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Beijing to Brazil Direct Flight: Air China's PEK-GRU Service

Is there a direct flight from China to Brazil? Sure!

We are excited to announce the re-launch of Air China's direct flight from Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) to São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in Brazil. This route marks the first direct connection between China and South America offered by a Chinese airline, covering a distance of approximately 17,584 kilometers and spanning three continents. It is one of the longest flight routes in the world.

how long does a flight from China to Brazil take

The flight will be operated by a Boeing 787-9 aircraft, with flight numbers CA897 and CA898. This service will be available twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. The flight schedule is as follows:

• Departure from Beijing at 15:00 • Arrival in Madrid at 21:10 • A layover in Madrid for 2 hours and 5 minutes • Departure from Madrid at 23:15 • Arrival in São Paulo at 05:05 the following morning (all times are local).

Cargo Direct Flight from China to Brazil
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Importance of the Beijing to São Paulo Route

This route is more than just a means of transportation; it is a symbol of friendship, cooperation, and hope. China and Brazil established diplomatic relations in 1974. This year, 2024, marks the 50th anniversary of this significant milestone. As two of the largest developing countries in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, respectively, and as significant emerging markets, the strategic trust and economic cooperation between China and Brazil have deepened over the years. The resumption of the Beijing to São Paulo flight is thus particularly significant, fostering even stronger ties between the two nations.

This route will not only meet the travel needs of passengers between the two countries but also enhance the transportation of goods, further strengthening connectivity between China and South America. It opens up new avenues for Chinese businesses to expand into the South American market and promotes economic cooperation among BRICS countries.

Economic and Cultural Impact

The resumption of this direct flight is a reconnection of emotions and homes, and a revival of cultural and economic exchanges. It will greatly strengthen the ties between the people of China and Brazil, and we anticipate that it will create numerous economic cooperation opportunities.

To ensure that your cargo is safely and promptly delivered to its destination, our logistics team at Jike Logistics can tailor an international shipping service from China to Brazil that meets your needs and budget. We oversee your shipment throughout its journey to ensure it arrives safely and intact.

If you need more information about flights from China to Brazil, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service team is here to answer your questions and provide detailed flight information and cargo transportation solutions.

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1. Should I choose the direct flight from China to Brazil?

Direct flights from China to Brazil offer limited loose cargo services. For palletized cargo, advance booking is required. Overall, this route provides a significant time advantage compared to other connecting flights. During peak seasons, demand may exceed supply, resulting in higher prices. Therefore, we recommend using this direct flight only for urgent and high-value shipments.

2. How long does a direct flight from China to Brazil take?

The total flight duration, including a layover in Madrid, is approximately 22 hours and 5 minutes, providing a vital link between these two major countries.

3. How much and how long does a flight from China to Brazil take (Connecting flights)

Air freight from China to Brazil Freight Grade 45KG+ Freight Grade 100KG+ Freight Grade 300KG+ Freight Grade 500KG + Freight Grade 1000KG+ Airline Route How long does it take from China to Brazil Cost
How much does air freight cost from Hong Kong to Brazil? - 9.43/KG 9.11/KG 9.04/KG 8.92 HKG-GRU by BA Airlines 2-4 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Hong Kong to Brazil? - 8.75/KG 7.86/KG 7.67/KG 7.54/KG HKG-GRU by LA Airlines 3-6 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Guangzhou to Brazil? 17.02/KG 10.32/KG 9.97/KG 9.76/KG 9.48/KG CAN-GRU by TK Airlines 1-3 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Guangzhou to Brazil? 13.06/KG 8.22/KG 7.72/KG 7.51/KG 7.37/KG CAN-GRU by QT Airlines 7-9 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Shenzhen to Brazil? 17.95/KG 10.11/KG 9.76/KG 9.55KG 9.27/KG SZX-GRU by TK Airlines 2-4 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Changsha to Brazil? - 16.13/KG 15.78/KG 15.64/KG 15.5/KG CSX-GRU by CA Airlines 1-3 DAYS
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Why Choose Jike to Ship Your Goods from China to Brazil?

Direct flight from China to Brazil

1. Rich Airport-to-Airport Route Resources Currently, Jike collaborates with several airlines for air freight to Brazil, including CA Southern Airlines, PO Polar Air Cargo, W5 Mahan Air, TK Turkish Airlines, CZ Southern Airlines, LA, BA, and others. With abundant flight resources, we ensure reliable direct and connecting flight options.

2. Unique Door-to-Door Dual Clearance Service Through our excellent initial processes, we have developed our own specialized Brazil service line, offering comprehensive door-to-door dual clearance services from China to Brazil. This channel provides unique advantages and tailored solutions for dual customs clearance operations for various products. Our Brazil air freight service ensures a transit time of 8-12 days, characterized by fast delivery and competitive pricing. freight forwarder china to Brazil

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