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master bill of lading, house bill of lading,master bill of lading vs. house bill of lading
Master Bill of Lading VS. House Bill of Lading

Master Bill of Lading VS. House Bill of Lading: What are the differences between these two bills? Learn about their purposes and functionalities.


Shipping Frozen Food
Shipping Frozen Food: The Best Tips

Shipping frozen food can be a daunting task and we will provide a comprehensive guide to help you understand the process of shipping frozen food.


shipping delays,shipping delays solutions
Causes Of Shipping Delays | How To Reduce Shipping Delays

This article explores the state of shipping in 2023, analyzes the causes, effects and solutions to transportation delays, and provides answers to FAQ.


transportation insurance,freight forwarder insurance,cargo transportation insurance
A Guide To International Goods Transportation Insurance

This article provides a guide to international cargo insurance for cargo owners to help them choose the right insurance plan.


alibaba sourcing,
sourcing from alibaba,
alibaba sourcing agent,
china sourcing agent
Alibaba Sourcing Guide: Advice From A Freight Forwarder

As a freight forwarder, I offer an Alibaba sourcing guide to help you smoothly find reliable suppliers, confirm order details and arrange shipments.


who pays customs charges,what are customs charges,import and export trade,types of customs duty
Unveiling Customs Charges | What Are Customs Charges

Avoid surprises at the border! Learn what customs charges are, who pays them, types of customs duty and how to minimize them.


freight document,what documents do you need to ship internationally
Big Reveal: What Documents Do You Need To Ship Internationally

What you must know about freight documents when shipping items. This guide will help you understand what documents do you need to ship internationally.


shipping container sizes,dry cargo container,what are the sizes of shipping containers,what are the types of containers
What Are The Sizes And Types Of Shipping Containers? | JIKEship

Do you know what are the sizes and types of shipping containers? Is it suitable for your cargo? Please read JIKEship's guide to shipping containers.


cargo pallets
Dimensions Of Cargo Pallets For Central European Railways

Have you ever used pallets for transportation and do you know the many issues involved in cargo pallets, come in and find out if you don't!


China freight forwarder
JIKEship, a China-based global company, is trusted by clients for its professionalism, experience and quality service.

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