List of the Duty-free Goods Imported into Dubai


Dubai is a bustling business and luxury hub in the Middle East, offering attractive opportunities for businesses and individuals seeking to import goods. So, which goods are tax-free when imported into Dubai? In this article, we will take a closer look and list the duty-free goods imported into Dubai.

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Products imported into Dubai will be treated duty-free according to the following rules:

Part I Duty-free goods according to the status of the importer

duty free goods

  1. All goods imported by or on behalf of the President, Ruler, and Crown Prince of the Emirates; Note: There must be a letter from the President of the A.R., the Sheikhs of the Emirates, and the Crown Prince.

  2. goods imported directly by the following: (1) The Federal Ministries and their Government Departments; Note: (a) There must be an application (b) In the case of indirect imports, a photocopy of the contract stating the conditions of duty exemption. In the case of importation for troops and police investigation, only a letter of application is required.

    (2) Diplomatic missions in the UAE Note: Customs requires a letter from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    (3) Confirmed non-profit hospitals, medical groups, and charitable organizations Note: Customs requires a letter from the relevant UAE ministry or department certifying their status.

    (4) Companies or institutions authorized by the Ruler of each Emirate;

    (5) Manufacturers holding industrial production licenses issued by the Ministry of Finance and Industry and the General Company of Industry, such as raw materials, semi-finished products, and machinery and equipment used in these licensed production processes. Note: A letter from the Ministry of Finance and Industry is required to certify that the imported products are used in industrial production.

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Part II: Duty-free goods for special reasons

duty free goods

  1. Products from GCC countries, such as agricultural products, animal products, industrial and natural resources products originating from other GCC countries, products by the provisions of Article 3 of the Unified Economic Agreement of the GCC countries. Note: The certificate of origin of GCC countries should be attached.

  2. Goods that are allowed to be re-exported. All commercial samples must be marked with "non-sale" or "free samples." All non-sale advertising materials and business journals (or catalogs). Note: The company name and mark must be added to these advertising materials, but if an advertising agent imports these materials, they will be regarded as taxable goods.

  3. 35mm cinematographic film for public exhibition.

  4. Korans, books, and printed materials are imported directly by approved non-profit schools.
    Note: The Ministry of Education requires the school to be certified as a non-profit school.

  5. Goods imported for temporary exhibitions, after which these goods will be re-exported. Note: These goods are subject to a deposit, which will be refunded at the time of re-export, subject to the presentation of a letter from the relevant exhibition organizer.

  6. Supplies, equipment, materials, and accessories for marine vessels in international shipping lines.

  7. Free lubricating oil for local shipping agents at sea. Note: A deposit shall be paid to the Customs upon clearance of 8 and 9 items, and the deposit shall be returned with the receipts issued after the actual supply of these products to the marine vessels.

  8. aircraft operating equipment (communication equipment, but not office equipment, non-transport equipment), spare parts imported by international airlines or their representatives for their exclusive use.

  9. Navigation fuel and navigation fluids. Note: Items 10 and 11 need to be certified by the Civil Aviation Bureau.

  10. All personal belongings. That is the traveler's clothing and other hand-carried baggage and pets, including additional non-accompanied baggage, under a reasonable amount.

  11. Medicines include pharmaceuticals, such as tablets, capsules, syrups, and eye drops. Note: A letter must be issued by the Ministry of Health stating that the imported products are medicines.

  12. Veterinary medicine Note: The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries must issue a letter that the imported products are veterinary drugs.

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Part III: Duty-free commodities specified by the following descriptions and schedules

duty free goods

  1. Live animals, mainly food animals, and bees.
  2. Meat, chilled or frozen beef, mutton or poultry, etc.
  3. Live, fresh, or frozen fish and crustaceans.
  4. Dairy products, milk, cheese, eggs, natural honey, etc.
  5. Fresh, frozen, or dried dates, edible fruits, vegetables, and seeds that are edible or used for planting. 6, Coffee, tea, spices, rice, wheat, cereals, barley or flour.
  6. Animal and vegetable oils for consumption. Sugar, salt, and milk powder for infants.
  7. Animal feed. Fertilizers and agricultural pesticides are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  8. Timber and plywood. 12, Newspapers, periodicals, design drawings, unused stamps, cheques, bank notes, stocks and bonds.
  9. Fishing nets. 14, not strung or temporarily threaded into strings of natural pearls. 15, unprocessed silver or powdered silver. 16, Unworked or powdered gold coins (minted by the issuing authority)
  10. Iron or steel used for construction, iron bars, triangular steel, channel and column steel, striped steel, or aluminum sheets used for roofing.
  11. Reusable containers used for transport, including containers for transporting compressed or liquefied gas.
  12. Agricultural or farm machinery and equipment (including greenhouses)

All in all, Dubai’s commitment to fostering a prosperous business environment is evident in its treatment of duty-free goods. Importers involved in the trade of electronic products, luxury goods, perfumes, precious metals, pharmaceuticals, educational materials, and manufacturing raw materials all benefit from these duty-free goods. As your logistics partner from China to the Middle East (Dubai), JIKEship will provide you with advice on the transportation of your goods.

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