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The 16th China (Shenzhen) international logistics and supply chain fare came to a successful conclusion. With the theme of “paying equal attention to double circulation and winning the supply chain”, the Expo brings together the wisdom and strength of all parties by giving full play to the leading role of the brand exhibition, so as to realize resource integration, process optimization and coordinated development, and improve China’s competitiveness in the global supply chain The level of global supply chain security and the voice to participate in the formulation of global supply chain rules create new competitive advantages.

logistics and supply chain service provider

In these three days, we found many like-minded people. It’s a great honor that Jike instant logistics won the “excellent logistics and supply chain service provider” of 2021 Fare. It also attracted many customers and peers to visit the instant logistics booth because it appeared in this exhibition with explosive logistics products. Our partners also actively and enthusiastically answered questions and doubts for everyone and won the unanimous recognition of friends.

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