Rail Freight From China to Europe


Rail Freight From China to Europe

As we all know, the China Europe railway is the most hard-working Netflix train in Eurasia, with an amazing volume of cargo coming and going every day, undertaking the glorious mission of communicating with Europe and Asia.

Since the debut of "YuXinOu" in 2011, rail freight from China to Europe has opened up a new world. At the beginning of the train, it mainly transported electronic equipment, but later more and more foreign trade products joined the "family" of China Europe railway. Nowadays, there are more than 400 kinds of goods that can be transported on the China Europe railway, which is rich and diversified. But I'm afraid that I'm confused about what can be transported and what can't. Let me introduce to you one by one.

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First of all, oversized and overweight goods cannot be transported

Container size is diverse, there are 20GP, 40GP, 40HC, and even 45HQ, but the railroad commonly used in fact only 40GP (general container) and 40HC (high container).

40GP, also called 40DC and 40DV, has an inner length of 12.032 meters, a width of 2.352 meters and a height of 2.385, which can carry up to 26 tons, and can usually hold up to 58 squares of goods. 40HC, also called 40HQ, has an inner length of 12.032 meters, a width of 2.352 meters and a height of 2.69 meters, which can carry up to 26 tons, and can usually hold up to 68 squares of goods.

Most of the goods shipped out by China Europe railway are within this range, so I am afraid that we have to find another way to transport goods beyond the norm.

Secondly, fresh and live goods can't be transported

Not only fresh goods can't be transported, but even processed foodstuffs have strict requirements for transportation. For example, the Russian Railways clearly stipulates that the country of origin is the United States, the European Union countries, Canada, Austria, Norway, some agricultural products, raw materials, food can not be transported into the Russian Federation. Fresh or frozen beef, lamb, pork and all kinds of cured meat and bacon are prohibited.

Fruits, nuts, vegetables (except potatoes, onions, sweet corn, peas), milk and milk products (except lactose-free milk and lactose-free milk products), protein mixes, edible fibers, food additives, etc. are also prohibited by rail.

So, to find out whether you can go to the train in the end, be sure to check the customs code!

Finally, flammable and explosive and other dangerous goods can not be transported

Not only the China Europe railway, this kind of goods in many transportation is expressly prohibited. Who can not bear the risk of sudden accidents, right? When it comes to such goods, there are a lot of them, and you can just name a whole list of them. It is worth mentioning that the goods containing batteries are relatively sensitive and must be confirmed clearly before transport. Said so many embargoed, in fact, can transport more things. Common goods are clothing, jewelry, toys, tableware, furniture and so on. A variety of electronic products, mechanical parts and daily necessities to and from the transport unimpeded. There are even many special products that you can't imagine.

The transportation business of China Europe railway is not unchanged. Many commodities are not suitable for railroads, but they are not completely without means.

For example, Qingdao Qilu "SCO Express" has actively expanded its business scope and successfully launched special trains for export goods of foreign contracting projects, the first special train for cold chain goods, the first special train for cross-border e-commerce goods, and other special trains. It has met the transportation requirements of many products that were "unsuitable" in the past.

Another example is that in July this year, Hupac started to establish a rail freight line designed specifically for the chemical industry in Europe to serve liquid cargoes between Europe and China. It is delivered to Gansu, China, via Belarus-Russia-Kazakhstan and other countries.

In addition, the exploration for dangerous goods transportation never stops. Ordinary trains can not meet their transport needs, so why not develop some "unusual" trains? At the end of last year, Deutsche Bahn made a statement that it hopes to be able to transport dangerous goods to China by 2021.

China Europe Railway Services

  • China-Hamburg/Duisburg/Nuremberg 15 days
  • China-Warsaw/Lodz/Malaszewicze 12 days
  • China-Moscow 15 days
  • China-Brest/Minsk 16 days
  • China-Tilburg 15days

China Europe Railway Features

  1. 1.Safe,Stable,Nonstop,Fast
  2. 2.The cost of block train transportation is 50% less than that of air transportation, and the transit time is more than 50% shorter than that of sea transportation
  3. 3.Declaration for once, inspection for once and release of all goods, Customs Clearance can provide 24-hr service, 7 days a week
  4. 4.The products transported by our block train come from different fields including machinery,chemical engineering,electronics,automobiles and spare parts,equipment,materials,frozen products,grain,fruit,vegetables,consumers goods and etc.
  5. 5.“Door to Door”services,distribution network at home and abroad.
  6. 6.Full range of special container business.
  7. 7.Driving effect on the formation of Logistics and Trade Center.

How inclusive is the future of China-Europe cargo transport? We'll see.

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