domestic or regional flights.

shipping to Iran Basra International Airport (BSR)

mapBasra (west)

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  • Scale: International airport in the western region.

  • Services: Provides international flight services, facilitating personnel and cargo transportation in the region.

shipping to Iran Abadan International Airport (AWZ)

mapAbadan (along the Persian Gulf)

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  • Scale: International airport along the Persian Gulf.

  • Services: Offers international flight services, connecting the port city for personnel and cargo.

shipping to Iran Qom International Airport (QOM)

mapQom (central)

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  • Scale: One of the airports in the central region.

  • Services: Provides some international flight services, mainly serving personnel and cargo in the central region.

Major airports in China shipping to Iran

Major Airports in China Abbreviation Airport Code
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Guangzhou Airport CAN
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Shenzhen Airport SZX
Shanghai Pudong International Airport Shanghai Airport PVG
Urumqi International Airport Urumqi Airport URC
Beijing Daxing International Airport Beijing Daxing Airport PKX
Beijing Capital International Airport Beijing Airport PEK
Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong Airport HKG

Which airports in China should I choose?

It mainly depends on your cargo location. We should first consider to use the nearest airport which might save logistics fee and transit time. Just check the internet maps to find the nearest airport around your cargo. For example, if your cargo is in Yiwu city or Ningbo city, then it is the best to choose Shanghai airport. It just takes around 3 hours for goods to reach that airport.

International Air Routes from China to Iran | Transit Time and Shipping Costs

shipping to Iran

  1. Mahan Airlines (W5): Derect flight service from ++Guangzhou Airport++, ++Shenzhen Airport++,++Shanghai Airport++ and ++Beijing Airport++ to Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA). This means it only takes 1 day for your air cargo to ship from China to Iran. It is sometimes expensive, and air freight will cost around USD5-USD8 per kilo.

  2. Qatar Airways (QR): Currently, there is no direct flight service on this route. All shipments will go via DOH airport (Qatar Airways's hub airport). Transit time will be around 5 days, with cheaper air freight than Mahan Airlines.

  3. China Southern Airlines (CZ): Currently, most shipments will ship to URC airport from several departure airports in China. Then, the flight will be taken off from URC airport and taken directly to IKA airport. Transit time will be around 3-5 days, and it will also have cheaper air freight than Mahan Airlines.

  4. Kuwait Airways (KU)

  5. Oman Air (WY)

  6. China Eastern Airlines (MU)

These three lines has no direct flights, so price is competitive but with longer transit time.

The air freight service from China to Iran provides a fast and efficient solution for cargo transportation.

From what has been mentioned above, we can know that the shipping time from China to Iran mainly depends on the airline you choose and your cargo location.

Departing from Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Beijing by direct airlines in China, it takes only 3 days to deliver goods to their destination in Iran, covering the entire service from the airport to door delivery. This rapid shipping to Iran channel not only helps shorten the cargo transportation cycle and improve supply chain efficiency but also provides reliable support for trade between China and Iran.

Prices Composition of Air Freight to Iran

Air freight prices are mainly composed of the following elements:

  1. Airfreight: Freight charges imposed by the airline. Typically, around USD 3.5-USD 8 Per kilo.
  2. Fuel Surcharge: Varied based on the airport and destination. It's generally around USD 0.5 per kilogram. Most airlines directly add this fee to airfreight.
  3. Security Fee: In Hong Kong, it is charged at 0.15 per kilogram, a fixed cost. Most airlines directly add this fee to airfreight.
  4. Airport Handling Fee: The airport is responsible for loading cargo onto the aircraft, among other operations. In Hong Kong, it is HKD 283 (approx. USD 40) per ticket. In mainland China, it is around USD 25.
  5. Terminal Fee: Charged when handing over goods to the warehouse, where the warehouse takes care of palletizing and eventually collects them by the airport. Around 0.2 per kilogram. Most airlines directly add this fee to airfreight.
  6. Airway Bill Fee: Usually around USD 10 per shipment.

Export Customs Clearance Process in China (Air Freight)

Ⅰ Reserve shipping space with the freight forwarder/airline.

Ⅱ Required documents for export customs clearance:

  1. Invoice, contract, packing list, customs declaration form, Brand authorization letter(if needed)
  2. Provide other documentation for export permits if applicable(For sensitive cargo like batteries).

Ⅲ Officially declare export customs.

Ⅳ Customs release your shipment. If inspection is required, coordinate with customs for goods inspection. If no inspection is needed, they will release the actual goods promptly, and you can catch the flight.

NOTE: Since this process happens in China, if your shipping terms are EXW, then you should find a local China freight forwarder like JIKEship to help you with all these export processes.

Shipping to Iran Process

→Consultation and Quote Inquiry →Submission of Air Freight Booking →Reservation of Air Cargo Space →Verification of Bill of Lading and Other Information →Delivery to Airport Warehouse →Customs clearance →Payment of Air Freight Import Cost (taxes and duties) →Shipment Released from customs →Pick up and delivery

Import Restrictions

Understand Iran's import regulations and restrictions, particularly regarding the types of goods when shipping to Iran. Some specific goods may require additional permits or documents.

Iran's major exports include oil and gas, metal ores, leather, carpets, fruits, caviar, etc. Major imports include food and oil products, pharmaceuticals, transportation equipment, machinery, livestock, chemical raw materials, beverages, and tobacco.

Special permits from relevant Iranian authorities are required for the import of medical equipment, agricultural products, or communication devices.

Certain items, such as animals, animal fur, antiques, ivory, currency, art, jewelry, and tobacco products, are prohibited from being transported to Iran.

Avoid importing books or publications, especially literature, as Iran, being a religious country, strictly controls reading materials.

Exercise Note on New Export Regulations to Iran

A new regulation advises that Iranian importers (as indicated on the import license) must pay the supplier through a bank in their name and provide proof of payment to Iranian customs before completing import customs clearance procedures in the importer's name. If a trade agent is used for import in Iran, payment should also be made through the trade company's account, and proof should be provided to customs.

Considerations for Air Freight to Iran

Complex Payment Procedures: It might be tricky to pay to your supplier/factory, the payment procedure can be complicated. Payment collection may involve Kunlun Bank, third-party transfers, or agent involvement.

COI Certification: For exports to Iran, a Certificate of Origin (COI) is essential. This certification is required during customs clearance and should be prepared in advance.

What is the Cost of Air Freight from China to Iran?

Many clients inquire about the cost and duration of shipping to Iran via air freight. However, from what has been mentioned above, it is difficult to determine the specific cost of shipping to Iran from China. Details such as the departure airport, destination airport, name of your Iran air cargo, volume, weight, and whether it involves dangerous goods need to be clarified.

Departure Airports: Chinese cargo airports like Shenzhen Bao'an Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Beijing Capital Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, etc.

Destination Airports: Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, Isfahan International Airport, Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran, Shiraz International Airport.

The cost of air freight from China to Iran is typically categorized into five levels: 45KGS, 100KGS, 300KGS, 500KGS, 1000KGS. Each level has different prices, and the rates vary among different airlines.

Example of the current rates from Shenzhen Airport: W5: Starting at 100KG, USD 8/KG for 100KGS; USD 7.55/KG for 300KGS; USD 7.2/500KGS; USD 6.5/1000KGS. (Note: Prices are for reference only. CZ prices are relatively cheaper, while direct flights may have slightly higher costs.)

In addition to air freight fees, there are additional charges for air transportation, such as security fees, airport handling fees, airway bill fees, fuel surcharges, declaration surcharges, dangerous goods handling fees, cargo bill fees (also known as air cargo bill stationery fees), centralized cargo service fees, cargo bill stationery fees, and destination station storage fees, among others.

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