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As we enter 2024, we've been in the China-Philippines logistics business for eleven years. Over the past decade, we've witnessed the growth of China-Philippines trade and the ups and downs of the freight forwarder China to Philippines logistics market.

The freight forwarding industry is fraught with unreliable forwarders, affecting many sellers and buyers. In China, some sellers have suffered significant losses due to dishonest forwarders, leading to severe financial consequences. Sellers rooted in China often encounter such issues, and foreign buyers are even more vulnerable. Every year, incidents occur where forwarders disappear, leaving sellers with undelivery goods. These forwarders often rebrand and continue their operations, targeting a new group of victims.

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How to Avoid Unreliable Freight Forwarders from China to the Philippines

As a freight forwarder frequently shipping from China to the Philippines, we understand the concerns of Filipino customers and their apprehensions about freight forwarders. Even if you haven't faced such issues yet, it doesn't guarantee you'll be immune in the future. Here are some tips to minimize the risk of dealing with unreliable freight forwarders China to the Philippines:

1. Verify Credentials

When selecting a freight forwarder China to the Philippines, always check their credentials. Request a copy of their business license. This is crucial as it confirms whether the seller is legally registered. Check if their business scope aligns with logistics services to avoid companies pretending to offer such services.

Pay attention to the company's establishment date and be cautious of companies founded after 2019. Many of these new companies emerged to capitalize on the pandemic boom and might not be stable, often being quick-money ventures or small companies with insufficient capacity.

Here is a business license FYI: China freight forwarder business license.png

The business license is issued by China's State Administration for Market Regulation, providing authoritative verification.

After obtaining the business license, use Chinese enterprise credit websites like Aiqicha ++(https://aiqicha.baidu.com/)++ to check their registration information. Enter the forwarder's Chinese company name to see their basic information and company risks. For example, here is the information of our company, Jike Logistics. Enterprise credit websites to check freight forwarder china to Philippines.png

Verify the following details: business license, establishment date, legal representative, website information, company size, and affiliated companies. These can be requested from the forwarder's representative or found through online searches.

If you are not proficient in Chinese, you can ask your Chinese factory or partner to help verify the business license using Chinese business registration systems and search engines to check for any anomalies or legal issues. Additionally, verify their office and warehouse addresses.

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2. On-Site Verification

If you decide to partner with a Chinese forwarder and have a significant shipping volume to the Philippines, it's advisable to visit their office and warehouse for an on-site inspection or ask your Chinese factory or partner to do so.

freight forwarder shipping from china to Philippines .png

During the visit, check if the address is genuine, observe the staff's attire and working conditions, and see if they have a fleet of trucks and how they handle cargo. If you find the place untidy, reconsider the partnership.

Trust your instincts. If the forwarder gives you a bad feeling, be cautious.

3. Compare Quotes and Inform Forwarders of Competition

When initially cooperating, obtain quotes from multiple freight forwarders China to the Philippines and let them know they have competition. This ensures they don't overcharge you and helps you gather additional information based on their reactions.

For instance, if Forwarder A knows you're also considering Forwarder B and doesn't badmouth them but suggests you try B's cheaper rates and come back if unsatisfied, it can reveal a lot about their business ethics. Sometimes, a reputable forwarder might refuse your business if they believe you are too focused on price and conditions only a scammer would meet. Such honesty indicates a forwarder worth considering.

4. Avoid Forwarders that Tamper with Weights

Always ask factories/suppliers to measure and record the weight and volume of your goods before shipping. After the forwarder collects your goods, verify their measurements against suppliers promptly.

It's important to note that the measurement methods of sellers and freight forwarders can differ, and small discrepancies are entirely reasonable. For instance, if a factory weighs a package at 19.98 kg, but the freight forwarder measures it at 20.02 kg and rounds it up to 20.5 kg for billing purposes, this is normal. However, if the freight forwarder's weight data consistently exceeds your own measurements significantly, you should check with their warehouses to see how they weigh and measure the goods.

Additionally, many factories manually measure the length, width, and height of packages, which can introduce errors. For example, a length measured at 17.8 cm at the factory might be recorded as 19.05 cm by the freight forwarder due to transportation-induced deformation, and then rounded up to 20 cm.

Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing freight forwarders China to Philippines that use machine measurements for greater accuracy and transparency. For instance, at Jike Logistics, we use X-ray measurement equipment in our warehouse and provide detailed scan photos with every shipment, showing the dimensions and weights. If you're still concerned, you can always verify the measurements yourself when you receive the goods in the Philippines.

Reliable freight forwarder's warehouse Xray image .png

5. Beware of Low-Cost Forwarders

When comparing quotes, avoid the lowest bid if it seems too good to be true. If a freight forwarder China to the Philippines offers rates significantly below market prices, it's likely a red flag.

6. Assess the Representative Handling Your Shipment

After filtering companies, it’s crucial to evaluate the specific representative handling your shipment, as this person will be your direct point of contact.Criteria for Selecting a Representative:

Responsiveness: If a representative takes days to send a quote or is reluctant to provide one, it’s best to politely move on. A representative who takes a long time to respond to questions about additional fees, transit times, or shipping channels is generally not a good choice.

Responsibility: A good representative proactively provides regular updates on the status of your shipment, such as its location and estimated arrival time. While it might not always be feasible for representatives to update every client individually, they should at least respond promptly when asked about the shipment's status. Timely communication is also crucial in case of delays or customs issues, as importers may need to take remedial actions like sending another shipment.

Professionalism: Since sales positions often have high turnover rates, you might encounter new representatives who lack knowledge and consistency. This lack of familiarity with the logistics field can lead to information gaps and potential issues with shipments. Therefore, we recommend choosing representatives from freight forwarders China to Philippines with extensive experience in China-Philippines logistics.

These tips are not directed at any specific freight forwarder but aim to provide a different perspective for those importing goods from China to the Philippines. We hope our guidance can help "clean up" the freight forwarding industry and earn it more respect.

Remember, choosing the right freight forwarder China to Philippines can significantly impact your logistics experience. Be thorough in your selection process to avoid potential pitfalls and ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time.

Shipping Options Provided by Freight Forwarders China to the Philippines

freight forwarder china to Philippines.jpg

1. Traditional Sea and Air Freight Services

Traditional sea and air freight methods are complex, requiring detailed customs documentation from the factory for Chinese customs declaration. The buyer needs to provide precise information for clearance in the Philippines. These processes are time-consuming and require thorough documentation. This method is suitable for large shipments and is cost-effective.

  • Door-to-Port: Requires the importer in the Philippines to handle customs clearance.

  • Port-to-Port: Requires the importer in the Philippines to handle customs clearance.

  • Port-to-Door: The Chinese forwarder handles customs clearance in the Philippines and provides delivery services.

  • Door-to-Door: The Chinese forwarder provides full-service customs clearance and delivery in the Philippines.

For more information on traditional air and sea freight services from China to the Philippines, contact Jike Logistics.

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2. New China-Philippines Double-Clearing Tax-Inclusive Lines

Due to the increasing trade between China and the Philippines, customs and tax policies have become a significant challenge. To address this, Chinese forwarders have developed double-clearing, tax-inclusive lines, providing one-stop solutions for Filipino buyers.

This method, which emerged with the rise of e-commerce, offers two main options:

  • Warehouse-to-Door: Requires the forwarder to transport goods to their warehouse.
  • Door-to-door: The forwarder handles everything from pickup to delivery.

This method is ideal for those who prefer a hands-off approach to logistics. It simplifies the process, covering customs clearance and taxes with a single payment to the forwarder. However, it's less suitable for large shipments due to higher costs.

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Typical Process for China-Philippines Double-Clearing Tax-Inclusive Lines:

  1. Quote: Provide details like product name, volume, weight, and brand to get a quote.
  2. Confirm cooperation and send goods to fowarder's warehouse or let forwarders pick them up.
  3. Warehouse receipt and system entry, providing detailed cargo data.
  4. Verify data and confirm shipping details.
  5. Settle freight charges.
  6. Arrange sea or air transport.
  7. The forwarder tracks the shipment and provides updates.
  8. Good delivery (with the forwarder handling customs clearance and delivery in the Philippines).

Shipping Times for Double-Clearing Tax-Inclusive Lines

Once the goods reach the forwarder's warehouse, they are usually shipped within 1-2 days. Sea freight takes approximately 18 days, while air freight takes about 4-7 working days.

Jike Logistics customizes logistics solutions based on your needs, ensuring your goods reach their destination hassle-free and without customs worries.

What Types of Goods Can Be Shipped by Freight Forwarders from China to the Philippines?

General Goods:

Fabrics, leather, curtains and accessories, plastic mannequins, hangers, plastic tubes, small commodities, stainless steel products (finished, lightweight), furniture, kitchen utensils, hardware accessories, aluminum tubes/materials, ordinary building materials, phone cases, glass/tiles (need wooden frame), ordinary LED lights, glass cups, small accessories, tiles, clothing, shoes, bags, luggage, daily necessities, hotel supplies, phone accessories, car parts, motorcycle parts.

freight forwarder china to Philippines.png

Sensitive Goods:

Food, seasonings, beverages, products with internal batteries. Note: Traditional sea and air freight methods often require manufacturers to provide relevant reports and certificates for these products.

Who is the Best Freight Forwarder Shipping from China to the Philippines?

We cannot definitively tell you which freight forwarder China to the Philippines is the best, as different companies have different strengths. The best forwarder is the one that suits your specific needs. However, if you are looking for a reliable and responsible freight forwarder shipping from China to the Philippines, we recommend considering our services at Jike Logistics. With years of experience, we believe we can be your best choice. freight forwarder china to philippines.png Please allow me to introduce our company, Jike Logistics - Your trusted freight forwarder China to Philippines.

Our team is dedicated to providing seamless, reliable, and cost-effective shipping solutions from China to the Philippines.

Here are TWO main reasons why you should consider choosing Jike Logistics as your freight forwarder:

1. Freight Forwarder China to the Philippines offers Tailored Solutions

Currently, 42% of our staff have more than ten years of freight shipping from China to Philippines. We have been working on different shipping projects for different kinds of products in the Philippines.

No matter what your cargo is, what shipping method you want, and where your shipment goes in Philippines, as long as they are transporting from China, our experts will optimize the best shipping solution to meet your specific shipping needs from China to Philippines.

2. Freight Forwarder China to the Philippines offers Competitive Rates

Optimizing your shipping costs is also our top mission in shipping from China to the Philippines. We have yearly contracts with airlines and shipowners in the China-Philippines route. To some extent, we have cheaper First Leg Shipping to the Philippines.

We have been partnering with renowned carriers and agencies in the Philippines. With rich shipping experience, we know how to clear and deliver your shipments to the Philippines in capable hands at competitive prices. If you are looking for a freight forwarder to ship cargo from China to Philippines, I invite you to reach out to Jike now for a FREE FREIGHT QUOTATION. We would be more than happy to ASSIST and SUPPORT your business in China and Philippines. ^_^

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