Air Freight China-Austria | Direct flight to Viena from Shenzhen


1. Direct flight to Viena from Shenzhen officially launched (SZX-VIE)

Recently, the international passenger and cargo direct flights to VIE from SZX officially operated, building a new "friendship bridge" and "logistics bridge" between the two "newly promoted" friendly exchange cities.

This air freight China-Austria route is also the third intercontinental passenger route newly opened by Shenzhen Airport this year, which builds an efficient, convenient and extensive air transportation network for Shenzhen to expand its communication with major cities around the world and open up to the outside world at a high level.

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2. Frequency and schedule of direct flights to VIE from SZX

  • Two Flights Per Week
  • One-way Flight Duration is about 11 Hours

Shenzhen-Vienna flights are operated twice a week, departing Shenzhen for Vienna at 02:05 a.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays and returning to Shenzhen at 04:00 a.m. on the following day, with a one-way flight duration of about 11 hours.

Vienna is the capital of Austria, the main cultural center of Europe, known as the "World Music Capital". In addition, Vienna is one of the four official residences of the United Nations and the headquarters of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the Organization for Security & Cooperation in the EU.

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The opening of the direct flight route, will help Shenzhen’s advantages in advanced manufacturing, innovation, and technology industries complement Vienna, and promote friendly cooperation between the two places in the fields of the logistics network, life sciences, healthcare, environmental protection, startups, smart cities, new energy, digital industry, and creative industry, and make new and greater contributions to the Sino-Austrian friendship and strategic partnership.

3. Shenzhen Airport has more than 40 international and regional destinations.

For some time now, China has launched many visa optimization measures, and visa-free countries continue to expand, demonstrating China’s confidence in promoting a higher level of opening up to the globe and strengthening international exchanges and cooperation.

In France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, and other 11 visa-free European countries, Shenzhen Airport has realized direct flights with 6 countries, which greatly facilitates foreigners coming to China for business and tourism.

From Cairo in Africa to Mexico City in North America to Wien-Flughafen Airport (VIE) in Austria, the three intercontinental destinations restored and expanded by Shenzhen Airport this year cover three continents.

Currently, Shenzhen Airport has more than 40 international and regional passenger destinations, with weekly scheduled international and regional passenger flights restored to more than 80% of the 2019 capacity.

4. How much does a direct flight to VIE from SZX cost?

  • Port of departure: SZX - Shenzhen Baoan
  • Port of destination: VIE - Vienna Airport
  • Airlines: HU - Hainan Airlines
  • Aircraft type: Passenger aircraft
  • Route: SZX-VIE
  • Transit time: 1 day, 11 hours
  • Effective date: 2024-05-21 - to be notified separately
  • Price type: Discount price
  • Cargo type: Overweight cargo 1:300 (gross weight 300KG minimum)
Air cargo grading fees How much does a direct flight to VIE from SZX cost?
+45k no discount price
+100k no discount price
+300k USD 4.51/KG
+500k 4.3/KG
+1000k 4.01/KG
For general prices, please contact Jike for help.
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Local fee in Shenzhen airport (SZX)

Local fee Unit Currency Amount Minimum charge
Document fee Shipment USD 21.13 -
Customs clearance fee Shipment USD 35.21 -
Forward warehouse connection fee Kg USD 0.07 21.13

【SZX】Shenzhen Baoan air port- 【VIE】Vienna Airport

Flight number Departure port Destination port ETD ETA Schedule Passenger or cargo aircraft Aircraft model
HU0789 SZX VIE 01:30:00 07:50:00 4,6 Passenger aircraft B787
HU0789 SZX VIE 02:10:00 07:55:00 3,6 Passenger aircraft B738

WienFlughafen Airport VIE.jpg

5. How much does air freight China-Austria cost?

Air freight from China to Austria Freight Grade 45KG+ Freight Grade 100KG+ Freight Grade 300KG+ Freight Grade 500KG + Freight Grade 1000KG+ Airline How long does it take from China to Austria Cost
How much does air freight cost from Beijing to Austria? 5.72/KG 5.38/KG 4.89/KG 4.82/KG 4.68/KG PEK-VIE by LH Airlines 3-5 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Guangzhou to Austria? 9.15/KG 7.18/KG 6.83/KG 5.63/KG 5.49/KG CAN-VIE by CZ Airlines 1-3 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Hong Kong to Austria? 6.36/KG 5.72/KG 5.4/KG 5.34/KG 5.21/KG HKG-VIE by EK Airlines 3-5 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Changsha to Austria? 10.04/KG 8.71/KG 8.07/KG 7.79/KG 7.5/KG CSX-VIE by CZ/CA Airlines 1-3 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Hangzhou to Austria? 9.3/KG 4.23/KG 3.59/KG 3.81/KG 3.1/KG HGH-VIE by BR Airlines 2-4 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Shanghai to Austria? - 7.32/KG 6.83/KG 6.69/KG 6.55/KG PVG-VIE by 3V Airlines 4-6 DAYS
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6. Why choose Jike as your China-Viena air freight forwarder

The best China freight forwarder shipping to Austria The best China freight forwarder shipping to Austria.jpg

  • Deeply rooted in China and Viena
  • Sincere with NO hidden costs
  • Jike Logistics assists with all paper works
  • Jike Logistics picks up cargo from the factory
  • Jike Logistics provides air freight delivery service
  • Know how to export, import, and save shipping costs
  • Oversized cargo/dangerous goods transportation by Air
  • Consolidated air shipping
  • Provide different air Solutions and optimize air solutions based on your needs
  • Good at communication and will streamline the whole process with different parties
  • Keep an eye on all processes and keep you posted


1. what is the fastest time for air freight from China to Austria?

Since there are direct airlines from China to Austria, so the fattest can only take one day.

2. What documents do I need for air freight from China to Austria?

Basically, we need:

  • Air waybill
  • Invoice
  • Packing List

If it needs other documents, your freight forwarder/broker will contact you.

3. How to reduce air freight costs from China to Austria?

There are so many things we can do. For example, use space-effective packing to reduce package volume, avoid arranging shipments days before Chinese Holidays, and most importantly, find a reliable air freight forwarder I think.

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